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  1. why buying a lexus lc 500

    My previous car was a BMW 640 M Sport and it was a really good car but I had owned it for nearly 4 years and wanted a change. It is going to be discontinued soon and replaced by the 8 series. The other cars that I looked at before going for the LC500 were a Mercedes C63 coupe, which I decided was too much like more basic versions. Also, I did not like the SatNav screen being stuck on the top of the dashboard. I also looked at the Jaguar F Type. They look nice but not much comes as standard and there are far too many optional extras. Also the technology is quite old, there were no LED headlights available when I looked and the SatNav is a bit dated, although I know that there has been a recent facelift. I also looked looked briefly at the Mercedes S Class coupe. Its a nice car but very big even more so than the LC500 and it felt very wallowy to drive. They also depreciate massively, although that is a unknown at the moment on the LC500.
  2. SatNav Miles Setting

    I have found out that there is a software update for the navigation which fixes some bugs and so hopefully this is one of them. I just need to get the car booked in.
  3. SatNav Miles Setting

    Thanks, that was the first place I looked. I have come to the conclusion that it can't be changed. I wonder if it is a bug in the new version, that shows both miles and km/m the Sat Nav.
  4. LC500 Ordered!

    I have the carbon roof and I am about 6ft tall and I do not have any issues with the headroom. Are you sure that the seat was set as low as it will go? The seats are very comfortable and I don't think you would have any issues with long journeys. I would be very surprised if you could order a Sport + without the carbon roof. Lexus seem quite rigid in their ordering process.
  5. Heated Windscreen

    Yes I have it. I found it in the climate settings and I can just about see the wires in the windscreen if you look carefully. It is on the bottom of the screen and on the side.
  6. Heated Windscreen

    I found by accident the other day that the LC500 has a heated windscreen. I don't think this is mentioned anywhere in the specification of the car or the sales literature. It is in the online manual. Also, I have found the best way to operate the heated seats and steering wheel is to set them to auto. They have been coming on a lot in the recent colder weather. I just thought I would post this in case it is useful to anyone.
  7. SatNav Miles Setting

    Thanks, I will try that. I have looked in the manual and I can't see anything there. Does the distance to junctions etc show in miles and yards in your RX?
  8. SatNav Miles Setting

    I believe the Sat Nav in an updated version but I have not had a Lexus before and so I do not know what has changed from previously.
  9. SatNav Miles Setting

    Thanks, I had already checked that and it is set to miles. I think that is for the speedo and the trip computer. I can't find anything to change the satnav settings. It shows the total distance in miles, it is just the directions that show in metres and kilometres.
  10. SatNav Miles Setting

    I haven't used my satnav for directions until today but I have noticed that it shows junctions and turnings etc in km and metres rather than miles and yards. Does anyone know how to change this? This is probably the same for any Lexus model with the premium navigation.
  11. LC500 Ordered!

    Yes I received one while I was waiting for mine. I thought it was a nice touch.
  12. LC500 Second Test Drive

    You do get used to the width quite quickly. Just don't try and go somewhere that is too narrow! Did you notice what the mpg was on your test drive? My daily commute is 7 miles each way and I am struggling to get 30 mpg from the hybrid. It can take up to an hour in the mornings on a bad day which obviously won't help. I dread to think what the V8 fuel consumption would be in those conditions.
  13. LC500 and Multistorey Car Parks

    I am really surprised that the LC500 does not have a surround view camera. I had it on my previous car, a BMW 640 and I really miss it. I think the RX has it and so I cannot think why it was missed off. It makes parking in tight areas so much easier and makes it much less likely to kerb the wheels.
  14. LC500 and Multistorey Car Parks

    Hi Chris Sorry to hear about the problems with your alarm. I have not had any issues with mine. It does sound as though there is a fault somewhere, hope they can fix it soon for you. Is it just on your driveway or has it gone off anywhere else?
  15. LC500 and Multistorey Car Parks

    I think the width might be more of issue than the height. It would be very easy to kerb the wheels in a tight multi storey car park. I haven't tried parking mine in one.