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  1. Does that mean the RCF will get 4WD and a whole heap more beans?
  2. First time wife has been there. It’s a nice place....
  3. Didn’t notice what you were in....
  4. Yep, that was the wife and I.....
  5. Well, 'F' cars are obsolete anyway these days, given that after 2022 everything is going to have to have a speed limiter and a black box in it. I'm off to swap mine for a Prius..
  6. I think we obviously need to re-title this thread to the Big Rat appreciation society..... Glad you are getting back into circulation Paul....
  7. I believe you can check a reference number of your satnav on the Lexus website, if it's over a certain value then you can download a map update and indeed apply it via a USB stick. It's been on my list of things to do for a looong time. One of these days 🙂
  8. Ouch, that’s not cheap. Speaking as someone who also has a 2011, I hope it’s a one off. Hopefully a clean will sort it.
  9. Likewise, if I'm not travelling, I would be up for a visit there one weekend...
  10. What, if any, holders/cradles for an iPhone would anyone recommend? Looking for a new one, given up on last one as its just not very good.