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Is200/300 - Chrome Steering Wheel Emblem In 10 Minutes


Chrome Steering Wheel Emblem

I recently found a thread at the boards, discussing a picture of my interior and where I got my chrome steering wheel emblem. I figured more people would probably want to do this, so I decided to make this tutorial.

Obviously you need an emblem to replace your standard one with. A few people have used the wheel center cap emblems from Lexus IS/GS 2006 onwards. I did it a bit differently smile.gif

This is the standard IS200/300 steering wheel


The rubber emblem is glued to the steering wheel, but it's easy to remove once you get hold of its edge.


This is what it looks like when the emblem is removed.


Now you need another emblem that fits perfectly. As mentioned, the center cap emblems from Lexus IS and GS from 2006 onwards will work, but if you own an IS200 you are already in possession of an even better alternative, the stock air box.


I didn't even know the emblem could be removed until I tried. It was easier than I thought, the emblem is attached with double sided adhesive tape.



This is why the airbox emblem is better than the center cap ones. Not only do you get the emblem, but you also get a perfectly shaped cap so you won't have to make your own.



Now it's time to fit the new emblem. If your lucky the adhesive that's already attached to the emblem is in good enough shape to use. I chose to scrape it all of and add my own tape.


Before you fit the emblem you might want to remove the horn fuse to avoid annoying your neighbors smile.gif


Voila! The steering wheel suddenly looks a lot more modern.


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This is cracking :) My own one on the wheel is looking really tired to think I have a job to do at the weekend :D

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Did you put the removed emblem from the steering wheel on the airbox mate?

Great guide by the way.

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