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  1. I think it would come into it's own when you have to pinpoint places that are not so straightforward as addresses. I usually work on location and some of these can be miles from the nearest Royal Mail Postcode, forest's,beaches etc and railway sidings miles from the nearest letterbox (postcodes pertain to letterboxes) Paul m.
  2. If you did use an insurance searching website then don't forget the likes of DirectLine etc that don't appear on any website searchers. paul m.
  3. No, according to schedule it will be 144 months (12 years) or 120,000 miles, if they were indeed previously done at 72 Months/60,000 Miles. Paul m. Note: Engine coolant change at 120 Months/100,000 Miles but thereafter it is every 60 Months/50,000 Miles.
  4. This.. Note: brake fluid change is every 36 Months (30,000 Miles) . Spark plug change is every 72 Months (60,000 Miles)
  5. +1 on working back from the insurance price as you have not got any driving history it may be a shocker. but regards an IS250 well as a first car you are gonna be spoilt and if you do some homework it shouldn't be a money pit as 10years/100k sometimes does not even show on a Lexus. best of luck and good choice for a first car, wow! paul m.
  6. Can't reccomend a brand other than the OEM Denso, you may be able to get yours refurbished if it has just suffered rectifier failure for example. with regard to any 're-setting' then you will prob only need to disconnect battery for say 15 minutes to do a soft reset of ECU to clear any errors thrown by voltage fluctuations, But you really should disconnect battery anyway When fitting an Altenator so this will be achieved. You will have to 'reset' your electric Windows after battery removal ( and moonroof if fitted) but audio equipment does not require any codes. Also give your battery a good long trickle charge as it would have been deeply discharged when you were using car with nothing going back into it and also to give your new Altenator a nice easy ride when first used. paul m.
  7. Texas

    Jump Starting

    I have been looking at these and some of the reviews point to poor quality control and some units being DOA! Have you used yours in anger and did it arrive 100% fully charged? As most of the 'faulty' ones apparently turn up with less than 100% state of charge ( not a good sign ) and then even after charging the units for a long while they fail to reach 100% or if they do display 100% when actually used to do the buisness they fail! If you have had occasion to use it and it worked then You may have been lucky and got a good 'un but I am not willing to take a chance as it seems it may also be a problem returning a faulty unit as couriers don't like lithium batteries! Especially faulty ones!! paul m.
  8. What's not to like. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/the-only-lexus-gs-f-for-sale-right-now-is-rarer-than-many-supercars/ paul m.
  9. ""unfortunately i have no tools and am pretty useless when it comes to car DIY 😓"" That's the sort of thing you don't wanna be saying within earshot of the garage that could interpret into £££££'s therefore you are sort of at the mercy of what the garage says you need, when if fact there maybe ( cheaper for you/harder for them) options. paul m.
  10. Vented Discs are 18mm thick & solid are 10mm thick, and consequently there are two different size calipers to allow for this, so you should be able to tell, like mentioned above, by looking through your rear wheels. I would question your 'independent' and ask are they able to be removed and clean/refurbished? They like Lexus might just wanna play with new parts for an easy life, instead of putting in some old fashioned time and effort. The squealing could be the result of a stuck caliper slide pin(s) which is a known weak point on the 250 for some reason, and this does not allow the pads to fall away from the disc after a breaking event and you get the squealing. paul m.
  11. Yes it will, for a while, until it clogs again and it will! Only save and grace will be that you can clean one at your leisure while using the other on the car. From my college days I remember a lecturer stating that Diesel engines were idea for heavy loads ie heavy plant/machinery( not a car), long run durations (hours/days/weeks) ie Ships/generators ( not exactly cars) and were most efficient when under a constant load, again not in a 'small' car. So when not used under these ideal conditions problems are going to occur and any ancillary equipment to reduce the levels of solids in the emissions is going to need maintainance at some level no matter what Gucci type of 'Re-Gen' system you employ. Paul m.
  12. Teeth all good, gotta pick them up in a couple of weeks! paul m.
  13. Texas

    battery fine, not starting

    Did you have any 'incidents' when taking out or putting the battery back in? apparently there is a meaty main fusible link in the main fuse box that don't take to kind to untoward events! prob need a multimeter to check all fuses as visually they can sometime 'look' ok buy are indeed failed. could you have not connected the main cable to starter/solinoid paul m
  14. True, but I was just parking there, not property hunting!!! paul m
  15. Sure is free, always has been for as long as I've been Driving (1982 !) Yes the latter. But only been like this for a year or two. Paul m.