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  1. I got fed up with constantly checking and correcting the tyre pressures due to what I thought were leaky rims so I bought a set of these (see pic). I didn't particularly like the external ones so went for the internal fit type. When I went to my regular tyre place Merittyre, Purley, Berks. It turns out that the rims were fine but the leaking was due to corrosion where the valves seat! Cleaned them out and assembled the included metal valve bodies to the rims with a generous helping of silicone O ring grease, tyres refitted and inflated to 35/38 (with nitrogen I think) and now get a continuous display of tyre pressures, which I haven't had to touch since they were fitted in April. Picture was taken just after arriving home so all the temps are up and pressures are ~4psi higher due to driving, cold in the morning they're still dead on 35/38. I have another set of these in my 16" winter tyres & wheels too. These are relstively cheap due to not having replaceable batteries but allegedly have a battery life of ~5 years, they don't transmit when they've been stationary for a while and wake up on moving a few feet. Andrew
  2. I posted a clip from the service manual in (I think) post # 17 and a description a couple of posts later, but basically just use a thin blade like a penknife blade in the rear edge of the flush panel (which is toward the front of the dome light assembly) which hinges down and inside there are two screws to remove and then two trim clips at the rearmost corners. Ideally removed with a forked trim clip tool but easily unpopped with fingers. Simply ease it down and undo the multi plug. Andrew
  3. Not mine, borrowed the pic from FaceBook..............Thought it was a brit but just realised that it's a LHD.
  4. @Alfalfa Today's update: After some more perusing of the wiring schematic I pulled my dome light assembly apart (pic). There is a lot of copper covering tracks so it's a bit difficult to follow the circuits. I then checked the 'R5' connector and the lines shown (in the second pic) are ignition switched (not 'accesory' switched like the cigarette lighter socket. White/Black trace = Ground Green = +Ignition. I haven't yet found anywhere useful that they appear on the dome light PCB and it seems somewhat crude (OCD prevents it!) to just solder wires to the back of the connector! Really need some suitable crimps for the housing as both Ignition and ground are looped out on adjacent pins. Will update further when I decide what to do next. Andrew
  5. Had a think about this on the way to work this morning (and checked when I arrived) and all I can see that is live with the ignition is the gear shift illumination LED, everything else, map, courtesy and mirror lights are all permanently live. I'm not sure how much current the gear shift illumination line can provide or how it's switched, I shall continue looking..... Andrew
  6. I had much the same thought about dashcam power. I had a poke around the multi plug with a meter when I had it out to do the LED's but couldn't make much sense of it! I eventually settled for unclipping the left side A pillar cover and running my dashcam feed up inside it. Now I have a wiring diagram I may have to revisit the multi plug when I have some spare time. As an aside I wonder where the sensor is when a sunglasses holder is fitted? Or is that only in some countries without factory fit alarm? Andrew
  7. @Alfalfa You can check it easily enough, the door pops open just like the sunglasses holder version, it just doesn't have the finger recess, I just used a penknife blade and it pops open without leaving any marks. Andrew
  8. @Alfalfa As an aside, have you had a look inside your dome light panel? I saw that some versions have a sunglasses holder, but when I took mine apart to fit LED bulbs I discovered that in my 2007 IS250 the <Intrusion Sensor> is in the section which would be the sunglasses holder. I guess it's some kind of volumetric sensor? Andrew
  9. Funny you should post this, I was having much the same thoughts..... searching eBay for 'lexus 86790-53010' shows a few OEM cameras second hand from around £25 upwards. I can't quite tell from your pic, but is the connector just a single row of 5 contacts? All the ones on eBay that show the connector appear to have a squarish connector with 2 rows of contacts? Di you notice that the standard plastic panel (where the number plate mounts) doesn't have the central cutout that the cars with nav and camera have (different part numbers)? I use my Android phone with Waze in a dash mount and I think I've figured out how to automatically switch it to video display and back (my IS is a non nav poverty spec). I've just bought a cheapy camera to try with a USB OTG compatible video grabber (digitiser) that I already have. Andrew
  10. @gdh300 HaHa good one! I thought that the two terms were mutually exclusive, but German manufacturers however disagree! Andrew
  11. @Mauler Well it's a base model! Cloth seats, not heated or cooled, manually adjusted, no parking sensors. Yep, I'm surprised that the different country models are so different in firmware, you would think that they would program it for every country and just enable / disable bits of code as required. It's probably down to legislation as to what each market requires vehicles to do. Otherwise people like us could end up fiddling with stuff and then Lexus could fall foul of the law. Andrew
  12. Hi @Mauler Is that a .pdf of the UK Spec Manual? If so do you have a link you could share, I searched a fair bit but could only come up with the USA Spec one, which has considerably different customisation options to the UK one. I also acquired an OBD cable as my IS only came with one key and I needed to add a second hand key (from fleabay). Took a fair bit of messing about to get Techstream working, but the key added correctly, I had a prowl around the available options, there's only what's listed in the back of the manual, so I disabled the 'long press unlock winds down all the windows' which whilst it's somewhat useful in hot weather seems a bit prone to accidental activation which is very unhelpful! I also increased the auto lights sensitivity. Unfortunately options that the yanks get like auto locking the doors above 10 MPH and the like aren't available in the UK vehicle firmware. My IS is poverty spec so it came on 16" wheels, I was fortunate to pick up a set of OEM 17" wheels with tyres cheaply and as the 16"'s were worn out I got some Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons Gen 2 which although not full winter tyres like their Ultra Grips are however winter rated for european countries where winter tyres are mandatory. Last year on normal tyres it took me 10 minutes to persuade it over the little snow berm outside my garage and it wasn't much fun on the road, this year however no problem 'Snow Mode' on until I got to the main road and an easy drive. Andrew
  13. Hi @Mauler I guess there's a separate manual for the multimedia stuff as it isn't mentioned in the main manual. From the USA Spec manual that I found in .pdf form (I'm 6000 odd miles from my IS and it's manual at the moment, slumming it in a Toyota Yaris!) but I'm fairly sure it's equally descriptive! I got a set of 16" Goodyear Vector 'All Season' (snow rated for Europe) tyres on a spare set of rims in January this year, with those on and 'Snow Mode' engaged it made the couple of days of snow we had a quite enjoyable safe experience, I didn't really check what gears it was using but it's more of a 'low torque' setting. Andrew
  14. I'm fairly sure that those lock / unlock options are from the US IS250 Manual. US spec cars appear to have different firmware, they're certainly not mentioned in the UK spec manual. When I programmed a new key for my 2007 IS250 I also had a good prowl around in Techstream and couldn't find any trace of those options. Andrew