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Independent Gs Servicing In The Uk

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I'm about to become the proud owner of a 1992 GS 3.0SE with 30000 miles.

The car has a full Lexus service history and I'll try and continue with this, however.....

as its 7 years old didn't cost a fortune then I'm thinking of going to a independant Lexus maintenance dealer

I'm based in Manchester (UK), does anybody know of such a garage within say a 20 mile radius.

I've seen names like Nationwide mentioned, but I'm wondering if their is something more focued on the Lexus brand.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Only suggestion I can make is to buy original parts from Lexus and find a good local garage to fit them.

Doesn't make sense IMHO to take a 7 year old car to Lexus for servicing (unless you REALLY want the dealer stamp). I source all my parts from my local Lexus dealer and also from and service my car myself. For jobs that I do not feel comfortable with I get my uncle to do those jobs- he is a mechanic/MOT tester by trade.

Just staple all reciepts for parts you buy in your service book- this is what I do. I stopped using Lexus for servicing years ago- my car is now well out of warranty.

At the end of the day your GS300 is a car- its not a spaceship. A good/local garage should be able to service it.

...And welcome to LOC.

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