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  1. The wheels are as I got them. Was going to put winter tyres on them. The colour is close to the original, but not identical, don't know what the code is. I'll see if I can sort out a decent picture.
  2. Yes, rims only, no tyres. ISF doesn't have pressure sensors.
  3. Got a set of refurbished ISF wheels for sale if anyone's interested before I put them on a well known auction site? Open to offers....
  4. I switched from a 2011 ISF to an RCF. Very different driving experience, bigger car/bonnet etc. But the more I drive it the more epic it is.Totally at home tootling around but press on and it's epic.
  5. Funnily enough, I think the same young guy drives a white C63 near where I live.... Has a habit of flooring it on 30 mph roads and very nearly did the same thing to me, extremely silly.
  6. Actually, just out of curiosity, what triggered you to swap the F type for an RCF?
  7. Well done. Hope you get as many smiles from yours as I am getting from mine....
  8. Well, I think it comes down to horses for courses, I ran an ISF as my daily driver for about 100k and had 1 puncture in 6 years which was caused by a nail. I’m now running an RCF as my daily, we’ll see how it goes but so far so good. Hit a few potholes but no damage yet There is always the possibility of something bad happening, but I think driving a car that puts a smile on my face when I get in it and yet I know is going to work, is worth the risk...
  9. I’d guess the latter. I looked for a deal I liked on a GSF several times but ended up in an RCF because the dealers I talked to were happy that they didn’t need to discount and the cost to change was a bit too much.
  10. Love it. And the comments explain why a cross pipe in the exhaust is a good idea.....
  11. Yeah, I traded it. Needed a valet, a service and an mot when it went in. Front brakes had a bit of flutter, service would probably sort that. Otherwise, nothing significant that I noticed. Lexus need to inspect before renewing the warranty. I had one on the car but I think it had lapsed.
  12. Check if they have done the 100k service, it needed it when I traded the car in.
  13. It's definitely less hassle, in my case it was also a good deal, as the dealer offered a chunk more trade in and bigger discount than Lexus would, plus all the messages I've seen from people looking for cars cited characteristics that my car didn't have, for example sunroof, or mileage or colour etc.. So I decided there was little point in selling it privately..
  14. Slightly different meaning to the term burnout. Maybe I should ask peter for his build sheet.