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  1. Had to use my space saver this morning, first puncture since 1985!!!! Very glad it wasn't a can of foam..
  2. Chatting to the wife last night, mentioned the idea of a weekend in cheltenham, obviously as it's a pretty place for a short break.... Got a very stern look and the 'you do remember' lecture. So unfortunately it looks like I'm not going to make it unless various relatives plans to visit change. Very disappointed, also somewhat bruised.. Accordingly, there must be pics of every F car and sports car in attendance please, preferably a video on youtube of the whole event!!
  3. That excellent news. I'll probably be there Sunday, but definitely will be there one day....
  4. Isn't this down to type approval? If the vehicle was approved for sale without a spare wheel Lexus can't supply one without breaking the terms of the approval? They could get one approved when they get a model revision updated but they still wouldn't be allowed to supply one for older vehicles?
  5. having been in several taxis in Jersey, I can safely say that some cars do, in fact, go a little bit faster that 40 on occasion..
  6. I have to say that I like it as well, though I think th steering wheel would be better if it were a darker blue. Still, if the choice was that or a white or silver carbon, I'd take the anniversary....
  7. Is that good attention or bad attention??
  8. woks fine on my MacBook... Obviously the shock at seeing a video of a non F car on this forum was extreme.... Does like nice though (for a BMW)
  9. I hope you have the cnc program setup for mass production, if it works out you may be very popular....
  10. That's very shiny..
  11. +1 for V power. Better fuel economy and the car seems to like it... Purrs along according to my wife.
  12. I agree, that’s a pretty good review. I’ve only spent a few hours driving one but it seems pretty spot on as far as I can recollect.
  13. hmm, burning some rubber anyone??
  14. Pete, couple of these should sort you out....