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  1. If it's due to water ingress. Easy fix is to get codes read and hope the code gives an indicator of what connector is causing the issue
  2. Servicing Costs

    Your also paying for the experience of a lexus tech, they are more familiar with the cars and know areas of common failure to inspect etc. More helpful if you have an issue you want addressed during service.
  3. A simple brake clean and grease should fix it, so long as the correct greases are used
  4. Sensor in wheel arch

    The headlamps needs adjusting
  5. Unless you have missed the 20k, you are due the 30k/3 year service which is just an oil/filter change and visual check. The intermediate will be a lot cheaper
  6. RC F Brake Pads

    Haven't had as bad an experience with them as that but the pads/discs setup I bought from EBC were very noisy and created too much dust
  7. Yuasa is available from thebatteryshop.co.uk
  8. I test station that doesn't carry our repairs is the best option if you don't have a local garage you trust
  9. RC F Brake Pads

    Yeh I was just thinking from the viewpoint of a company that needs to meet the regulations and trying to save pennies from anywhere possible. A good insight into brakes though, didn't know about the different compounds as my cars have never required that much thought into brakes. I'm a big fan of TRW parts, never had issues with them whether is to be brakes or suspension.
  10. RC F Brake Pads

    Lexus or any manufacturer will set the standard as to what they want in terms of braking performance. Without them being packaged by a manufacturer, there is a possibility that the performance is 15% less that OEM based on the regulations that have to be met. If you have high performance brakes and you complain they are noisy or squeal in the cold. They tend to have another option of brake pad from the same manufacturer that has less braking performance but is still E marked, so meet the standards of being within 15%. The changes made will cure the noise but braking performance is reduced as a result. I have seen this done by a few manufacturers and I remember this applies to one of the F cars, possibly the RC or IS but I don't remember. This is based on parts sold in the UK so if your buying them from the US, the tolerance might be different and possibly the standard that they have to reach. I don't know the ins and outs of the regulations but I thought ill mention this as some aftermarket pads are shocking. If it was possible to use the worst brake pad available by a manufacturer (using the above as an example, 15% less than the best), you could potentially have an aftermarket pad that is 70% the quality of the original top performance pad by the manufacturer. Edit: If the brake pad supplier lists the part number then it would make sense that it is tested against that pad
  11. RC F Brake Pads

    I doubt a significantly cheaper aftermarket brembo pads will be the same performance as the supplied brembo pads to Lexus.
  12. Air suspension known fault is a knocking noise from front but other than that, its a reliable setup in my experience and I see a lot of them. I personally prefer the shock/spring setup but the shocks do leak. As @rayaans mentioned, there are a lot of conventional setups on the road so may be skewed but I can only speak from my experience and tech I know and meet.
  13. Can also be interference
  14. That's right. 20/22" If you want OEM look, get the denso blades