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  1. I have just had this message back from my dealer after I queried the price protection: "I just wanted to give you a quick email to touch base with you regarding the delivery of your vehicle. At the moment the ETA is for the middle of October which is when the vehicle should arrive with us on site providing it is allocated a build slot in the next few months. Obviously I understand this is still a little while away and a fluid situation but I will endeavour to keep you updated. Regarding the pricing and if the vehicle is price protected or not I am still trying to get to the bottom of this to give a definitive answer. As soon as I can find out some solid concrete information from Lexus I shall let you know either way." So it appears the price protection is once again not assured, but at least I have been told it will be under the £40,000 threshold, JUST. I now know the delivery is in the middle of October rather than just October. If there is no price protection, then I do not know what to do as I hate being told initially it was, so I may just cancel. I have just done a search on Car Wow and I have found Sidcup Lexus was doing it at a saving of £5,897 (14.8%) but a delivery of March 2023, which is a lot longer than my deal, but a lot cheaper.
  2. I would have liked to keep the cd player but since seeing the reviews of the new system on the NX and in my case I have only ordered the std Pioneer system, so I prefer the new MY23, but will now rip all my CD's to FLAC as the only other option assuming of course if FLAC is supported . Wireless android auto for my Samsung S10+ along with wireless car play which comes with the new system and the new location for the wireless charger in the front of the console instead of the ridiculous place in the chubby box is much appreciated.
  3. I ordered from Lexus Maidstone, but those comments you mentioned above were from my salesman but I have since had this later comment from a senior manager there who has just called me back after I contacted Lexus UK, confirming the spec change for my order and said it is a massive improvement on the multimedia side as fitted on the new NX and the ES does not have the 3% increase due in July only a £45 increase as another user has mentioned but is not price protected but said they will absorb that themselves.
  4. I am not allocated a build slot yet either and I ordered mine on the 25th January, its what it is called a non-covered order until it enters a build mode.
  5. I contacted Lexus UK regarding the spec and price change, they then contacted my dealer and a senior manager has just called me back. He confirms the spec change for my order and said it is a massive improvement on the multimedia side as fitted on the new NX and the ES does not have the 3% increase due in July only a £45 increase as another user has mentioned but is not price protected but said they will absorb that themselves. He has also confirmed that my order will still be under the luxury tax bracket, just, so that is good news, it certainly now puts my mind at rest. I will have to now stop looking around for alternatives in my price range which I was struggling with.
  6. I do realize that, its just that I was trying to get the overall cost down to make up for the extra I would have to pay for the luxury tax over the following years.
  7. Decision time, even if they still guarantee the original price at time of order as the dealer has already stated they would, it will now definitely go over the luxury tax bracket of £40,000 at registration. My only other option is to delete all the added insurances and dashcams, to go towards the future tax increases, that would save me around £1372, (taking off the extra discount they offered) which goes a fair towards the extra tax cost of £1775.
  8. That is certainly very good news, that means my order is still under the luxury tax threshold by £20 on the RRP and £245 under after deducting the VED of £170 and the Reg. fee of £55, making the List Price (PIID) of £39,755 used to calculate the tax.
  9. That sounds much better as the multi-media system always gets bad reviews compared to their German competitors and the wireless carplay and hopefully wireless android auto would be more than welcome also the wireless phone charger re-position would also be much better. This features alone may just be worth any extra charges affecting the luxury car tax.
  10. My sentiments exactly as I was looking forward to having a cd player again to listen to better quality music than highly compressed mp3 rubbish. My first Jaguar an XF 3.0D Portfolio had a 6 stack cd player in the dash but my later two XE's did not have a cd player option at all.
  11. No nothing was mentioned regarding the additional updates.
  12. This is the reply back from my Lexus dealer: I can confirm there is a MY23 model year ES coming out. I have checked this afternoon and due to the lack of semi-conductor chips your vehicle is now showing as what we call a non-covered order. This means there is not yet a build slot for the vehicle but because of this it will more than likely mean you will get the latest MY23 vehicle with the additional updates. I can assure you that this is affecting several of our customers, not just yourself, and I appreciate it is a frustrating situation. However, this is also a very fluid situation so it could come earlier than we are expecting but I will keep you up to date of course. Regarding this, naturally there is a price change and increase. However, Lexus will price protect against any inflationary price increases since you placed your order therefore meaning you will be paying the price we quoted you and agreed when you ordered the vehicle.
  13. Here are some of the links I have found so far 2023 Lexus ES Multimedia Changes? | Lexus Enthusiast and 2023 Lexus ES: Preview, Pricing, Release Date (
  14. I have been looking online and it appears that there is going to be a “light refresh” to the ES and a couple of other models to the MY23 specification in the Fall, which I take that to be August/September time. According to the article the remote touch will disappear with a possible brand-new Lexus Interface multimedia system and the removal of the cd player and analogue clock. If this is the case, I have asked my dealer how will it affect my MY22 build with the MY23 build imminent and how will that affect my existing order price, now due in October, bearing in mind I am getting very close to the Luxury car tax bracket at first registration.
  15. Did they ever get back to you and if so what was their answer.
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