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  1. Best of luck ( not that you'll needs it's!) with your new wheels, just as a point I do not use the foot handbrake when my car is parked on level ground, just the P option, shoot me down and explain the disastrous consequences that I may encounter.
  2. Well, there you have it, a mixed bag of do & don’t get the Diesel! what ever you go for please keep posting your experiences ( hopefully not All in the ‘Engine & Transmission’ section! ) 🤞!
  3. Note; As mentioned above the SE-L model spec has indeed the highest level of equipment and there were only a couple of options available ( ie, ACC, Moonroof and multi-media ICE) the SE-L is easily identified by its wood ( and it is real wood, highly laquered and polished supplied by Yamaha, The musical instrument makers!) inserts in the passenger compartment and by the rear electrically operated sun shade ( not even the ISF had one of those!)
  4. Don’t know anything about the car, but I did go to this dealer to look at a ‘Immaculate’ 250 SE-L but Had to walk away pretty soon as their version of ‘immaculate’ was let’s say not the same as mine!. Didn’t even look inside when I found the front bumper was loose!
  5. Well you will find out how good they actually are then when you go back. I see it going two ways, 1, they have got it professionally repaired (£££’s) and you are well pleased.🤞 2. they say that they tried ( weather they did or not you won’t know!) and that what you see is the best they can do....hoping that it won’t kill the sale as you have paid a deposit!!!
  6. If you intend keeping the car for a long while then I would definitely say so, you only have to look in the ‘Engine & Transmission’ section to see the very high disproportionate number of DERV problems compared to the Petrol ( which I think sold in higher numbers anyway). Also bear in mind that when ( hopefully not) you Get problems you may struggle to find a competent mechanic to fix it, even Lexus dealerships struggle sometimes...
  7. Guys, Granny sucking eggs and all that but please check and double check the terminal configuration before connecting up a new battery to your pride and joy, as can be seen from above some retailers do not supply the correct battery ( terminals in wrong posistion) for your car and if you inadvertently connect it up with terminals at the back ( where they should be so as not to stretch them to the front edge of the battery! ) then you will end up in a world of pain with blown main bus bars and fuseable links = £££'s.
  8. Wow, if it is (was) the car owned by ‘Tango ‘ then I had the pleasure to meet him a few years ago when I bought some IS bits from him and stood next to this ISF in his garage with great envy! Just had a good look at the AD pics and sad to say I’m 99.9% sure that is/was the garage that I met ‘Tango’ in.☹️
  9. Tell the dealer if they want to ‘guess Fix it’ by throwing parts at it then they will have to pay for the parts until they actually Do find which part is faulty then you will pay for that part. Think that’s why they are called ‘fitters’ now and not mechanics as they only know how to ‘fit’ parts, but the smart bit is knowing which part to actually fit!
  10. Diesel engines are best suited for heavy loads (Trucks & Trains!), constant revs ( Generators & Pumps) extended durations ( Ships and Boats) Not really suited for a small vehicle doing a school run/shopping and with Stop/start attached!!! You will get problems and they should not really be a surprise, I blame the gov/manufacturers as not really fit for purpose and sold to ‘wrong’ end users.
  11. +1 on above! the statement that comes to mind is "You'll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands!" Not that I intend dying any time soon but I have no intention of actually selling my IS, if fact in all of my motoring years I have never in fact sold any of my previous cars! I have always used my cars right up to their dying days ( either total loss on insurance or scrapped due to MOT points out weighting value!) Even though I am looking to get an ISF I prob won't let the IS go as up til now it has been the best car I have ever owned and got to say it sits on the drive a lot more than 4 days a week, criminal I know!