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  1. MY changes + things to look out for

    FYI my 2011 has the LED driving lights as well as the other updates mentioned.
  2. Nurburgring 2017

    Just watched your 8;31 lap, terrific stuff. Thanks for sharing it.
  3. Kemble 'Grand Tour' - 19th Nov 2017

    I've always wanted to go to Cosford. Bit of a trek but I'll see if I can get there.....
  4. Which I think is otherwise known as two concentric cones in one speaker. I believe Tannoy did this about 30+ years ago?
  5. BMW M5 TOURING (E34) - £60k anyone?

    I have to say, that sounds very optimistic to me.....
  6. Service today with a nice surprise!

    I had an RC-F for a day as a loan car from Lexus Guildford. I noticed they have a GS-F for sale at them moment, I wonder what the chances are???
  7. How well do you know the F?

    So the question is, when do you post the answers?? I spotted maybe 4 differences, so i am very curious as to 7?
  8. Lexus ISF wanted!

    @Big Rat That's an impressive watch you are keeping on the market there......
  9. Overtaken by my tyre!!!

    My IS-F doesn't have tyre pressure warning..... Though i gather the RC-F does.
  10. Isf to Rcf

    I have to admit I flirted with an RC-F carbon the other day, but for some reason I'm finding it difficult to commit....
  11. MOT Fail

    oh and strangely, I've never had uneven wear on the inside of the front tyres......
  12. MOT Fail

    Thats a coincidence, had an MOT fail due to front number plate not being securely attached (double sided tape fail), dealer fitted new plates front and back FoC, which was nice. Also got an advisory on the rear brake pads, I know they will need doing soon and, GASP, a rear shock absorber has got a slight seep. Not enough to do under warranty yet (it is covered) so I'll see how it's doing at the next service.
  13. Haywood and scott

    That does sound rather nice....
  14. She's Finally Here

    Welcome and hope you continue to enjoy driving your IS-F over here. Grey is, undoubtedly, the best colour for an IS-F. There are many reasons, good taste, however, precludes denigration of those less fortunate.....
  15. split screen nav?

    speaking about software, has anyone updated their software and maps using the lexus download thats available? I believe you can get this for free for more recent cars, I haven't checked properly but I think mine might be just inside the break for this? If anyone has done this, how did it go, did you get any new features?