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  1. Sometimes dealer demo cars are debadged by the sales person who is running the vehicle, my GS 300h F sport was debadged at the rear and side just leaving the F Sport on the wings and tbh I quite like the thought of people trying to figure out what the car is 🤔
  2. Exactly why I bought mine from a dealership. Hope you get car back soon before withdrawal symptoms start to take a hold.
  3. Hmm not an o-ring then 🤔 net of Lexus warranty thankfully comes to the fore 😃👍
  4. GR Corolla maybe, if it materialises ...not a Lexus but same stable and seeing as its same running gear as GR Yaris it could be fun although admittedly not an 8 pot.
  5. Me'll be my choice as and when .....
  6. Lol .....the owner of your car bought from (I won't say) must be comforted by that statement 😄
  7. Lol ....give it a bit more time for the ones already in bed to see the posting ....maybe put the hog roast on hold for now though 😁
  8. Bluey is a good shout ....then again I would say that I'm in Sittingbourne 😉
  9. Would the GS F not be better suited foot operated hand brake, auto hold, on the very late examples admittedly same glorious V8 soundtrack and plenty of space, also rarer than rocking horse 💩 ....just a thought if it wasn't on your radar.
  10. That's not too far, I'm in Sittingbourne I'll keep them in mind, I usually use A2 tyres for the same reason 👍
  11. Feel your pain ....not too bad a price for the two tyres, where did you get them ?
  12. 🤣🤣🤣 Well there is a....dare I say it....a Ford Modeo tit x sport lurking as well as a 27yr old Golf mk3....not all mine I hasten to add.... the 300h is going to my mum but I thought the two.looked good together.
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