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  1. When I finally get around to uploading it, have a pic on my phone of the temp reading showing 40C, which dropped to 35C on the motorway, from a couple of days ago. Just curious if anyone saw a higher temp? Glad I have white leather in the car........
  2. Chap in a new SQ5 got very upset with me a little while ago..... Funny thing was, came up behind him again a couple of days ago and he obviously remembered because he decided to show off, let him get on with it as it was in a built up area rather than pulling onto dual carriageway.
  3. likewise. I nearly went to the Classic Le Mans a couple of times a number of years ago when I used to run a scimitar with a stage 3 engine and all the bits, even had the tickets sorted out at one point, but work intervened. These days the thrill of camping and staying up all night with crappy showers and bogs just seems to have worn off....
  4. I had 2 capris in the past, both were amusing. First was a Mk 1 2.0 GXL, the old v4 engine so it was one of the first, which I really liked, though by the time I got it it was a bit rusty and then a few years later a 280, which was my first ever company car.... The 280 spent most of the first year in the garage, long list of faults, I think Ford were using up the last of a whole bunch of part bins with it. Once it got sorted out it was good fun though. The combination of dinosaur suspension, a reasonable engine and an LSD with no traction control made getting away from the lights in a hurry very amusing at times. First time I ever had a tank slapper in a car....
  5. my Dad used to have a Humber Imperial, which was basically a spruced up Super Snipe. We used to go on holiday in it all over the UK. He used to spend at least a couple of hours under the bonnet every weekend doing something to it, fabulous car, wish I had it now...
  6. For me, the fact that it is rare, attractive and built like a tank (including the weight :) ) suggests to me that in future in may be a marmite car. ISF is a bit subtle, GSF is very capable but again a bit nondescript. There are plenty of attractive cars out there that attract long term interest despite not driving particularly well but people are happy to pay quids for. I also think the RCF may well end up with a bit of halo effect from the LC, which I freely admit would be the one to really have, if budget permitted.
  7. I must admit, I always thought the Lotus bit was more significant in the classic stakes than the carlton bit. Anyway, didn't the Carlton really nail the top end souped up exec express for quite some time? Whereas the IS-F has a number of competitors?
  8. warp factor 8 Mr Sulu...
  9. Yes, some really really god pix. Definitely not boring.
  10. Somehow, I just sense that the wife will not think that this is a suitable outing for a wedding anniversary.....
  11. Indeed, very nice pics...
  12. Definitely does look good. Gives the RC-F a run for it's money...
  13. Oh dear, I think I'm going to have to start saving up......
  14. I've thought about this daily driver thing on and of for a while. Yes, it would be cheaper to have an econobox to do the commute in, however, it wouldn't put a smile my face every day like the F does. I used a Ct200h for a while when I was getting the paint sorted on my F, came to the renewed conclusion that life is too short to spend the hours behind the wheel that I do driving something that's less engaging than the F. So yes, the fuel cost is more than I necessarily have to pay and I'm aware that I'm clocking up some depreciation, however my daily travels are a lot more fun than they otherwise would be and I know that the F is always going to work/not let me down, which is important when I'm doing nearly 20k a year.
  15. Thought this was amusing...