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  1. Just need to price marmite sandwiches for the chauffeur into the running costs..
  2. No, I've seen several white carbons and one orange RCF, but not a silver one. However judging by various pics I've seen, silver is at the top of my list. Of course the camera never lies, does it?
  3. Sorry, I agree on the silver/carbon combo. Definitely miles better than looking like an undressed jaffa cake.
  4. What an excellent trip...
  5. Some wonderful pics, looks like it was a great day, perfect weather for it as well....
  6. Apart from the 1st piccie of course...
  7. Interesting how the camera is subtly angled so you almost can't see the black roof or bonnet?
  8. interesting, I had a loan RCF for a day in 2016 and the brakes were completely quiet. Though I certainly wasn't hooning it around. It was the sales director's car at the time
  9. smoking flinstones.... I thought I'd had too much coffee
  10. I can honestly say I've never heard a squeak out of mine, stock pads for over 80k miles, maybe i'm going deaf in my old age.. However, when I used to do a lot of work on old cars, I always used a little bit of copper slip on the back or the pad and/or shims, worked a treat. Trick I picked up from my dad who swore by it.
  11. Yes, but the NSX is a Honda. May be a hybrid hypercar however it's obviously closely related to my wife's Jazz and therefore has to be considered inferior.... Wanders off wondering what was in that coffee I just drank....
  12. Dammit, @Stuno1 stop talking them up, I don't want the rest of the world to catch on until I can afford to upgrade my ISF. I'm obviously not jealous of @Tom @Flytvr @Big Rat and the others, you understand.... At all.... Much....
  13. Likewise, for some reason, "Lets go to a hill climb for our anniversary celebration" didn't seem to go down very well...