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  1. Looking at the mileage, it may be my old car, which doesn’t have a sunroof.
  2. You know it makes sense to get one, they are addictive for a reason...
  3. Watched that a last night, he doesn't like the gearbox ratios much, which I get if you want to be in a hurry, but other than that, quite complimentary.. It's actually a pretty balanced review, I think. He's probably right about the TVD not being predictable when the car is at it's limits, but as I'm never going to Track mine, so far the TVD seems to control the back end better than the mechanical LSD did on my ISF, so I'm happy with that...
  4. there was a guy in France who had this issue as a result of accidental damage that occurred during some suspension work. I don't think the mechanic realised there was an internal pipe when he caused the damage so the car was started and run, resulting eventually in a replacement box being sourced for him, by BigRat I believe, from a crashed vehicle that was parted out in the UK. I'm not aware of any other cases.
  5. Reminds me of a very similar feature on a Corrado I once owned, the rear spoiler, significantly thinner/narrower than on the RCF, lifted up at just the right speed to to inform the world that the vehicle was rapidly approaching the speed limit. Didn't do much else though apart from look interesting.
  6. I have to admit, I really don't like the looks of that rear wing... It seems like it's neither one thing or another. Lost the subtlety of the original but not big enough to make a real difference to rear downforce on the track. It's like Lexus really wanted to make an Evo version and then lost their nerve.
  7. Interesting, more of a little mouse squeak from my brakes under light braking only, but it’s definitely there. Unlike my isf where the brakes were always quiet. I’m waiting to see if goes away or becomes worse now it’s being driven daily.
  8. Unfortunately whilst I do have a nice new shiny RCF, I also can't do the 28th, my wife has decided we have a prior engagement that day. The following weekend looks interesting so I may research that..
  9. I can definitely say that the parking system does not use the radar sensor on an ISF and on an RCF, up to an including 2015...
  10. I expect Sytner will be pushing my old 100k FLSH example out via the trade at some point soon... Apparently it's too leggy for them to do themselves.
  11. Do they Do they have a tea shop?? And if so, does it serve bacon butties in the morning??
  12. Regassed and working... Happy times, trip to the Morgan factory tomorrow for a contrast between old and new.
  13. And driving into work this morning, the RC reminded me of all the reasons why the IS put a smile on my face every time I got into it, only more so. It really does make it worthwhile getting up in the morning. Just love the car....