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  1. £45 for a pos! Probably much worst than the one you are taking off in actual fact!
  2. 'Virtual non runner'... It gets worst! Now that could be expensive if it ain't running sweet. Let alone the cosmetics! waiting in the wings......
  3. Wow, though I was in a BMW forum there for a moment....,
  4. Funny you should mention rodents as I went to view a car the other day for my son and upon opening the bonnet it was a no-goer! The rest of the car was sweet but there was no way I was gonna chance finding any immediate unseen damage that may have been done by Mickey and his friends to for example the wiring loom,hoses or anything else that tastes real good in the mouse world! paul m.
  5. Not getting confused with another car perhaps? My ford shows a mini speedo Icon.
  6. “”To reset the windows open them about halfway then close holding the switch in the closed position for about 5 seconds. That's all there is to it” Note: you must do this with the switch on each door in turn as you cannot do it from the drivers switch panel ( indeed the 3 ‘passenger window switches won’t actually work on the drivers panel until you have done this reset procedure) paul m
  7. That previous post was over 8 years ago! I suspect he ain't got the 220D anymore ( got fed up riding in an AA recovery truck I guess) the Lexus Diesel engine variants have a infamous history of being very un-Lexus like in their reliability department! paul m.
  8. But we all know how to spot a SE-L from afar...,only model to have wood ( and it is real wood!) panel inserts in the passenger cabin. paul m
  9. Just read this thread on the US LOC site, https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-2nd-gen-2006-2013/930111-2nd-airbag-recall.html
  10. LED’s ( cheaper ones at least) can be quite troublesome, and the fact that automotive circuitry can be non-conventional shall we say doesn’t help! For example a lot of circuits on vehicles do not ‘switch’ the ‘live’ conductor going to the load ( as in most electrical circuitry) but in order to save on cable the return is in fact the metallic structure of the vehicle, so this means the load is constantly powered. Recently had some problem with household LED’s in a timer controlled outside light fitting whereby the light never actually went completely off! Turns out the timer ( which included a photocell) had a minimum load spec and this was the problem. I have fitted LED’s throughout the interior of my 250 and all seems to function ok! paul m
  11. Not saying it's your problem, but I recall reading that a faulty fuel tank filler cap can actually bring on an EML , by faulty, this could simple be the rubber sealing ring has failed/perished and the cap is no longer 'airtight'. Maybe Simple enough to check hopefully. paul m.
  12. I bought my wife a new Peugeot 207 back in 2007 and it was supplied with a service book with service intervals of 12mths/10,000 miles but all the sales brochures and sales bumph stated ' 2 year (20k) Servicing intervals! So when I questioned this I said have they changed something on the car to warrant the change from 20k down to 10 k but the answer was that the Dealers were loosing out on the longer service intervals and it was better for the longevity of your car! Point 2 I agree with but point one is incredulous! Note if the oil filter gets so clogged up it restricts the flow of oil through it then there is a spring loaded by-pass route that will allow the (now unfiltered) oil to continue to flow, not ideal but better than no flow at all! paul m.