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  1. Good points. Next on my list would be Tesla, ideally the model Y.
  2. Post 2017 models have a larger tray. I have checked with dealer: replacing the charging tray is very involved and therefore very costly.
  3. I have the same problem: I have a Samsung Note 10 Plus and it doesn't fit either. I did talk to my local dealer and they confirmed that replacing the charging tray with the larger one fitted to post 2017 models is not a simple affair and the cost would be prohibitive. I use a USB cigarette adaptor that plugs in the cubby below the charging tray. Make sure you choose a quick charge one. Unfortunately the built-in USB ports do not support fast charging.
  4. I agree. I think that if I were to move away from Lexus, I would seriously consider Volvo. I find their current lineup particularly attractive. I love the current RX, but now that the kids no longer live at home I find the size difficult to justify. I find it too cumbersome on our narrow country lanes: our last RX got occasionally scratched by brambles and poorly maintained hedges... the fact that it was solid black didn't help either.
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  7. I changed because I no longer needed the bigger car. Also the RX was getting old and I wanted a newer, more up to date model. They are very different cars. RX... + More space + More cosseting. Excellent seats + Effortless performance + Quiet, unless you thrash it + Good visibility + excellent reliability - aging design (mine was a 2009 model) - frustrating infotainment system - poor lights (mine was the SE-I) - collected far too many car park dings - unexpectedly, too many rattles (mainly from rear seats, but not only) NX... + smaller, but plenty big enough + Still love the design, especially the front with the triple LED headlamps, which are very good + Harsher ride, but still very comfortable, even in the F sport + More up to date tech + Panoramic roof (extra) + Excellent seats (mine is the F Sport) + Utterly reliable + Excellent build quality + Cheaper to run, obviously + Easier to park - frustrating and outdated infotainment system - noisy and unrefined when pressed - under powered (relatively speaking) Up front, the NX feels cosier, still with plenty of space. The RX felt more airy, but to be fair, this may have been because of a very light interior colour scheme. The seats keep you in place better than they do in the RX if you are of a relatively slim build, especially around roundabouts. Some people find the ride too harsh... I don't. To me it's just right and helps the car maintain some composure around bends. Room at the back is very good for two, but is only acceptable for 3 on short journeys. 2 six footers can sit behind one another without problem, and we haven't found the pan roof to be an issue. The car is definitely narrower, which can be a problem if you need to fit children seats/boosters, but is a bonus on narrow roads and when parking. Boot is of course smaller and is not as deep as the competition because of the batteries, but is certainly usable and big enough. You don't have to compromise as in the CT or UX. Does this help? Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  8. I have had a plethora of cars over the years but I have to say that only Japanese cars have given me the confidence to undertake 1000 miles plus journeys with wife and kids, reasonably assured that I would get to my destination without incident. I have had some small Japanese cars such as a Honda Z600 and large ones such as the RX450h, and all have been utterly dependable and reliable.
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  11. Legislation (2009) states that "Vehicles in categories (...) shall be equipped with an accurate Tyre Pressure Monitoring System capable of giving, when necessary, an in-car warning to the driver when a loss of pressure occurs in any tyre, which is in the interests of optimum fuel consumption and road safety". The legislation does not extend to actually displaying what the pressure is.
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