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  1. So what exactly has failed in this fuse box that caused the problems do you think? paul m.
  2. So...prey tell, what battery exactly is Lexus gonna fit? The reason I ask is because as far as I am aware the OEM Panasonic is not available aftermarket in Europe, and I would like to know what battery ( because Lexus do not make batteries) they are prepared to supply as a main dealer part. paul m.
  3. With regards MOT and Batteries then the only thing that is checked is security and integrity. ie that it is securely fixed and is not leaking any fluids. paul m.
  4. If you do still have the OEM Panasonic fitted then it should have a date stamp on the top. mine was dated 04/07/2007
  5. Do you still have the OEM factory fitted black top/clear sides Panasonic battery in your car ? If so then as it is coming up to 10 years old then it had done quite well in the scheme of things ( all that electrical kit in a SE-L would kill a lesser battery in no time). Mine lasted just over 10 years and was OK one day and Click Click Click the next, so treat her to a Bosch (about £80-90 and all should be good for another 4-5 years) Check out this thread from last year that covers all you need to know about battery replacement for the 250.
  6. My friend who owns a MOT authorised garage workshop said that if the car fails on a dangerous then they will inform owner of the situation but at the end of the day he said he don't want the car sitting in his garage while the owner decides what to do with it. paul m.
  7. If the OP is in Romania will his reg be recognised by the Castrol UK site? paul m.
  8. If/When you get a PO-40 check out my post here Paul m.
  9. Texas

    Mark Levinson Mp3 Dvd

    I know that if you are that way inclined you can go into asda ( other retailers are available!) and buy a 12" Chefs Knife and use it for the wrong reasons! So here is a guide to enable the DVD to show visuals while the Handbrake is off and the vehicle is moving. I don't reccomended doing it but I know people drive at more than 30 MPH in built up areas and that is illegal also! Here it is and It is a lengthy thread and I would actually read all of it to cover any snags that may have occurred. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-2nd-gen-2006-2013/193739-navigation-hack-diy-part-one-enable-dvd-phonebook-and-mp3-folder-while-moving.html paul m.
  10. Texas

    Lexus Flagship Teaser

    yer tis....https://www.clublexus.com/articles/lexus-pictures-ly-650-luxury-yacht/?utm_source=jan16&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=content 2x 5.0 V8's!!! Paul m.
  11. Texas

    Pushing back calliper pistons

    Are you sure that there is not any air in the system. Air will compress and it sounds like it is with the first pedal push and then the second won't compress the air any more and the hydraulics work. Paul m.
  12. Texas

    Pushing back calliper pistons

    +1 on loosening the bleed nipple method for various reasons, 1 it periodically ensures the nipple is not siezed! 2 if the flexi brake hose is suitable clamped then fluid cannot be 'pushed back into master cylinder' 3 it allows a small amount of brake fluid to be removed ( master cylinder will therefore need topping up afterwards) and it will be the fluid that has been living and working in the most hostile environment and exposed to extremes of temperatures so this will be a good thing. paul m.
  13. Texas

    Pushing back calliper pistons

    Screw thread 'G' clamp or 'Kwlk Clamp' will work fine but what ever you use do it real slow, there is no rush needed in this task and although I have heard of problems 'pushing the fluid back into the master cylinder' causing seals to 'flip' and then braking system problems, I personally never had any problems but it might be down to doing it sloooooow!
  14. Amazed that front bumper needs to be removed to get access to front indicator lamps! Slight design fail there I feel, but I guess it's pretty restricted in there and something had to give! I got a feeling Halfrauds ain't fitting these for a tenner then?? Not that you would want them to. So...if access is that awkward then it might make good sense to go in and fit super long lasting LED's ( well that's gonna be my excuse to do this mod anyhow) Paul m.
  15. These are the kiddies I got and put on my 2007 IS250, I guess your 2010 is gonna use the same. note. Price is per each and the ad states IS300 for some reason??? But easy DIY fit, just take one off at a time as the boot lid is gert heavy with No struts attached!! ( don't ask!) https://www.sgs-engineering.com/car-boot-tailgate/lexus/is/gsc2655-lexus-is300-boot-strut paul m.