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  1. I can't get it to work in English, let alone any other language!
  2. Good buy or stay away?

    Being an SE, I would recommend that you take a good look at the spec sheet and compare with other models to make sure you understand what you will be missing out on. To start with, this will be a 2WD, rather than a 4WD car. It is also missing leather, and possibly the electric rear hatch etc Also the car is advertised as Sonic Titanium, and judging by the pics, I am not at all sure it is. It is also advertised as having LED fog/cornering lights: I can't see those on the pics.
  3. Bet you'll find a buyer for these on eBay with no problem. There is one of these going for £16 + postage on Ebay right now... unless it's yours! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lexus-front-bumper-badge/323075323434?hash=item4b38ca362a:g:46AAAOSwlJNag~41
  4. I too was offered GAP, minor damage and also tyres/wheels insurance. I did go for the GAP insurance. As for the other two, I went on the principle that whether or not I curb the wheels is under my control, whereas there is little I can do against stone chips and car park dings. Therefore did not go for the first, but paid for the second.
  5. Drivers seat wear

    This has been mentioned in other threads and seems to be consistent with all models within the range. I had the same issue on the two RXs I previously owned and my current NX already shows signs of wear, albeit minor. I believe this is partly due to the shape of the seat as you cannot help but squash the bolster as you get in and out (but is that not the case in all cars!), but the main reason is the soft leather used by Lexus. I have to say, I'd rather have this soft leather than the harsh plastic feeling leather you typically find in German competitors.
  6. If the above does not work, maybe your A/C system needs re-gassing.
  7. Sport v Luxury v FSport

    Good to know. I could not get it to work in the two RX I have driven (one Luxury, one Premier), so wrongly assumed that these options were not available on UK models. Maybe they had just been disabled.
  8. Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Over the past month, I have managed 33.5MPG over 2000 miles in Normal mode, with 50% motorway driving. From my experience, ECO mode seems to severely blunt performance, with very little in return from an economy standpoint.
  9. Looks good, if a little too generic. It looks like it's a definite improvement over previous Infinitis and I would definitely like to take a closer look, although I am not sure it would tempt me away from Lexus. One thing I do not like, is the location of the touch screen. For me, it is too low down.
  10. When I lived in Germany, where we used to get a lot of snow in the winter, a neighbour advised me to keep a brush on top of the front wheel, on the driver's side. I could then brush the snow off BEFORE opening the door, reducing the risk of snow falling inside the car.
  11. Premium Navigation

    Route trace can be handy if you wish to record and save a particular trip, for instance a particularly scenic route that you wish to re-use but that would not be typically selected by the satnav. I have also used it to temporarily save a route that avoided roadworks. You can edit/delete a Route Trace from the "My Memory" screen. I have only used it a couple of times, although I have never tried to edit a saved route. Note that a route trace is limited to a max of 124 miles / 200 km
  12. Not sure a Lexus is the right car for a new driver: apart from the insurance costs, I think a new driver should start with a manual car, not an automatic, and there are few manual Lexus'. I too have found that a newer car is much cheaper to insure than an older one. I had a long chat with an insurance broker when my eldest passed his test, and found that insurance companies assume that a new driver will typically be a lot more careful driving a newer car than an old banger and is more likely to look after it. Additionally, a newer car will be more reliable, and also safer (more airbags etc). Have you considered a brand new car? - There are some PCP deals where you can get a new car for a £99 deposit and an ongoing £99 per month payment. These can be attractive so long as you are not interested in owning the car. I believe that insurance companies like PCP deals on the basis that they force (no doubt some, but not all!) drivers to look after their car so that they don't get penalised when it is time to hand them back.
  13. Your Dashcam Compilations?

    Some have: Citroen's Cactus and recent C3 now have built in dashcams! http://www.citroen.co.uk/about-citroen/technology/connectedcam-citroen
  14. Worst car for me was a Maserati Biturbo (red over black, tan leather). What a pile of crap that was! - In fact I have seen it in some publication (can't remember which) as one of the worse car of the 80s! Nothing good about the car apart from the name and the looks. Appalling road holding, all or nothing performance, infuriating gearbox (1st gear was bottom left... supposedly), and dismal quality and reliability. Best car was my first Lexus RX400h Exec Limited Edition (Oxford blue/oakham leather). I have to add a Special Mention to my first car, an Autobianchi A112 Abarth (metallic steel blue). I still smile when I think of it.
  15. So Whats Your Profession?

    Business Continuity & Crisis Manager for a large international corporation... until the end of this month (!), when I will be joining a small consultancy firm as an independent management consultant, focusing on the development and implementation of ISO and other Standards based service improvement programs for private and public sector organisations of all sizes across the UK, Europe and US.