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How To: Change Headlight & Parking Light Bulbs


How To: Change Headlight & Parking Light Bulbs

This tutorial is based on my 1991 LS400

It took me less than 20 minutes total to remove, clean up and put both sides back together. You'll need: Phillips screw driver 10mm socketRemove this (1) phillips head screw to remove corner:


Use your fingers or a flat head screwdriver and pry it open, then pull the corner out (you'll feel resistance but it will pop out) from here:


Grab that grey plastic base and twist it like 1/8" clockwise, then pull out the parking light bulb (bulb size is 168)...if you're only changing the corner bulbs then stop here, pull the bulb straight out, replace with new 168 bulb and assemble everything in reverse order...if you're planning on replacing the headlight bulbs then continue with the next steps:


Remove the parking light assembly:


Remove this 10mm nut:


Use the socket to remove this 10mm bolt:


Remove this 10mm bolt:


Remove this 10mm bolt:


Now you're ready to remove the headlight assembly...simply grab and swivel it out like how I have it in the picture...then you should be able to pull it away from the vehicle. (The wires are still connected so don't try to pull it completely off of the vehicle...just enough so that you'll have enough room to remove the bulb):


Slide the harness might have to use a screw driver to pop it off:


Grab that black ring and twist it counter clockwise to remove it:


Picture of the ring removed:


Now you're ready to remove the bulb....grab the base like so and just pull it straight out:

Picture of bulb removed:


Replace bulb with a new 9004 halogen bulb...then reassemble everything in reverse the same to the other side. I used Sylvannia Silverstars 9004 halogens (they're very bright)....I only paid £15 for brand new ones on Ebay.

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