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  1. As others have sad, timing is all...
  2. Driving every time. Mine is my daily driver and is clocking up the miles home and abroad. Goes all over the UK quite regularly tho I've not been north of Glasgow for a while. Last few foreign trips were to Germany, mainly Berlin.
  3. Ah, sorry about that.
  4. Are you connecting your phone via a USB cable? Works a treat with my iPhone.
  5. JonP

    My 2nd RCF!!?

    Did you try a bit too hard when you cleaned it??
  6. I bought my IS-F from Lexus Derby some years ago, best dealer I've ever dealt with. I can only assume that the dealer principle imbues a great customer service ethic throughout the whole operation.
  7. It's a bit early for me, however when my extended warranty runs out next year I'd be interested.......
  8. And it is being oriented towards tuners - though with an engine swap????
  9. Hmm, everyone seems to hate it. I guess that means in a years time I can pick up a bargain 😀
  10. I don’t know if it’s the car or the photographer or both, but that looks blinking magnificent. Actually I do, great car and a great eye. Distinct jealousy.
  11. I liked the whole package, however my wife has previously remarked that blue is my fav colour..
  12. I saw one alongside a similarly styled LC not so long ago. Must admit to rather liking the paintwork/styling. Not too overdone but definitely different.
  13. Where do you buy your tyres from????