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    IS200SE is here!!
  1. Headlight Removal

    Thanks Bumper will be off anyway so not a problem! Hopefully
  2. I have noticed the passenger headlight is not sitting in the clip underneath properly How do you remove the whole unit 1.) Undo nut on top 2.) Undo wires at back 3.) Pull ???????? Thanks,
  3. Doesn't it say in the manual NOT to tow anything with the IS????
  4. Power Steering Pulley

    Ha £500 for a power steering pump!!!!!
  5. The pulley looks off pulled forward at the bottom and it squeels when you turn the wheels Not sure if this could have happened during the accident Would the whole unit need replacing or just the pulley wheel?
  6. I am missing 10k, 20k and 30k stamps in my book I know that the 20k was done at Twickenham and the car was supplied by Lexus Newcastle (but never returned) Any idea how I can trace the service history which it must of had for the 3yr warranty I assume Lexus didnt think it was a good idea having a central database
  7. Squeaky Belt/pump

    No unfortunately I don't It was done by the recommended place at Oldham It may just be that I can't drive rwd lol I had it all done after the rear drivers tyre blew and I went through a fence :( It may be that because of that I don't feel safe driving it
  8. Squeaky Belt/pump

    Just had four new tyres i'm afraid and a full geometry castor camber etc. Maybe the Pug is just too stable, just a shame its too French lol
  9. Squeaky Belt/pump

    When I start the car I can here a fairly faint squeak coming from the water pump Its not noticable with the bonnet closed and only slightly when open as if its the pulley on the water pump Is there any way to disguise this as its going asap and i'll be more than glad to see the back of it to be honest I have got to the point where I dread driving it on the motorway it feels so unstable and any hint of rain and it wants to chuck you off the road Great car in build quality and looks but teh driving experience is not for me
  10. Is200 Se Bumper

    Thanks for the offer but the postage may be a bit high but I will bear it in mind Thanks, Stephen
  11. Got A Ps2

    Just trying out some new additions Medal of Honour - Allied Assault is great!!! Juiced - Not as impressed as dub edition Cold Winter - Looks like a cheapo 1st person but didnt get into it Area 51 - Not bad but only played 10mins of it Games are so much better played of the Hard Drive too!
  12. Coolant Picture

    I cant see any in the window!!! The temp is always ok and I went Newcastle and back in a day 350miles It does leak from the water by pass valve every now and then which I need to sort The rad got pushed up at the bottom by 1 or 2 rows but has not shown signs of leakage
  13. Coolant Picture

    There is a little window at the back of the rad under the trunk for the air filter
  14. Can someone post a picture of what the coolant looks like when it is full in the viewing window Also can you seen the coolant when you open the cap onto of the radiator? I have bent my rad at the bottom but it doesnt leak however could this have caused my washer bypass valve to leak for some reason as coolant is coming out when it feels like it and I am worried as I cant check the level as I cant see anything in the viewing window :( The temp needle is fine but I would ratehr be safe than sorry
  15. Coolant Level Viewing Window

    I've taken the top off and can only see the top of the radiator no coolant? More have leaked out overnight and I am a bit worried as I can't see how much is in although the temp is fine