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  1. thanks, I will take a look
  2. What, if any, holders/cradles for an iPhone would anyone recommend? Looking for a new one, given up on last one as its just not very good.
  3. JonP

    2020 RCF

    Dear santa, what I want for Christmas is .....
  4. Indeed, the colour is amazing.
  5. JonP

    possible purchase

    Lexus will definitely need to see the car before they will commit to an extended warranty and I believe they require a FSH.
  6. Hi and welcome, that sounds like a great set of cars. I almost owned a gordon keeble at one time but ended up with a couple of scimitars instead, so I can definitely see the attraction. What motor is in the GK?
  7. I ran Michelin pilot alpines for several years, was very pleased with them.
  8. And a massive WOW for that!! Does is sound as good as it looks?
  9. Driving every time. Mine is my daily driver and is clocking up the miles home and abroad. Goes all over the UK quite regularly tho I've not been north of Glasgow for a while. Last few foreign trips were to Germany, mainly Berlin.
  10. Are you connecting your phone via a USB cable? Works a treat with my iPhone.
  11. JonP

    My 2nd RCF!!?

    Did you try a bit too hard when you cleaned it??