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  1. TechStream is the software that interfaces with the Lexus OBD socket. Check this whopper of a thread https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/112998-system-too-lean-error-codes/ it has some screenshots of TechStream in use. like mentioned here https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/115464-techstream/ you should only used genuine licensed versions!!! I haven't used mine for a while but do recall an AC ECU Tab but to what level it interogates I do not know. paul m.
  2. Not sure but does 'TechStream' let you 'see' what's going on with the AC system? paul m.
  3. Texas

    Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Iirc then new bolts will have a trace of thread locking compound applied and technically the manual states these bolts are one time use, so if using 'again' then thread locking compound is highly recommended. These bolts are sometimes supplied when you buy quality pads and yes correct torque also ( don't know what that would be to quote right now) Paul m.
  4. Very nice, and the technic-nerd in me just can't imagine what the wiring loom for this car must look like with all the controls that Are installed! Must be awesome ( and that's an English Awesome, not an American Awesome which means mmmmm 'mazin ) probably enough copper to wire 5 family saloons back in the day! cheers Paul m.
  5. Texas

    Any major 2AD-FTV engine issues?

    The IS 250 (petrol) is available with a manual (6-speed) gearbox, but it is not the sought after option as the VED or road tax is eye watering compared to the auto ( £315 for auto & £540 for manual !) and let's face it if you are gonna drive a Lexus then the auto is the preferred choice. I didn't want to jump in and reply to your first post with ' got the love of god Do Not get a Diesel Lexus IS ' but I think you may be getting the drift that it is not the best! like I said above I feel that car manufactures were cohearsed into producing diesel variants and Lexus should not have went there! paul m.
  6. Not sure but the pre-face lift IS250 does not fold upon locking like the post 2009. But it can be retro fitted with an after market module so that the door mirrors will indeed fold in when the car is ( including using the remote) locked, on 1st stage or double locked. The said module is a PO-40 and I fitted mine ( after a slight hiccup!) in a couple of hours. Hiccup was the mirrors folded in only on double locking the car ( something I don't always do, naughty boy) and I wanted them to fold in when car was locked as a visual indicator from afar. Not sure but could yours be enabled via preferences in the user menu or is it not available for your model year? paul m.
  7. Texas

    Any major 2AD-FTV engine issues?

    Any particular reason you are drawn to the Derv over the petrol version, mpg in the diesel is not going to be fantastic if you are in greater London and yes both engines you mention suffer from EGR issues and 5th injector problems. Really need to search around here and do some reading and weigh up the petrol over the derv, buying a car in a rush may be regretful to say the least. for me personally I feel diesel has had its day in 'small' vehicle use, pushed back in the day by a glut of diesel and government subsides manufactures were thrown in and the d on the back of a Lexus was the worst thing they ever produced. now Volvo have succumbed among others, https://www.carthrottle.com/post/volvo-has-finally-confirmed-the-end-of-its-diesel-engines/
  8. Texas

    VVT rattle on start

    Quite a few 'How to" vid's on Utoob, mostly from 'Merica so watch a couple and you'll get the general idea, highly recommend getting the correct filter housing removal tool if you are gonna be doing it regularly as bodging it with chain wrenches or water pump pliers will damage the ally housing eventually. paul m.
  9. It says 'Last One' people........skates on.... Paul m.
  10. Texas

    VSC / PS / ABS

    Ok........but please come back and report your findings and solution to this problem so that it may help others in the future. paul m.
  11. Texas

    VSC / PS / ABS

    Is the battery in a good state of charge? Windows needing resetting indicates that voltage was lost or too low for auto window system Also if power was lost to power steering system ( Electric ) then steering will revert to no assistance. paul m.
  12. Texas

    Mylexus Online Portal

    You say "everything is hidden in menus" does this mean you have found the service history somewhere? paul m.
  13. Texas

    Mylexus Online Portal

  14. a couple of posts up the OP put this "" A specialist (Mr Exhaust in Reigate) has confirmed that the exhaust is fitted correctly and this is a manufacturing issue. It will need modification to make it straight. I've been quoted circa £250 to do this and it will come with a 2 year guarantee. ""
  15. I have recieved a reply from this seller as I contacted them with a view to needing an exhaust sometime in the future for my 11 year old 250. I directed them to the pics posted above and asked about the alignment issue, they say they are made in a 'jig' so either the 'jig' has gone 'out' or it is operator error, but the blame is going to Postman Pat! Quote.. I have the listing open so that people can see all the feedback (good or bad). The exhausts are made in a jig so that everything is correct However due to the size and design it is possible for a knock to put the system out of line slightly and once in the hands of the couriers I have to trust that they will treat them well. If there is a problem with the fit a replacement exhaust once the bad one has been returned. Kind regards