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I'm having a little trouble here with my IS200 Sport, model 2001, Manual 6 Speed, 6cyl 2.0.

Yesterday i was driving in the racetrack, and suddenly the engine overheated.

I stopped the car, cut off the engine, and waited until it got colder.

note : But when i Opened the Bonnet, i say that the Water deposit lid was open and smoke was coming out

After that, I put water in the radiator, and filled up the water deposit.

Driving for some miles, i saw the temperature Gauge rising again.

Every time I drive the car, I fill it with water, and the Radiator is wasting water, I don't know where from because everything else seems to be okai.

After some investigation I saw that the radiator fans do not start automatically, unless i turn on the A/C.

Does anyone know what might have happened, what's the cause and possible solution?

Thanks in advance.

Irshad Karim


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Could be a knackered radiator mate or worse still head gasket! Check your oil filler cap for coolant/water mixing with the oil, you will have a mayonnaise type emulsion there if its the head gasket.

You need to get it to a mechanic or Lexus dealer fella.

Hope you sort it and it's not the head gasket.


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I'll check it out.

I removed the oil lever bar, and checked for oil, it seams that oil is fine. But will double check.

I hope it isn't the head Gasket :unsure:

I think it is the radiator fan not kicking.

Thanks Chris,

I'll post the status after checking


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Hi, how's it?

I think the problem has been solved.

I found out that the Radiator heat sensor wasn't working, so the thermostat wasn't opening.

The plug was disconnected, and jumped the cables in the plug directly.

The fans started and the water got cool again. Now the car is working without the sensor in the radiator, while I try looking for a new sensor, once here In Mozambique is quite difficult to find LEXUS Parts.

For now the fans are working constantly, when the key is turned to ON.

Well, for the Head Gasket, I'm still not sure, but I've made some quick tests that I saw in the Internet.

I've checked if there were any bubbles coming in the radiator. Or any Oil in the water.

All tests passed.

For now the temperature is fine, the car doesn't get hot how it used to, and the gauge never goes to the middle.

As soon as possible, I'm taking the car to Nelspruit - South Africa ( About 180 Miles from here ) to a Lexus Dealer to have it full checked up.

Any news, I'll let you know.

Thanks Chris, for your support.


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Also fella just from looking at your pic your power steering fluid looks terriable. Might just be the shadow but it shouldn't be black like that. You should be able to see where the fluid stops half way up and it should be blue or red, not black! mine looked like that when I got it. Flushed it out, cleaned it and put dextron 3 in it, it's red. Drives so much better now!

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