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  1. If it is circa 2005-6 then with regard the way the battery is used/charged then I would say that was quite good life expectancy and you have had your monies worth! Not sure if the battery you require is 'something special' like a Stop/Start for example which are heavy money compared to non SS. paul m.
  2. Texas

    Petrol smell

    Have you tried using the 'MyLexus' app to view service history carried out by Lexus? paul m.
  3. Just read this interesting thread on the US ClubLexus site about the loss of audio sound on a ML system. Turns out the owner is in Slough UK and has found a fix by replacing some diodes that were gone on the PCB in the boot mounted amp! Not sure if OP tried to gain assistance from LexusOwnersClub previously or not? Username is not familiar. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-2nd-gen-2006-2013/893870-ml-volume-issue.html paul m.
  4. Texas

    Need help urgently

    Any update on this problem? Please don't be a "one post wonder" ie first and only post and we all wonder if you got it sorted! As anyone in future would be very grateful if they do a search with the same symptoms and you (hopefully by now) have a solution. paul m.
  5. DashCams have been known to interfere with FM reception on occasion if applicable. paul m.
  6. Texas

    Petrol in Diesel car

    Unusual for a garage to put fuel in a car ( apart from Lexus on recall work) when servicing it!..... so I guess it was 1/3 of a tank of petrol that was put into an empty tank ( otherwise they won't of bothered putting any in) so now I'm amazed it ran for that long on almost neat petrol!!! Misfueling as it's called is I understand more damaging when petrol is used in a derv as opposed to diesel in a petrol. This might be due to the petrol damaging rubber and other seals that are normally in contact diesel and not petrol in the fuel system and the fact that diesel pumps are normally lubricated with the actual diesel on its way to the engine! I don't get the 6-12 months part? Has the not been used since? paul m.
  7. Texas

    VSC / PS / ABS

    Any update on this problem? paul m.
  8. Excellent piece of work and again I will refer to this in the future, having said that... I have checked the service history ( via the 'MyLexus' app) of my car and it turns out the plugs were replaced at the 6 year point ( at 22,000 miles!) the car is now at 40,000 miles and 11 years old so even though they ( in theory should be done @ 12 years) will be due next year and I will prob have about 45,000 done by then. So I am aware that plugs only degrade through actual use and it will irk me slightly to replace them again at less than 25,000 miles! ( when Lexus uk recommend 60k & IIRC Lexus US 100k) paul m.
  9. Texas


    That's a re-gen in action, it's getting rid of the build up of solids on the filter to hopefully extend the time before you have to actually replace (££££'s) the filter. Best to drive the car a bit more enthustically shall we say and you might find the re-gens occur less often! The thing I don't get is that DPF's were intended to get the particulate levels down in Diesel engine emissions and they probably do but do you think the set-up would pass an emissions test of any kind when it's in re-gen mode! Sort of saving it until later! Not perfect in any way. As above Petrol should be the choice of engine if choosing a Lexus! Worst thing they ever done was put a D on the boot lid. paul m.
  10. KwikRip......you wouldn't have expected anything else would you? If you want a Tyre or a back box fitting then OK but anything other that that you now realise it's Not the first port of call to say the least! 'Plastic Tools'!!!!! What's that...for plastic mechanics!!!!! You can however get 'Insulated Tools' but sounds like a BS statement so as to not do the low profit work. paul m.
  11. Am I reading you right? You reckon it Was the Gummi Pledge ( Rubber Fit ) that may have actually caused this deposit? Hmmmmm... Unless someone has used it on my car in the past this is the first time I have used it in this location! paul m.
  12. Not really noticed that this was as bad as this until I took a close look today, when windows are closed it looked like condensation on rubber surround behind window glass but was pure white, upon closer inspection it was a hard white deposit that did did rub off easily with a finger so used a damp sponge and then treated all window rubbers with some Wurth Gummy Pledge ( Rubber Fit) to moisturise! And it came up like new. It was worst on the windows that face constant sun when parked at home so I guess it is some sort of UV deterioration.
  13. "Modified Calipers" you say??? Tell me more.....what has been improved as such to alleviate the 'sticking' slide pin problem? paul m.
  14. I have got '16-'17 installed and it still only takes first 4 digits of a postcode!