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  1. 4.5 years, 80k miles, one shock absorber done under warranty, cost to me 00.00.
  2. Totally appropriate, Cadoxton Grey is well known as a suitably stealth colour, unnoticed by all as it quietly disappears into the distance.... Unlike shouty silver.
  3. just watched that vides, very impressive. They were both relaxed and enjoying themselves whilst doing the lap, obviously not too many worries about the cars' handling. Maybe if I drove round there a couple of hundred times I might get close to a lap like that... (considers moving to germany)
  4. Thanks for the heads up, definitely going to read that one when it comes out.....
  5. Oh no, mine loves a stroll on a brisk winters day...
  6. Or just talk to Pete for a few tips....
  7. Great to have the forum, bad news about the LCF... Maybe they should stick twin turbos on the 5L V8 instead?
  8. I am severely jealous. Orangery/happy wife vs GSF/RCF decision, there is only one way that was going to go. I guess I will have to see what 2018 brings..
  9. had mine done at Guildford, courtesy car and they cleaned it, but no free fuel.... Obviously I am in deep shock at this lack, though I did avail my self of their coffee....
  10. Newish isf owner

    Indeed, it's a great car and a great place to hang out.
  11. Oh and apparently the cafe starts serving a full english from 08:30....
  12. If we are considering possible venues, how about here? Interesting motorised stuff to look around and a pretty central location that's easy to get to...
  13. Good luck, I hope that isn't just your local dealer's way of saying they couldn't reproduce it...
  14. Yeah, I suspect you may be right there....