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  1. Agreed it is in fact quite noticable and needs to be 'turned down' after a long while, I have read that if used constantly then the fan blades can get covered in crap and reduce efficiency, just like the fans on desk top computers! Yuk. good, easy mod to try without any actual intervention into the car's operating systems. Well worth a try but it may be a placebo effect if you do it yourself! paul m.
  2. Texas

    IS250 wanted please

    👍All the best with your new ride😀
  3. Aaahhhhh I see, As this was in the 'Gen 2' IS250 section I didn't think it would be anything like that. If you have the same style interior as shown above ( minus the clock!) then I would say that there is a very high chance that it will be a straight swap, fixings will be the same and you could possibly find the permanent power supply plug in yours tucked away somewhere nearby if you had a look, manufactures do not like ( increased costs) having too many variations in components in the build stage and the fixings and wiring loom is highly likely to be the same for all trim models. paul m.
  4. Texas

    IS250 wanted please

    Agreed the 200 is not a 220 and does not have such a chequered history in the reliability dept but unless you do 'enough' miles it may not be any more economical to run.
  5. That is the ECU for the Electrically Operated Power Steering, not something you want to damage ££££££‘s I would think!
  6. Is this even after it has got upto normal operating temp? If so it could be an un-metered Air leak, as in a leak after the air flow sensor and the ecu can’t control it. Spraying some volatile spray ( ie EasyStart) around any suspect hoses/connections while the engine is running may indicate the location as The revs will increase when the spray gets entrained. Obs do this at your own risk!
  7. A little bit of reading to go on with...👍 And some info for when you go 'Shopping', I printed these out and took them with me!
  8. Texas

    IS250 wanted please

    Just had a look at that link you posted for the £4K SE-L and it was looking good, mileage,options,colour............But then I spotted it.....a handbrake lever.........which means........Manual gearbox! Unless you are dead set on getting a manual gearbox then I along with others on here highly reccomend getting the automatic version, couple of reasons, firstly the RFL or car tax on a manual box IS250 is horrendous compared to the auto that has exactly the same size/power engine, ( have you checked the cost, I think it's £565 for the Manual and £305 for the Auto?) and after all said and done it's a Lexus and I for one want some sort of smoothness when driving and to be 'stirring' gears is gonna take the edge off of that. I highly reccomend you drive both before committing. Paul m.
  9. Texas

    IS250 wanted please

    You will find something to your liking I'm sure as you are prepared to travel afar, At least this current situation has prevented you from owning prob the worst car ever to wear the L badge. You could very well end up with a proper result/bargain due to it. Leather is prob more common than cloth in actual fact for the interior and call me bias but I reckon that black is the 1st choice as it ages well and is easier to maintain ( prob just doesn't show the dirt so easily in all honesty). note: the ML audio only comes with the MultiMedia system option that will include sat nav/AC controls/phone connectivity/service info/voice control & DVD video play back. For model years/specs check this here. https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/lexus/is-2005/ paul m.
  10. Have you checked the US Owners site? As there are a lot more VLine installs over there and in particular the ISF section ( basically same car! - electrically anyway) note, I have seen this prob on a YooToob vid ( off to find link)
  11. Won’t even bother clicking on it then and giving him another hit/cent!
  12. Check out “LeatherAssist” I got some black leather restorer balm ( recommended by someone on here) for my sons 335i seats and I was well impressed, it was black though which I think is a bit more robust and forgiving in vehicles but they might have something you can use. paul m.
  13. No it ain’t ‘Foolproof’, When I first installed mine I managed to end up with no functioning VLine and the Hazard lights on the car were going constantly! The fault was that there is a VLine connection that I fitted into an OEM connector on the rear of the unit (about half way up on the side) but it should have gone in a socket at the very bottom of the unit, what threw me was that when fitting the VLine ( according to instructions) you should remove an OEM plug-plug in a VLine plug and then the OEM plug you removed should go into a VLine Socket, but on this bottom connection there was not an OEM plug in there so the VLine socket does not get anything! Also by chance ( bad design by grom ) the plug used actually fits into this wrong connection! What I would do (did) is to remove everything and get it back to original and working correctly ( electrically, Don’t have to reinstall all dash/trim) And then install again completely from the start. paul m.