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  1. Wow. Really. To be consistent, I strongly suggest that you disconnect all the airbags in your car. They cost a bomb to replace and create a real mess when they go off. After all, your chances of having an accident are about the same as hitting a pedestrian, so why should you need costly airbags to protect yourself and your family just because you *might* have an accident. Actually, while you're at it, you should probably also cancel your insurance. What is the point of paying for something you may never, ever need.
  2. I am a bit confused by your statement about "sloppy management" and "don't expect the service to be 100%. What are you referring to? If it is about the manual I think it's a bit harsh: this is now common practice not only with Lexus but with other manufacturers too. More and more people are happy to go online and, if required, to print only the pages they need. What is the point on systematically issuing hefty manuals that will seldom get used past the first few weeks and take a lot of space in the glove box. Save a tree! 🙂
  3. Is it just a matter of swapping the battery, or do you have to re-initialise windows etc? EDIT: I have just checked the manual (online), and while it shows how to replace the battery (CR2032), it does not mention anything about having to re-initialise the windows, etc. I'll assume that it's not required.
  4. Mine had an additional battery dedicated to this auxiliary heater. Sent from my LG-H930 using Tapatalk
  5. You may also consider contacting the motoring press. WhatCar, TopGear, AutoExpress, Honest John etc. They can provide good advice, but primarily they may support you in getting your problem resolved. No company - Halfords included - want bad publicity. All of these magazines have a section dedicated to drivers who have had long running issues that they cannot manage to get fixed.
  6. I am not so sure. Back in the early naughties, I had a top of the range SEAT Alhambra TDI 130. It was one of the first cars to reach the UK and had extras that were not officially part of the UK spec. One of them was an auxilliary heater that could be programmed to come on at specific times via the clock. It did not require the car to idle and worked independently from the engine. It was great never to have to scrape frosted windows... especially on such a large car.
  7. Thanks John. I am confident that my friendly dealer will replace the battery at no cost: they have never charged me for replacement batteries in the past and I can't see why they would under the circumstances. The reason for my post is that I was wondering whether this may be symptomatic of another problem that I am not aware of, especially because I use the car every day, but only get this message 2-3 times a week.
  8. Dash occasionally and randomly displays message "Low Battery Key" (I can't remember the exact wording) when I switch the car off. The battery in the keyfob was replaced about 6 months ago, and I disable the keyfob is disabled over night. The key is my trouser pocket when driving. Has anyone experienced such problem, or could it just be that I got a duff battery when it was replaced at the dealers?
  9. Lexus Hedge End / Southampton currently have a black, 18 plate LC for sale / demo. Could be it on a test drive.
  10. ...and I would add that you would most probably get sued by the victim, and that they would have a strong case against you. Let's turn things around: How would you react if you were to find that one of your kids is brain damaged as the result of being hit by a car, the owner of which disabled a major safety device designed to prevent such injuries in the first place. Just to save a few quids.
  11. And make sure your AC is left switched ON all the time.
  12. I am not sure that they are any worse than others. I think, however, that the cars themselves being so quiet, the rattles are that much more obvious.
  13. Yes I did. Clicked on the link and went from there. Dealer got back to me within 24 hours early last week and arranged for me to pick up the car up on my way to work Friday morning and return it Saturday lunch time.
  14. I think that, in your place, I would approach the dealer, explaining that you are about to get another Lexus yada yada yada... They may be willing to help out in some way, and at least should be able to give you a discount on the tyres. I have often bought (premium) tyres from my dealer in the past as they proved to be cheaper than anywhere else. Don't ask don't get.
  15. I took an ES on a 24 hour (well... 30 hour!) test drive. It was an F-Sport model with Takumi pack. I have to say that, while the colour scheme was under-whelming (silver/black), I was impressed with the car. The (+)... - Very smooth, quiet and comfortable - Excellent ML audio - the larger screen and the HUD display - I was impressed by the Tahara upholstery - the laminated side windows - the brilliant adaptive headlights - economy far better than that of the NX I currently drive The (-)... - the central armrest was very creaky - the all-black window switches are not as plush as the ones used in the face-lifted NX - the boot lid sensor seems far trickier to use than it should be. I was also surprised to see that the car is much cheaper than the equivalent NX while being better specc'ed (laminated side windows, larger screen, electric rear blind (I know... could not fit this onto the NX), and offering better performance and more space.