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  1. Here you go, the the mount is one of these, but bought from Tesco petrol station when they were having a promotion. The gel stuff sticks well enough but every so often you have to take the holder off and wash the gel pad to restore full stickyness, I've got a spare phone case stuck to the gel instead so it just clips in and out. Being quite a long arm means it sits low, doesn't intrude too much on the view and I can still reach the phone (for navigation). I also got one of these magnetic connectors to save beating the heck out of the micro USB socket on the phone which works brilliantly. Andrew
  2. Ummmm, I think most of the CD slot phone mounts are intended for single CD players? If your GS has the typical Lexus in dash 6 CD changer I wonder if the inner workings might get confused (or worse, damaged) with an immovable dummy disc being there? I'm using a long arm suction mount phone holder in my IS250 and other than periodically needing to be released and pushed back on the screen it's been fine. it's actually a cheapy sticky gel one from Tesco petrol station with a phone case permanently attached to the gel so my phone (Samsung S7 Edge) can just clip in and out. I'll try and remember to take a pic of my setup at lunchtime. Andrew
  3. C Andrew Green

    ABS Wheel Sensor zero MPH

    My thoughts: Is there a voltage at the connector where the ABS sensor is plugged in? Maybe check continuity back to the ABS ECU. Is the ABS (I think it's called a reluctor?) ring secure, undamamged, in the correct place, not too rusty and in one piece (not split)? Does the the ABS ECU need a jolly good restarting by disconnecting the vehicle battery for a time? I'm not a mechanic but had some hassles with ABS on my old Mazda 626 and ended up remaking / rewinding an ABS wheel sensor. Andrew
  4. C Andrew Green

    PWR mode

    'Want to save fuel' in a 2.5L V6 automatic! I've had my IS for a year now and it came out of ECT/PWR to try Snow mode for a couple of miles on the two snowy days we had! Todays effort (I did roll into the petrol station on minus 5 miles! Oops,) A tedious drive up to Norfolk at the weekend (got stuck in the chaos surrounding Truckfest @ Peterborough), trundle to Reading on Monday then up and down the A34. PS Mostly run on Shell V Power, but todays tankfull was Tesco Momentum as I wasn't sure if I'd make it to my usual Shell garage. PPS Pic was parked at work this morning so add ~8 miles to indicated figure. Andrew
  5. f anyone is interested I saw this cheap 2006 SE-L mentioned on Facebook Lexus Owners Club BUT..... it's Cat D with 155K miles and as part of the Cat D repair it now has halogen headlights instead of Xenons..... Andrew
  6. C Andrew Green

    Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    I just posted a reply in the IS250 section, basically I <think> the lower pin has a hexagonal recess in the inboard (not visible) end. Andrew
  7. @jackcramerr I <think> that while the upper pin has a hexagonal outer end the lower pin has a hexagonal recess (for an Allen key) in the inboard end..... I took my new caliper apart to grease it well before fitting it (in January) but I have to admit to not looking that closely. Andrew
  8. Hi, My understanding is that the Lexus 6 speed gearboxes have the ability to lock up the torque converter so that it drives at 1:1, thus removing the permanent slippage that is present in a fluid flywheel / torque converter and improving fuel efficiency. I can certainly detect it locking and unlocking,, it's almost like a 7th gear, I commute on the A34 in Oxfordshire / Berkshire most days and normally where possible wind it up to 70 Mph GPS and engage cruise control, the revs will be ~2200 and 6th gear, when you come to some of the hills the revs will pop up to ~2700 without changing gear and when it flattens out you can just feel it lock back up and the revs drop back 500 rpm or so..... You could engage 'S' mode and shift down so that it stays in 4th I suppose, 1800 rpm isn't exactly racing the engine, I only tend to use downshift in 'S' mode as a low hold to avoid riding the brakes on downhills. Also are you in standard mode or 'ECT/PWR' mode? I found the extremely non linear throttle response in standard a bit odd so mine is permanently in 'ECT/PWR' mode which also downshifts much quicker if you brake firmly. Andrew
  9. C Andrew Green

    Dashcam recommendation

    @Eame64Haha, I recently had occasion to bollock Lexus Reading for their test driver doing 42 in a 30 zone! Didn't however get a satisfactory answer when I asked them why they left it running for 20 minutes while they washed it? i was amused by their confusion over what aHUD (head up display) was. Andrew
  10. C Andrew Green


    @zippyone This thread should help: Dashcam recommendations and Dashcam compilations Regards, Andrew
  11. Is a 1998 LS OBD II? If so get a Mini VCI dongle with Techstream and try to read the (hopefully) stored codes might give you a clue. Also possibly investigate the EGR valve and it's plumbing. Andrew
  12. @KenMavor I had occasion to remove the rear wheels (to replace rear pads and a caliper) and was surprised just how heavy a wheel and tyre is (I must be getting old and weak!) So I can see why manufacturers fit much lighter spacesavers. In 200 odd thousand miles in my old Mazda 626 I could count the number of punctures on one hand so it does seem logical not to lug around several Kgs of full sized spare wheel to the general detriment of fuel economy. According to the handbook and the tyre data plate on the drivers side 'B' pillar for 16" & 17" it states W and for 18" it's Y. Andrew
  13. C Andrew Green

    Feeling Nauseous, Trembling and Dizzy ...

    Same track in a car just as mad!
  14. C Andrew Green

    So Whats Your Profession?

    Mechanical design engineer (SolidWorks), design seismometers and associated systems (data recorders, deployment systems, subsea housings and such). I thought it was a company rule that everyone at Vodafone in Newbury drives an Audi! That's all I seem to see going there when I drive past every day! Another Andrew.
  15. Good spot @XT5 picked up two on the way home this evening, look like they should do the job! @rayaans I'll try and check out Lidl this weekend and have a look at theirs! Regards Andrew