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  1. Hi Ben, welcome to the fold, firstly prob not a good idea to have your email as a user name ( never know what it may get used for!). As for your window problem, I am not au fait with the SC430, but have you done a window 're-set' as per the owners manual? Paul m.
  2. Please do some 'homework' on this before taking the plunge, +1 on going for the 250 instead and save yourself from the headaches that are commonplace on this forum regarding the 220D. Paul m.
  3. I I'd say so.....nearly 7 years, I reckon he's moved on or not had any other faults since and forgot to update! paul m.
  4. Can I ask what Lexus Dealers it was that carried out this work? ( as your location is showing as Non-UK) Because it is Nice to see that the problem was attacked in a logical and thorough manner, without just throwing parts at it. You could quite easily have been charged for Air Filter Element & MAF Sensor replacement for example, And as the car is now running as it should you probably would have swallowed the additional costs. paul m.
  5. Texas


    If there is some kind of entrapment detection system ( and I would expect so! ) for the convertible mechanism then There might be a 're-setting' procedure, even if you have not needed to use it in the past. paul m.
  6. With your driving pattern it's probably trying to do a regen when you get onto the open road, but as your journeys are very short it is not completing the regen and you might find it goes into limp mode ( with EML's) at some point because it has failed to achieve it too many times., one thing I would do ( but there again I would never have a diesel!) is to take it on a good run ( constant throttle) for at least An hour and see if that makes a difference. plenty of posts on this forum containing same problem..... Important Note: Please check your engine oil level ( via dipstick) to ensure that the level has not Increased as a side effect of failed regens can be diluted engine oil. Paul m.
  7. Texas


    After a battery dis-connect on Lexus the full function of the electric windows and moon(sun)roof will not be available until a 'resetting' is carried out. This procedure should be in the owners manual and is pretty straight forward. Depending on your model Windows will be something like operate each window with its own switch from approx half open and close keeping switch held down for 2 seconds after fully closed. Owners manual will explain the exact procedure for you car. paul m.
  8. Happy days! Glad you got a ( inexpensive ) result! I love it when you end up with the same outcome but your wallet is not battered! Cheers Paul M.
  9. Ask someone to view the rear brake lights and see if the 'click' occurs at the same time as the rear brake lights operating, as it may simply be the electrical switch defective/mis-aligned. paul m.
  10. +1 on DIY, having retro fitted CC on the Mondeo then seriously this is a walk in the park if you know how to hold a screwdriver! paul m.
  11. If you are happy to pay that amount to get this function then there you go! gotta say that price would irk me for the amount of work involved and the technical ability required but hey you'll get coffee and biccy's at the Lexus stealers. paul m.
  12. I would ( and did) get amongst it and retro fitted CC that was very much more involved than this method, But, and a big but is if you are not confident on working with your cars critical components, then I advocate getting someone 'qualified' to do it. But yes read this thread from the top again to gleen more info. paul m.
  13. Dunno about the Lexus, but on the Mondeo the Brake pedal had to have an extra switch fitted to disable the CC, this was achieved by splicing into the loom, but you may/may not have to do this. Read this thread from the start and it makes no mention of anything to do with break pedal, check parts list posted at post 4 or 5 and check this link out also. https://www.ct200hforum.com/forum/lexus-ct200h-general-discussion-forum/118233-cruise-control-installation-imgs.html paul m.