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  1. So did your original alternator actually fail completely or did you change it out before it stopped working because you had a smell of ‘burning’ and concluded it was the alternator?
  2. I see from your profile that you have been driving for less than 2 years and currently pay about £140 a month for your IS250 insurance, sadly after this (fault) event they ( insurance company’s) will hike your premiums sky high so trying to insure the ( now repaired) IS250 may be another factor in the decision.
  3. Remember a FWD car effectively pulls the car forward by the front wheels and a RWD car pushes it forward via the back wheels, From my advanced driver training days I remember being told to Not put the power down Too early in a bend with a RWD car whereas you can with a FWD car, FWD will drag you in direction you are pointing, RWD will push you sideways, you can see lots of examples of this on yooToob!!! Mostly not ending well Ha!
  4. The first thing I thought of when OP stated about the battery... "couldn't quite get if fitted properly. The garage sort of banged it on" was that the Wrong battery was trying to be fitted, by wrong I suspect the battery terminals were on the wrong edge and this means the battery connection leads have to be stretched to get to the terminals which are now at the front of the battery instead of the back edge. sometimes when the wrong battery is supplied in good faith it is very easy to put battery in with terminals at the back but now the polarity will be REVERSED and will cause all hell to br
  5. 🤞you can get your ISF into the dealers for assessment today!
  6. Ditto here on my IS250, from what I can find out it’s the steering geometry setup that doesn’t totally align the front wheels perfectly in full lock situations ( which of course should only be happening at really low speeds!)
  7. You sure it’s not the well known tapping that comes from the hydraulic valve lifters for a few seconds after the car had not been used for a while and the oil drains down out of the upper head area, it goes as soon as oil pressure is achieved. I have had it happen a few times and to be fair it does sound dreadful, if it was to happen every start then I would be worried, but only happens ( sometimes) when engine has not been used for a while ie weeks! UPDATE: I have just watched the vid on the duplicate post about this!! And It is Not the Hydraulic Lifter problem!
  8. Quite a possibility ( counterfeit parts) as they are in a high price point and mean large returns for the fakers! I haven’t looked at the Osram Website yet but Manufacturers that do get their products copied by counterfeiters some times have a guide on how to recognise their genuine products.
  9. +1 on above for the remedy of your ‘problem’. It appears that the mechanics that worked on your car may have ( like is highly Recommend) disconnected one (or both) of the battery terminals and this has led to your window system needing to be reset, here is the page from my IS250 manual for the procedure after a battery disconnect and I will be surprised if it is different for your RX ( same year also )
  10. Pretty sure those wheels are known as ‘ G Spider’ wheels.
  11. Has it got an OAP ( Overrunning Alternator Pulley) as this might have something to do with what you are trying to describe.
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