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  1. Dab at that time was a dealer fit option. Had the same in my 11 ISF.
  2. Sounds like very good news all round. Must be a bit of a relief...
  3. That does look nice. When are you thinking about?
  4. That's interesting to note. I may well check mine, though I've not noticed any damp in the boot...
  5. not sure yet, still doing some research, but it's more expensive than film...
  6. Flytvr had the bonnet and roof on my carbon done with Ngenco. Must admit I'm quite impressed with it, though it has picked up one stone chip on the bonnet. As it's a daily driver for me and does highish miles, I'm considering getting the whole car done before it picks up too many chips and car park scratches, that was a bit of an issue with the softish paint on my ISF.. Wondering if anyone else has gone down this route? Any thoughts anyone?
  7. So everyone, and I mean everyone, has been telling me...
  8. I used to do that sort of thing myself, however as I'm currently in-line for a new knee, DIY brake repairs is way down my list of things to do....
  9. Mine is a standard Carbon edition - no sunroof. That said, given the number of 06:00 starts I do, I'm sticking with the standard exhaust. Otherwise I might be rather unpopular with the neighbours....
  10. supply and fit front pads and discs - 800
  11. Actually yes, decent discount from the dealer...