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  1. And not the end of the world if the pump does need changing actually! Part ( genuine supplier about £140) is readily available and quite doable ( is that actually a word?) by the home mechanic. They do tend to weep first and then get noisy before catastrophic failure. paul m
  2. 'Is it worth keeping' well it depends how much you love your 250! I'm over the moon with mine and the VED grits my 5h!t on all the cars I own as I can only use one at a time! Paul m.
  3. Yes looks like the ‘newer’ design has fewer potential failure points within the engine coolant but an external cooler won’t have any! paul m.
  4. I personally am not going to get this problem ( due to not actually owning an ISF....Yet!) but always like to do background searching before any ownership of a car, so was just putting it out there as an option to overcome this potentially super expensive problem. paul m
  5. Just jumping in on this ATF cooler problem and wondered if there was any way an 'external' ATF radiator could be fitted and totally eliminate this potential cross contamination problem. paul m.
  6. Oh, one negative might be that you probably got more rear seat legroom in you 500 than you'll have in a 250!
  7. The SE-L trim is easily identifiable as it is the only model to have the high lacquer wood ( and it is real wood, supplied by Yamaha-the musical company not the motorbikes!) inserts in the cabin. oh and the only one to get the electric rear sun-shade. paul m.
  8. Don't forget the only 'other' option of ACC ( Adaptive Cruise Control) and yes proper Unicorn stuff aparrently...cough cough! paul m.
  9. The IS has just passed this years MOT session with flying colours after a mahoosive 1400 miles in the past 12 months! But one thing he did comment on was the major corrosion to the alloy wheel lacquer on the inside surface of the wheels, he did say it was coming away in handfuls and if I didn't suffer from slow punctures at some point in the future then he'll be surprised and the stick on wheel balancing weights may come adrift at any time! So went straight after to a recommended wheel re-furb place not far away and had a chat. If leaving the car on site to be done then fully booked til the 15th at least or I could present wheels/tyres tomorrow for 3 day turnaround. Toyed with going with a grey colour as opposed to the OEM silver to try and mask brake pad dust but will prob stick with the silver finish. To re-furb 4 X standard alloys with silver paint ( and any minor corrections) is gonna make me £300 lighter!, £75 a corner to be back to factory conditions, why do I think that is a lot of money? Or is it not? Answers below please... paul m.
  10. So I guess the beeper is in the boot as well, as this would make installing this basic system real easy as I imagine it gets it power from the reversing lights ) when activated) paul m
  11. Yes, that'll be the 'Valet' button, caught me out once, only once though! But...Going to the Tip in an RCF, Really?, Nooooooo! paul m.
  12. If any fuse supplying this circuit has indeed blown then it is likely that something else will now not be working also, as there are very few (low powered) circuits that have their own dedicated fuse. Have you read your owners manual if your car if different from manual posted above.
  13. Satellite switch details ( but ignore TPMS-Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, US only) and note Park Assist can only be adjusted with IGN-ON.
  14. Is your park assist actually turned ON? Should have a green icon in right side of dash if it is.