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  1. Yes they would. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  2. Have you looked at the Michelin Cross Climate? It's very good indeed. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  3. DanD

    2018 NX Luxury

    The adaptive cruise control of the NX cannot be set below 30mph. However, once set, it will slow the car to a complete standstill. Once the car in front starts moving, the screen will show a message saying something like "Preceding Traffic Moving" (Can't remember the exact message), and all you need to do is to flick up the Cruise Control stalk for the car to start again, without needing to touch any of the pedals. It is a brilliant and very useful feature when travelling in stop/start traffic.
  4. DanD

    DAB radio interference

    I find that, given the number of stations available, having only 6 presets is a bit measly and a pain. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  5. DanD

    Self Closing Windows

    It is such an easy job, that I am sure they would do it while you wait, if you happen to be driving by. I had it done for my current and previous Lexus cars and love it. In fact, should you happen to accidentally unlock the car and open the windows, you will find that the windows will self close and the car lock itself after 30 or so seconds, providing you have not opened any of the doors, or pressed any of the buttons on the key.
  6. Cornering light? Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  7. @Rayaans Did the van hit another car as well as yours? - the damage to the van seems to be much higher that you would expect it to be given the damage to your IS.
  8. I got roped into using Admiral's multicar policy, which seemed a good idea at the time. However, when it came to renewal time, they were far, far more expensive than the competition, and also a lot more expensive than if I were a new customer. I called them and straight away the quote dropped by £250, but they were still more expensive thant others. I eventually went back to LV (multi car also), with whom I was insured previously for some years. I always found them very good to deal with and very customer focused. When I called Admiral a second time to confirm that I was not renewing with them, the guy was very pushy - to the point of being rude - and explained that the Admiral person I had spoken with previously did not know what he was talking about, and that he could get me at least another £200 off! My response was that if they could save me £250 + £200 after two phone calls, why did they not offer a cheaper premium in the first place. I am now with LV. Incidentally, I add my son to my non-Lexus car insurance whenever he is back from uni for the holidays. Admiral charged me £50 per week for the privilege, whereas LV charged me £10 per week two years ago, and have charged be £98 to add him for the next 10 months (admittedly he is now 1 year older at 22).
  9. DanD

    New Tyres for NX300h F Sport

    I definitely recommend the Michelin Cross Climates. I swapped to them from the Yokohama, and the difference was amazing. Less noise, a more compliant ride, and better road holding around corners and roundabouts in the wet. The only issue I had was getting hold of them. The best price I got was from my local Lexus dealer, even though they could not get all 4 tyres from the same location (one or two had to come from Scotland!).
  10. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had several occasions where the on-screen directions and the spoken directions contradicted themselves, which can be rather confusing on unfamiliar roads. For instance, it would tell me to take the next left... but the screen would show next right etc. This has never happened before, although I must say that it occurred on roads I had never visited before, which means that these "errors" may have been there from day one. Anyone noticed similar issues? - I'm guessing that there is nothing wrong with the satnav itself, and that I may need to invest in new maps...
  11. Have you checked whether it may be just a matter of turning the volume up? - Since the volume is independent for each audio source, it could be that it needs adjusting for SMS messages also... Worth checking...
  12. DanD

    Lexus Nx True Mpg

    Update: my MPG is getting better with the weather getting warmer. Admittedly, I have had to slow down a little after picking up two speeding tickets in two weeks. 35mph in a 30mph limit in Portsmouth (speed check van) and 70mph in 60mph variable speed limit on the M1 near Nottingham (Yes, I travel a lot). Frustrated as these are my first speeding fines in 16 years, but I guess I only have myself to blame. Anyway... I continue to use Sport mode on M-Ways and Normal mode the rest of the time, but make a point of driving closer to the speed limit. My average has jumped from the 34.5 quoted above to 38.8.
  13. DanD

    NX ordered today

    I will never, ever go for a black car again! - Our previous RX was Velvet Black (non-metallic) and was a nightmare to keep clean.
  14. DanD

    NX ordered today

    Interesting... It seems that most of the ones I see "down south" are either black or white: I rarely see a Sonic T. With regards to the facelift, I prefer the pre-2018 front lights which, to me, look more aggressive. On the other hand, I prefer the more elongated rear lights of the newer model. I also think that the new wheels fitted on the Premier are much nicer than the previous ones, which I always thought looked cheap. Each to his own.
  15. DanD

    Electronic Tags

    Let us know how you get on: I'll be taking out NX to France for the first time soon...