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There is a mobile cradle attached to the front of my centre console which is obviously not original equipment.

The wiring heads behind the passenger carpet against the transmission tunnel where there is a Siemens box of electronics.

There is also a microphone just above the drivers door so this was obviously a proper hands free kit.

Siemens have not replied to my query about what phones would fit their box and so I am faced with changing it all.

Incidentally, I have no sound from the passenger front speakers so I wonder if this speaker was 'pinched' for the phone speaker.

Anyway... does anyone know if Lexus put any wiring into the loom ready for a phone and where the connectors are or if the whole job was likely to have been done by a phone fitter?

Thanks for any info.

As another aside - my radio antenna has always been stuck in the UP position since I bought it, the motor whirrs merrily but the aerial stayed up.

I was quick enough the other day to grab the aerial and shove it down.

Since then it has worked perfectly and even adjusts to different lengths for different frequencies - just as it should.

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i want do do the same thing with my phone, i want to be able to use the hand free kit with the ls400 standard??? has anyone done this??

oh yeah the problem with the aerial i had the same problem! to fix it have the arial extended fully, then put run some greece/WD40 on the length of the arial then turn off the radio and then turn it back on this will lubricate the whole arieal do this a couple of times, it will also quiten down the sound u get from the motor, i did this a couple of time and its fine!

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