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  1. Where else would you get a reply to a 3+ year old post! ( certainly not on a BMW forum 😂😂😂😂) happy days 😃
  2. I rather it over read by a bit as opposed to being bang on also!
  3. Do you not? how so? Forgive me if I'm wrong but it is usually this piece that goes 'missing', Do you think OP is looking for something different?
  4. Have you tried Lexuspartsdirect ? I just did and found this for £12.11 (+ £5.99 p+p 😩) And it states it comes colour coded to your vehicle so no painting required! ( done via the reg No you supply on the order form!) https://www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-is/lexus-is-phase-ii-2006-2013/lexus-is-2-exterior-interior/lexus-is-phase-2-o-s-door-lock-cover/
  5. +1 on SGS, sorted my guillotine of a boot lid! But for some reason SGS refer to the IS250 as a IS300!
  6. Well....goes to show you shouldn’t believe everything you see on ‘tin-ter-net’ !
  7. Like I have said before, a workshop can have the latest Gucci electronic diagnostic super duper kit but unless anyone there knows how to Really use and interpret the findings then it ain’t much use to you the paying customer with an elusive problem! But you will prob be paying for it ( the latest equipment available!) in the bill!
  8. The internals on that engine are stupidly clean!, I would love to know what ( exactly ) oil as been used in it for it to look like that....looks like some sort of Unicorn Urine or Pixie Tears To look that good😂
  9. Need to get it up on a ramp and have a good look underneath it. “Up hill and from stationary” points to when it is under load but “only when hot points” to something expanding and being where it shouldn’t be! Bit of a weird one at the moment!
  10. Tesla may be at the forefront in the technology stakes but the build quality of their cars Hmmm! I have heard tales of the car ( interior trim wise ) falling apart around you! And that is where you ( and any passengers you are likely to influence ) are gonna be dwelling, not under the bonnet/hood and lots of other little niggles not necessarily drive train related!
  11. The Lexus ACC will work in heavy rain but as soon as your wipers go into high speed ( either via the rain sensor or you switch to high speed via the stalk) the ACC wil drop out! The wipers might go into high speed for a split second via the rain sensor and the ACC will drop out even though you didn’t see the wipers go fast!
  12. Do you have Two key fobs for it? It's normally a tell tell that a car has been through an Auction that they only come out with One Key for some reason! Could be expensive/tricky getting another one if required ( Dealer only IIRC!)
  13. Best of luck with your SE-L as I reckon it’s the best car I’ve ever had! Also check around the coolant pump for signs of coolant escaping ( pink crust on engine) I know it’s only done 30k but it is coming up for 14-15 years old and the pumps do tend to need attention at around 80-100k but not sure age wise, not a total loss as the pump/gasket ( genuine) can be got for around £100 and not a intricate job, just be sure to use SLLC genuine Toyota coolant on the re-build.