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  1. Multimedia System Is 2.20D

    I don`t think so. I have rear screens (not fitted by me) and there is a PS2 AND a DVD multi-changer in the boot. There`s an IR sensor next to the rear air-vents to play them and IR headphones. Can`t say for sure as I`ve never used them but I guess you have to go that way due to watching DVDs on the move.
  2. Your MAF, mass air flow sensor regulates the mixture of fuel and oxygen basically. The EGR, exhaust gas recycle basically does what it says on the tin. Carbon builds up and chokes the exhaust and needs cleaning sometime. That`s how I understand them to be anyway Basically
  3. Is 220D Cold Engine Noise

    I`m not sure exactly. Could it be the air-con pump. It sounds a bit like the 'Sonic' induction kit I have on my Supra, taking in air.
  4. I thought it was for the flux capacitor but you may well be correct.
  5. The secret touch??? :winky: Yep........the secret touch to get the disc out :winky:
  6. Has anyone used/installed one of these chips? There`s a company in my town that deals in these and wondered what users thoughts were.
  7. How did the fitting go ??? hope no issues..... i got my car's windscreen replaced last month with National windscreens and they did not do a good job...first time i could hear the engine revving directly into the cabin and it leaked near the rear view mirror ... they had to replace it again and now i hear wind noise on the motorway .... only because did not do a motorway run until yesterday after fitting the new windscreen (nearly 45 days)... i cant ask them to check it again and again ... so would ask you to take the car to a car wash with a pressure hose and a motorway blast and check everything is ok ... If you`re still having issues then you are quite within your right to ask as many times as you like. Even after 45 days. It went well mate as far as I can tell. Have only done 12 miles since it was done but 10 of them were motorway. Haven`t washed it yet so can`t say if it`s watertight. So far so good though. Also, it seems pretty much identical to one that came off. Even has the little window to show the VIN.
  8. Cheers bud. I just spoke to them and they assure me it will be the same as the original. Just out of interest, how much is the new screen costing (whether you are paying or insurance), it would be nice to know. I have no idea mate. I`ll quiz the guy on Saturday though when he comes to fit it. I pay my Insurance excess of £75.
  9. Upgrade 220D To Multimedia Pack

    I can`t help on any issues you may get but I reckon the best bet for the unit would 24/7 spares or other breakers.
  10. Cheers bud. I just spoke to them and they assure me it will be the same as the original.
  11. Just had mines done this morning. Basic service. Oil, fuel and air filter done. Anti-freeze top-up. 6ltr of oil. Engine flush (I sat and revved the car for him) and a bottle of Wynnes injector cleaner. £140 all-in. None to shabby I thought. Main dealers can GTF :winky:
  12. I`d be very wary of any copies. I bought the original of the 2010 version and 'backed them up' They didn`t work for me but I know they worked for others. I couldn`t get the disc to eject without the 'secret touch' :winky: I even re-installed the original 2005/6 disc to roll back the firmware and still wouldn`t play. But.....if you`re getting your dough back, then you can`t lose. Has anyone TRIED getting their dough back though???????
  13. Yes, didn't know they did one without. Look at the bottom of your current screen to double check. Thanks Steve. I seen the switch this morning. Does anyone know if Autoglass will replace the screen with an original Lex/Toyota one or will it be similar?
  14. Cheers mate. I know there is a button for the front but just assumed it was for the blower. Should I be telling Autoglass that it IS heated then?
  15. I only collected my Lexus yesterday but compared to a Saab the turbo lag is nothing and build quality is superb. The gearing is on the tall side, warranted, but the cabin is so much quieter it's silly. Methinks some of the rattles people complain about are because they've been spoilt by silence... hearing pin drops can be a curse?! Later that same night; Having read the rest of the posts I am convinced there are a few "Jessies" on here. Seriously, 6th gear is meant for the motorway, not for Tesco parking lots or b roads. You need to be doing 70 to make it work. There is enough torque to maintain your speed in cruise control on the motorway uphill or downhill. That "slight rattle" is probably something your misses left in the ash tray to p!ss you off, like a 5p coin or a small makeup accessory. Again, compared to a Saab, this is silence. Do you think we don`t know that? Anyway, 70mph isn`t enough for me to use 6th on the M/W. It labours at less than 77-80mph and if you hit traffic and drop to 70, you have todrop down to 5th. ANY 5 speed car will cruise between 55 and 80mph without having to drop a gear but not the 220D. Unless you`re bombing along at a STEADY 80mph or more, 6th gear is useless. IMHO of course.