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  1. Don’t know about the legality but that exhaust is certainly epic!!
  2. Is it just the earlier cars that have this issue? My 2011 ISF still shows even tyre wear and I do a decent mileage so it's not sitting in it's hanger....
  3. JonP

    FULL 100

    includes changing the engine oil, diff oil, engine coolant, cabin air filter but not the spark plugs.
  4. I drove the LC500 for a few laps a goodwood recently, I understand the attraction totally. Very nice place to be and, within the bounds of my own driving ability, was a lot of fun on the track. Though I think it is more a very nice GT car than anything else. I see there is a lot of choice on the Lexus website at the moment as well, suggests there might be a bit of a deal to be had?? The only thing that puts me off would be using it as a daily driver. It would be living in various hotel car parks and the fact the IS-F is relatively anonymous is an advantage there... As well as being a bit smaller.. But yes, I can see why you might be seduced into one.
  5. Hi Nick, The ML definitely bass lite compared to other systems IMO, however I would say that where it scores is clarity and balance. Depends on what you want to listen to, but for me it's a very musical system, certainly the best I've had in any car. Though I have to admit that when I want to turn up some AC/DC it seems to lack a bit of that visceral thump. And I do like the plate......
  6. unfortunately I have to work tomorrow.... Have fun and pics please!!
  7. Sounds like pent up demand for decent F cars....
  8. I agree. Prefer a bit more subtlety.
  9. JonP

    LC-F spotted

    Damn but that's looking nice....
  10. Hoping to attend.....
  11. And now I'm jealous, though I was very happy with pedalling an LC around the track
  12. Invite was through the GRRC
  13. Yes, a Lexus track event at Goodwood. There was a lexus instructor in the passenger seat for each car as well for some reason....... Everyone got a couple of hot laps with the senior instructor driving at max at the end of the session. Front nearside tyre failed part way through my run with him, which added excitement...
  14. Courtesy of the wife, hopefully it uploads/plays 5b48e89f-d3fb-4a0c-a99d-2bed8afcda79.m4v
  15. Very tempting..... The Gazoo racing version looks a bit understated, think they could have tried a bit harder 🙂