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  1. Hi Guys, Since a few years now, I saw some pictures on the old galleries! About the OEM amplifier and somebody as add on it the Aux! so if anybody knows how I could find those pics or the method to do it, it should be great thanks buddyg
  2. Actually 2 of the members got this from bumper ! one is me and the other one The bumper is from TRD, I have imported from TRD. I bought the full kit from HK and the fog light as well! It seems that they have stopped the production of that bumper! also the OEM TRD bumper comes already painted! They were a new one that replace it and it does not look better than this one! but I could not find any pics of it to you men! It comes with a Altezza logo on the lip ! Side : Rear : FXR1
  3. Hi guys!! It was a pleasure for me to meet you !alll!! and put a face on each of you. I was hurry by the time, as I promise my wife to bring her for shopping!!!! And I stay with all of you for about 4 hours ! The BBQ was great and the spicy sauce as well! Thank for Scare face by making a good cooking !!! All I want now, it is to meet you all again next year whaoooo!!! we need to wait 364 days so long !!!! Normaly we should come with some other Lexus friends on new year!!!! to make the booth bigger and bigger !!!!! thanks for all of you for the great time buddygralia
  4. I have tried several solution for this problem and still can not solve it ??? it seems that the everything is too long, I don't know what to do now!!!
  5. Thanks Guys, I will try what you have told me and thanks for the file Will see if it works thanks
  6. Dear Guys, I got some problem with the rear break, when I got them replaced. I remove the rear disk, and then when I put the new one back, it does fit correctly. But when I test them on the road, I heard a sound coming from the break and I remove it again. And I saw that the Spring & the clip was knocking on the wheel screw. I should have did a wrong think, but I don't know what?, and I have the same trouble on the other side! I could not compare what was the problem! Thanks for your help!
  7. I want to cry !!!!!!:( no one can help me!!!! Does somebody have some pics of their Rear Brake so I can check it out, if there is any difference. thanks
  8. PIP, how did you solve the probleme, as I have made a replacement of the rear Disk and the spring that is in the brake, rub onto the srew that maintain the wheel, I don't know I did well explain myself. but i don't understand why not it is rubbing?????
  9. Hi guys, Does anyone know about a lexus forum for IS Thanks buddy
  10. http://www.prolex-uk.com/store/index.php?cPath=21_22_75 The link of prolex, They sell only the autoclosure for the wing miror
  11. Hi guys Does anyone can help me for that come on, as least someebody has that measurement. Thanks for your help buddy
  12. Hi guys Does anyone know about the front light circle dimension? Headlight! as I wondering to intall the demon light! thanks buddy
  13. Prolex are selling them now, on his online shop http://www.prolex-uk.com/store/
  14. hi thanks for your help I have that sketches as well but it does not help me, what i want is the pics of the wire behind the socket as they are all unplugged. I have fund a pics on LOC but it did not show all the info. thanks if you could take some pics buddy