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  1. On my Mondeo if AC is used then engine fan runs constantly, I guess the theory is that you have AC on because it is hot and as the compressor puts extra load on engine so cooling fan(s) can assist. So I would only be concerned if it ran with AC off.
  2. ‘Drivers side’ you say, well that will make sense as that TSB was for the US market and their ‘Passenger side’ is of course our ‘Drivers Side’ 😀
  3. Glad you got it sorted and I hope that post of mine helped!
  4. Can’t give you any info on any aftermarket android units as it is not something I would ever consider but if you were happy with the OEM unit it can be repaired and is quite easy to remove. this repair option is on eBay right now if you didn’t want to attempt it yourself. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexsu-IS250-IS220-IS350-Navigation-DVD-radio-Touchscreen-Issue-Repair-Service/184184652736?hash=item2ae242c3c0:g:DpUAAOSw3uBZsGWK note: not me or anyone I know or have used!
  5. Just remembered the only other negative of the 250......the boot space, while quite large, is not very practical for two reasons 1, the rear seat backs do not fold down forward increasing the capacity if no rear passengers are on board. It is a true saloon car after all. 2. Although the space inside the boot is quite large the ‘opening’ you have to put the stuff through is not! I recently struggled to get two ( not massive ) suitcases in there.
  6. Texas


    The 220 has got a poor history engine wise and to pay to put more uumph into it is gonna push that head gasket to failure point sooner rather than later!
  7. A few sub 100,000 mile tidy looking two owner SE-L’s on AT for less than 6k right now.
  8. Those Toolstation ones are ‘Galvanised Iron’ according to spec but I would try and find some Stainless Steel ones or they will surely rust where they are going to be placed.
  9. Family car you say? Be aware that the IS is not very roomy ( to say the least) in the rear seats. Prob the only negative I have to say about my 250. And, as mentioned above, if you do go for the Manual box ( not recommended in a Lexus really )the Road Tax is a lot more!
  10. Not 100% reliable 100% of the time! when it works it’s ace but when it don’t connect to my phone hotspot it’s a pain and I can’t wait to Fanny around with it and just drive without using it!
  11. Items shown with a ⚫ are single use and technically should be replaced if disturbed!
  12. Found this info in the manual and it states something about 'outside temps' and ' not a malfunction' so does this make any sense as I do not know what your outside temp is tight now and this might be the cause of the system not operating how you think it should.
  13. I would dis-connect battery again ( I know you’ll have to reset windows etc again) as it may have been done with some arcing/voltage spikes by garage and this is a easy no cost first option.
  14. So it was 'in the garage' for what exactly? If it was for a wheel bearing for example then totally not connected to this fault but it it had a battery dis-connect or a service ( cabin filter change without putting system into 'recirculate' before opening filter housing ) could cause problems.