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  1. You are absolutely correct. My apologies.
  2. Check here: https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-recall Lexus cars are listed under Toyota.
  3. I used to have an SE-I, and I wished at the time that I had gone for the SE-L in particular because of the LED lights and the Mark Levinson audio. The HUD can seem to be a bit of a gimmick, but one that you soon get used to and miss when you no longer have it., I believe the SE-L also has ventilated seats (as opposed to heated only), and a camera under the passenger side mirror to help with parking (precursor to the 360 degree camera). This camera is activated by a steering wheel mounted button. I used to cover around 26k miles per years at the time and my average was around 28mpg, driving the car 'normally'. MPG is very much dependent on the type of roads you use and your local topography: motorways and hills are not the RX's best friend if MPG is a priority.
  4. These are not the same rims.
  5. It would be good to see a new IS as a viable alternative to Tesla's Model 3. Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  6. You're correct, however this does not apply to the ES: the cruise controls are steering wheel mounted buttons as opposed to a separate stalk. Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  7. If you select the default adaptive cruise control, it does increase/decrease in increments of 5 mph... unless you reset it and then set it again at the current speed of the car. "Regular" cruise control increases/decreases in increments of 1 mph.
  8. Assuming (a dangerous word!) that the system in the CT is similar to the one in the NX (it's a while since i last drove a CT), you should be able to change the audio source using the right hand steering wheel mounted button to navigate to the AUDIO settings (on the small screen between the rev/eco dial and speedo). Once you have navigated to the AUDIO settings using the left/right arrows as required, you should be able to press the centre button: this should bring up a list of SOURCES (e.g. DAB, FM, CD, AUX, etc). From there, scroll down to the desired source and hit the centre button again to select. Let us know if that works!
  9. Why are you set on a CD slot mounted holder? I have a vent mounted one that fits on the vent to the right of the steering wheel. It works really well. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Syncwire-Car-Phone-Mount-Scratch-free/dp/B07HNTCVFK/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=syncwire+car+phone+holder&qid=1578437536&sprefix=syncw&sr=8-3 Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  10. I am not sure this is still the case... Is it? One thing is sure, cars sold in the UK are far better equipped than they are on the continent. Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  11. It is correct, however, to demist the car, i.e. remove humidity from the cabin, you need to have the Aircon going. The Aircon really had two purposes: dehumidifying the cabin and thus preventing the windows from misting up, and cooling the cabin in warmer weather. Strictly speaking, you do not need the Aircon to be switched on to heat the cabin up. With the Aircon switched off, you can still regulate the temperature using the usual controls. It is true that in a hybrid car, seals that dry up are less of an issue than in a conventional car, however climate control systems are so efficient these days that the economy gained by not having them running all the time is negligible. It's a bit like the theory of switching your house heating off if you are out for the day. When you come back, you end up running the heating on full blast to heat the house up, cancelling out any saving you may have made during the day. I believe that little and often works better. Am I making sense?... Maybe not... Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  12. Never found it to be a problem. I just do whatever I would do in any car and start driving as soon as possible as this speeds up the engine warming up. In fact hybrids warm up quicker than other cars. Just make sure the airflow is directed to the screen and that the Aircon is switched on (it should never be switched off anyway) Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  13. Have you tried unpairing your phone and pairing it up again? In my NX, when I start the car I get two different messages: one to say that the phone is connected, the other to say that the media player is connected (not sure of the exact wording). Very occasionally, one comes up, but not the other, which results in my being able to make/receive calls but not streaming music or the other way around. Also, when you pair the phone again from scratch, you should get two prompts on the phone to enable phone calls and music streaming. Make sure you reply to enable both.
  14. As a matter of interest, did you get to the bottom of this problem?