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  1. @gdh300 HaHa good one! I thought that the two terms were mutually exclusive, but German manufacturers however disagree! Andrew
  2. @Mauler Well it's a base model! Cloth seats, not heated or cooled, manually adjusted, no parking sensors. Yep, I'm surprised that the different country models are so different in firmware, you would think that they would program it for every country and just enable / disable bits of code as required. It's probably down to legislation as to what each market requires vehicles to do. Otherwise people like us could end up fiddling with stuff and then Lexus could fall foul of the law. Andrew
  3. Hi @Mauler Is that a .pdf of the UK Spec Manual? If so do you have a link you could share, I searched a fair bit but could only come up with the USA Spec one, which has considerably different customisation options to the UK one. I also acquired an OBD cable as my IS only came with one key and I needed to add a second hand key (from fleabay). Took a fair bit of messing about to get Techstream working, but the key added correctly, I had a prowl around the available options, there's only what's listed in the back of the manual, so I disabled the 'long press unlock winds down all the windows' which whilst it's somewhat useful in hot weather seems a bit prone to accidental activation which is very unhelpful! I also increased the auto lights sensitivity. Unfortunately options that the yanks get like auto locking the doors above 10 MPH and the like aren't available in the UK vehicle firmware. My IS is poverty spec so it came on 16" wheels, I was fortunate to pick up a set of OEM 17" wheels with tyres cheaply and as the 16"'s were worn out I got some Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 which although not full winter tyres like their Ultra Grips are however winter rated for european countries where winter tyres are mandatory. Last year on normal tyres it took me 10 minutes to persuade it over the little snow berm outside my garage and it wasn't much fun on the road, this year however no problem 'Snow Mode' on until I got to the main road and an easy drive. Andrew
  4. Hi @Mauler I guess there's a separate manual for the multimedia stuff as it isn't mentioned in the main manual. From the USA Spec manual that I found in .pdf form (I'm 6000 odd miles from my IS and it's manual at the moment, slumming it in a Toyota Yaris!) but I'm fairly sure it's equally descriptive! I got a set of 16" Goodyear Vector 'All Season' (snow rated for Europe) tyres on a spare set of rims in January this year, with those on and 'Snow Mode' engaged it made the couple of days of snow we had a quite enjoyable safe experience, I didn't really check what gears it was using but it's more of a 'low torque' setting. Andrew
  5. I'm fairly sure that those lock / unlock options are from the US IS250 Manual. US spec cars appear to have different firmware, they're certainly not mentioned in the UK spec manual. When I programmed a new key for my 2007 IS250 I also had a good prowl around in Techstream and couldn't find any trace of those options. Andrew
  6. Well, Fridays' weather made for a proper test, the difference over normal tyres is unbelievable! Snow mode on and just drive off like normal with no wheel spin, braking is vastly improved but obviously there are limits. There's a short sharp hill (Ashford hill) near to work and two cars were stopped and dithering so I just pulled round them and drove gently up the hill, fortunately there were several cars waiting to decide about descending, so I had the road to myself! You could easily lull yourself into a false sense of invulnerability there's so much grip! You still need to be careful with cornering and roundabouts. Andrew
  7. @Vintagesixtysix Haha! Same here..... going from cold stiff 17" tyres with 4~5mm of tread to brand new soft winter tyres with 8mm of tread is significantly quieter! Andrew
  8. Put your tyre sizes here and it finds '255/40R18 99V GOODYEAR UGRIP PERFORM G1 FP XL' £177 a tyre though! Andrew
  9. Hi Shaun, My IS250 is base poverty spec! So it came with 16" wheels (205/55 16" tyres). I picked up a second hand set of 17" wheels with summer tyres so seeing as the existing set of 16" tyres were done for and needed replacing I got the worn out tyres removed and binned before Christmas and gave the wheels a bit of a clean and fitted the TPMS sensors. Andrew
  10. Apologies for the tardy update, as we hadn't had any particularly cold weather prior to Christmas I only got around to getting a set of winter tyres at the beginning of January. As my previous Goodyear Efficient Grips had been reasonable and had worn evenly I decided to go with Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 which although not full winter tyres like the Ultra Grips are however winter rated for european countries where winter tyres are mandatory. They appear to have plenty of grip when it's cold and wet and looking at the forecasts It looks like I might get a chance to test them properly later this week, While I had the old tyres off the rims I also fitted a set of aftermarket internal TPMS units from eBay. Andrew
  11. @Frosties about the only negative with the 'Essential Service' is you have to pay extra if you need a courtesy car, (I imagine it's free with full price services) and you'll need to book two or three weeks in advance as I don't think they have many loan cars. I normally get my brother to pick me up (we work in the same office), last time while waiting to pick me up with his Imprezza parked outside they asked him if he would like a Lexus instead, they were amused when he said that he already had one, an IS250, as a second car....... Andrew
  12. @Yoda400 no, I paid the eBay seller I bought mine from another £10 and he got his 'mate' to do it. I initially asked if it had been erased and he wasn't aware of the erasing requirement. I put a link in my previous post to an erasing service. Also make absolutely sure that the part number on the new key precisely matches your existing one. I guess you'll be prowling eBay now then? Andrew
  13. @cruisermark Makes a good point, this guy in his eBay listing for Lexus key erasing services mentions it too....
  14. Is your key like the one pictured? If so provided you have at least one working key and you get the used key erased/virginised TechStream can be used to program the vehicle to recognise it. When I bought my IS (privately) it only came with one key (risky if it dies or breaks) so I asked around a couple of auto locksmiths and Lexus dealers and none of them were interested in having anything to do with a key they hadn't supplied! I was lucky enough to find one like this for £45 on FleaBay paid another £10 to have it erased, 10 minutes with TechStream and the very specific instructions (no mobile phones nearby, new key outside vehicle, touch existing key on start button, existing key on back seat then a limited time to put the new key against the start button) took me a couple of goes but I have two functional keys now. Andrew