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  1. New Lexus owner

    Welcome to the fold, so after 3 weeks of ownership you are reside to the fact the the petrol might be better suited to your needs or you don't want diesel/EGR problems? cheers Paul m.
  2. Boot Lid hydraulic Struts do deteriorate over time and loose their strength, if your boot lid falls from about 1/3 height and slams closed very un-Lexus like then they are worn. Not really a deal breaker but OEM struts are over £100 from dealer or very good after market ones ( straight swap) are about £50 pair (2017) Paul m.
  3. With ref to this hose that was the cause of your EML codes, do you know if it was this hose shown in this video ( At 2min 40 seconds) as it looks to be easily dislodged and this could go un-noticed once you have removed the engine cover! paul m.

    have a look on ebay, with the serial No of your old disc contact seller and check compatabilty. I recently got this ( for £29!) eBay item number: 292442412845 paul m.
  5. Yes, Deffo tell your insurance company about the ( lack of ) quality as I'm sure they will be more receptive and in effect they are sort of paying for this job! Paul m
  6. There was a Tech Bulletin regarding 'Dash Rattle' so if the car has not had the 'Air Bag' recall done yet ( you can check with a Lexus dealer or MOT check on .GOV website) ask about the rattle when having the airbag done, it is a couple of plastic clips that will require ordering in. paul m.
  7. Done some googlizing and it turns out that Apple did not allow the IPhone 4 to 'push' contacts via Bluetooth. So It's not my or the car's fault.
  8. Must be the facelift 'allowing it' to happen then, But I have an IPhone 4 ( Daughters hand me down!) and can't see and way to transfer the contacts in the phone! Anyone have any tutorial's so to speak? paul m.
  9. It only clocked 12k in those 'missing' 7 mot years so was prob laid up, but the mileage recorded at 23 May 2007 don't stack up! Could just be a error on some part but hopefully can be confirmed if the cat has paperwork for that period. paul m.
  10. Shame, rest of car is prob peachy! Since getting into Lexus ownership and doing lots of homework/research for months before purchase I came to the conclusion that the worst thing Lexus ever done was put a D on the boot lid. Again shame really as I reckon they were running with the flock when there was a glut of heavy oil in the world and manufactures were obliged/urged via tax incentives to have a DERV version in their brochures. I have always been in the mindset that Diesel engines are not suited in small road vehicles, but more like generators and ships! ideally suited to constant revs with constant load ( heavy) for prolonged duration ( hours/days, weeks even) so putting one in a school run never to get muddy 4X4 is not suited to say the least and I do think diesel has had it's day in the small/mid size non commercial vehicle. hopefully you will stick to the Lexus brand because you know they really want to do their upmost best for the end user! cheers Paul m.
  11. Is this normal?

    That sure don't look very Lexus-like, even though it's under the bonnet! Paul m.
  12. Owner in this thread had a result from dealer with just a loose connection in door, ( shown on invoice attached in post #27) https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-3rd-gen-2014-present/749540-multiple-beeps-when-unlocking-door-handle-is350f-2.html I know it is Gen 3 but I would not expect locking system to be million miles different, and you have a PO-40 fitted so door wiring has in fact been disturbed! paul m.
  13. +1 on Apple not allowing contacts to be transferred via Bluetooth, tried it and give up...had to input each one manually! paul m.
  14. Yes, been there-done that! Don't be looking at any type of car until you have an idea what it is gonna cost to insure as this is prob gonna be the deciding factor. It smarts when you pay £1200 for car and insurance is £1600 and at end of ( hopefully claim free) year what have you got to show for it? So Deffo work backwards and check insurance costs, note adding both parents as named drivers brings cost down even though you might not ever drive it! ( providing they have good history obviously) paul m.