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  1. I would consider any comment about fuel consumption very carefully as it varies hugely from one driver to another but also on the type of roads you use, and your local weather, more so than with a conventional petrol or diesel car.
  2. I suspect that the RC heats up quicker than the NX due to the different cabin dimensions, and in particular height. Also, as mentionned before, if you have the pan roof, closing the sunshade will help speed up the warming up of the car by providing a little more insulation. I think that William @Thackeray's comments are spot on. The numbers displayed are indicators only and do not reflect an exact temperature setting. 25 does not and cannot mean 25 degrees as the temperature will vary from one part of the car to another. If you really want warm air to your hands, the only way to go is to manually override the system.
  3. @Dylanlewis2000 Make sure that a/c is switched on (to prevent misting up/condensation) and that there is no more than 2-3 degrees difference between left and right. Do you, by any chance, have the panoramic roof? My current NX has the pan roof, and so did the previous one, and I found that it is easier to maintain a warmer temperature if the blind is fully closed on cold days.
  4. I don't think this is necessary a problem and I would say it is working as designed, based on my experience of 2 NX and 2 RX before that. I believe the set up only allows air to be pumped into the car only once it has reached the desired temperature, regardless of the temperature you set. In fact, by setting the temperature to 25, you most probably delay the process. Furthermore, if left in 'auto' mode, the warm air is directed to the footwells and not the air vents on the dash, which means that it is not immediately noticeable. You will also notice that the airflow automatically switches to 'recycle' mode until the car has reached the desired temperature to prevent cold air being pumped in. I used to have a 45-60 minute commute, during which the car used to warm up nicely. Like you, my commute is now 15 minutes and I am experiencing the same 'issue', thankfully mitigated by the heated seat and heated steering wheel. My advice would be to override the 'auto' control, increasing fan speed and manually redirecting the airflow to where you want it to go.
  5. How is the honeymoon going Martin, still happy with the car and the swap to a full EV?
  6. I don't agree. I think it looks great and practical and a huge leap forward from the current NX. In terms of quality, I'll reserve judgement until I see the car 'in the flesh': what we are looking at is a pre-production model, and I don't think a video really gives any indication on quality.
  7. Hello Pat and welcome to the forum! The car does not unlock by itself, unless you grab one of the door handles whilst the key fob is in your pocket. If the car appears to unlock by itself, it is most probably because the key is in your pocket and the unlock button is inadvertently being pressed. If the car is unlocked, but neither of doors is opened within 30 seconds (I think it's 30 seconds), the car will lock again as a safety precaution. If by 'partially' you mean that only the driver's door is unlocked, a second press of the keyfob will unlock the other doors. This is a safety measure that you can change yourself in the customisation menu. Does that answer your question?
  8. Funniest thread I have read in a while, but I think it should be renamed to Grumpy Old Men. Has the average age of Lexus owners gone up... or just that of this forum's participants?
  9. Isn't it the same with a lot of TV programs these days? - Strictly Come Dancing - Masterchef - I'm a celebrity (not!) - X Factor etc... I am not saying they are all bad, and in fact I enjoy some of them, but surely some of these programs have had their time. On the other hand, I guess viewing figures must still be high if they are still being shown... which may explain why TopGear is back on BBC1.
  10. Lexus Wolverhampton are already selling 12 NX350h and 4 NX450h+ on Autotrader...
  11. They did something similar with the main road into Southampton as a trial during lockdown. I'm guessing it cannot have been that successful because the cycle lane has now mostly been removed except in specific and short sections.
  12. ... and the ones who drive around with just their parking lights on.
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