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  1. There are videos already available...
  2. In the manual that I have it is under Power Back Door on page 478 (in the chapter titled Customizable Features)
  3. I have noticed a similar improvement in MPG from the 'old' to the facelifted model. I think it may be a little quieter too.
  4. You can also check the MOT history of a car, if that is of use to you:
  5. You could also call different dealerships and see if you get the same answer.
  6. Alan, F-Sport versions with the Takumi pack or the Takumi model come with either the pan roof or a traditional sunroof although the latter is rarer. Cars with the sunroof also have the flush fitted roof rails you are familiar with. Could this be an option for you? Some examples:
  7. DanD


  8. Fair enough. I thought it was either pan roof or sun/moon roof on this spec/model year, and that 'neither' was not an option. Unfortunately, the various packs seem to change all the time, which makes it difficult to keep track. Mine has the Premier/Takumi pack and has all that you have listed, except the drivers seat memory.
  9. The car was first registered in February 2018 and was serviced two days ago. It is just over 3 years old, but only had just over 10,000 miles on the clock when I bought it in February this year.
  10. I have cancelled the extended warranty also and I am waiting for a refund. It was just a question of phoning the dealer and took no longer than 5 minutes. I was told that Lexus Relax is replacing the extended warranty, but unfortunately I did not think of asking whether all extended warranties will be cancelled and refunds issued as a matter or course, or whether it is up to car owners.
  11. The links don't work? - Just copy and paste them in your browser... Looks like the black Gatwick NX is this one: It does not have the panoramic roof, which would suggest that it has a sunroof. For that model year, it was either one or the other. There are no pictures, so you may want to enquire as to the colour of the inside. It could be black or red (I don't think the cream interior was available on 2018 F-Sports). If this is of interest to you, you may want to check whethe
  12. Current favourite: The Bonny, Gerry Cinnamon.
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