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  1. Prepare to go and have words! It may be titled ' 10 Year / 140,000 Mile Warranty ' but this is the point at which you must have Started the Warranty by, see paragraph 1.1 (f) in document. Check warranty conditions posted in a link in this thread
  2. Al those items are really 'wear 'n tear' items but it's a shame they all cropped up at the same time, the cam belt is ( according to a sticker!) 10 years old so is at the end of its service life regardless of miles done. As stated nothing there to indicate the actual demise of the overall car if you keep on top of it. best of luck and nurse the 'old girl through! paul m.
  3. "it's a shame it cannot be renewed any further!" Are you thinking as the car is over 10 years old you cannot have the warranty? As far as I understand it, you have to start the Lexus warranty before the 10th year from 1st registration ( also less than 100k miles & full Lexus history or an 'acceptance' inspection is required) but when started it can be renewed past the 10 year mark so as you currently have it you should be able to continue it. paul m.
  4. Looks like it was done according to Bill. OS Brake Pike £67.39 NS Brake Pipe £75.36 paul m.
  5. All noted, thanks, will endeavour to install Netflix soon as! paul m
  6. That's encouraging! Gonna have to go out and attempt to install it again, But gotta ask Lee, what version of android do you have in use the 5.1 or 8.1? Just worked out you must still be using the 5.1 as you have asked to 'borrow' Billy's 8.1 SD card! I might be cheeky and ask the same but as the saying goes 'if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it' might mean I leave it a while? paul m.
  7. What happens if you drive a couple of miles away and try locking/unlocking it there? paul m.
  8. Hope the 'upgrade' to 8.1 goes swimmingly and you don't get any problems ( fingers crossed knowing all things Grom! ) Question? Is there going to be anything remarkable with having 8.1 installed? Just after I installed my VL2 I tried loading the Netflix app but it was not compatable, do you know if it will be with 8.1 installed? cheers Paul m.
  9. Firstly are all doors/bonnet/boot & fuel flap fully closed? Then the next no cost option I would perform would be an ECU reset ( dis-connect battery negative ( - ) terminal for approx 10 mins) Electric Windows will (may) need re syncing after, as per owners manual. paul m.
  10. Think you may need to take out a second mortgage if you got ACC though! As the millimetre microwave radar unit for the ACC is housed in the Lexus badge on the front grill. If you have got ACC then hopefully if is not damaged but I guess you would have had a EML thrown up already. paul m.
  11. Wow, that is some result, after they first tried to bat you off with the service technicality! paul m.
  12. Nice one.. Seriously tempted here. paul m.
  13. Was reading this https://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-2nd-gen-2006-2013/748605-2007-options-color-codes-etc.html recently and I know it is from US owners site and prob doesn't apply to EU spec cars but some things may be common to both! paul m.