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  1. DanD

    Massive Grin?

    https://www.topgear.com/car-news/list/top-gears-top-9-massive-grille-edition#6 I would have been disappointed not to see at least one Lexus in the lineup. 2 out of 9 ain't bad. Like it.. Thumbs up for the ES. However thumbs down for the LX.
  2. Reputational damage? At the same time, and possibly more to the point, you have to be realistic: whatever security system or feature is implemented one week will be defeated by thieves the following week. After all, car thieves have access to the same technology as car manufacturers. Consequently, a car deemed safe today will not be safe next month. Is this really a new issue? Don't think so... The issue of car theft is not a new one. Is it worth losing sleep over? I won't (even though I wouldn't be best pleased if I was to wake up to find my car had disappeared overnight) Incidentally, this issue was mentioned on BBC South Today tonight. While I understand that the press has a duty to inform people it is a shame that they at the same time give potential thieves a nice list of the cars that are most at risk. This is not news... It's sensationalism. Along the same lines, the same program had a feature a couple of weeks ago where a journalist had a small device implementated under the skin of her hand. She could then scan the device to read personal data such as medical records etc. The whole team was all excited about it. Err... Have we not be chipping dogs, cats and cattle for years!?! Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  3. An alternative to the pouch is to disable the key: on the key fob, keep the LOCK button pressed, while pressing the UNLOCK button twice. Press any button to wake the key up. As a matter of interest, once the car has been started using the relay attack technique, can the car be actually driven, or will it come to a stop once it loses the signal from the key?
  4. Hmmm... drone is probably not the best word to describe it. 😶
  5. I can't help you with the technical stuff, but are you sure you want to do this on the basis that this is only going to make the drone inherent to the CVT gearbox worse? - You will potentially end up with a lot of noise that will not be commensurate to the speed of car / progress being made.
  6. I believe that the under floor space disappears in the AWD version.
  7. Hope you enjoy your new car. chatted to a chap at a service station in Marlborough recently, who had just swapped a C-Class hybrid for an IS300h. He said it was the right decision as he had had a lot of problems with the Merc and that the build and finish was not a patch on the Lexus. You are right... the extras you mentioned are all standard further up the chain. I don't want to burst your bubble, but don't expect the same MPG as with your Mercedes: it is a hybrid, but not a diesel.
  8. You may want to read this thread... There are other threads on the same topic that are worth reading
  9. Yay! We want pics, or it's not real!
  10. I don't think the dealer is hyping it. I have bought three cars from them (Southampton) and I have a good relationship with them. They seemed genuinely ecstatic about the interest shown in the car... maybe because they were not expecting it, based on the reviews you mention. On the other hand, these reviews are consistent with regards to Lexus's quality and reliability, looks, comfort and low running costs (compared to the competition). To a lot of people, these are more important than outright performance on today's congested roads. I will definitely let you know my views after April 8th, as I'll have the car for 24 hours and the opportunity to drive it on the M27/M3 and local country roads.
  11. I switched from Yokohama to Cross Climates and they transformed the car. I definitely recommend them. I did have issues with availability, but the tyres were very new at the time, at least in NX size. Incidentally, the best price I got was from my local Lexus dealer.
  12. Also viewed the UX at my local dealership this weekend, and I like the car a lot. In particular, I like the layout... it feels spacious and airy at the front. However, the booth is very shallow indeed.
  13. Popped in my local dealership this weekend, in the hope to take a look at the ES. Both demos were out and none in the showroom. Apparently, they can't get them in quick enough and the cars are sold before they reach the dealership. Waiting list is currently 3-4 months. My NX is going in for its first MOT on April 8th, and I have secured one of the two demos as courtesy car. Can't wait to try it out. (They also had 3 UXs in their handover rooms, ready to go).
  14. Wow. I'll have to remember to avoid Retford at night! Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  15. I read recently that European manufacturers - primarily the German ones - are moving towards offering packs in place of the current multitude of individual extras that is just not cost effective any more. With demand drastically slowing down (by as much as 70% in China), manufacturers are being forced to rationalise their ranges and approach. Audi and Mercedes in particular are considering discontinuing some of their models altogether (did you know that Audi currently offer no less than 80 variants of the A4!) and MINI are talking about killing off their Clubman in favour of an improved Countryman. That with the move away from diesel in favour of hybrids and EVs... times are a-changing! - The coming years are going to be interesting. Hopefully, this will also bring in a new breed of motoring journalists who will focus on more relevant figures than 0-60mph and whether or not a car has air conditioning!