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  1. Thought this was amusing...
  2. Concur with mrfunex. Done nearly 75k in my F and nary a chirp from the brakes, running on a bog standard setup.
  3. Is there a way to reset the ECU on later models with a starter button that doesn't involve disconnecting the battery or pulling fuses?
  4. when did you say they were coming over??
  5. It looks like a great time was had by all and terrific weather for it as well.
  6. not that I've been thinking about this you understand.... Plus the wife really wants a conservatory :(
  7. and then there is the headers and the free flow exhaust to help it breathe, maybe uprate the brakes, USRS, perhaps some other suspension mods..... I don't think I'll be able to afford it :(
  8. I'd keep the ISF and swap my series 2 P38 range rover for a 5.5 GWagen
  9. I read that Apple were talking to Mclaren about buying them recently, I guess that didn't work out. An autonomous P1 GTR anyone??
  10. I've had similar problems in the past, every couple of years I get the dealer to run some air con cleaner through the system, seems to solve the problem.
  11. I don't think it's just you....
  12. my wife is sitting next to me and she has just suggested that baby pink would be a better colour, methinks I'm not going to take her car shopping in future
  13. maybe you should take it a bit further and wrap more of the car, perhaps turn it a subtle grey/black colour all over, after all, they are unobtrusively faster....
  14. I am very well behaved re speed limits, I do enough miles and, I suspect, getting old enough, to appreciate driving defensively these days. (cue boring old fart music) However, on a recent trip back from Berlin, early on a sunny sunday morning, no lorries, sod all traffic, I was hoping to max it. Unfortunately, where there was a straight empty road, there was also fog (see previous reference to early in the morning), so I have not yet managed to see what the actual reported top speed really is. Managed to get to 170 before I had to back down but there was still some left, though I suspect at that speed there is a significant difference between reported and actual speed. At lower speed my speedo seems to be around +5%. Got another holiday in Germany planned later this year so might see if I can give it another go.
  15. Autobahns are good.......