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What The Absolute Hell Did Lexus Leicester Do Here?


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A warning for those of you who purchase a brand new Lexus

Today I thought I would put le old private plates on.

So go and get the plate transferred done etc, had some minutes free so thought I'd pop them on.

Original plates were still on the car from 2004, fair enough!

I knew I would have a bit of trouble with the screws, however little did I predict this. The fronts came off with mole grips, thats ok.

The rear got interesting, one side after serious shoving came off. The other side wasn't having any of it.... swearing screaming nothing.

So I snapped the rear number plate off to give myself more room, more swearing and eventually the head snapped off ..................

Images say everything, I cleared up the area with some polish and I was just gob smacked what the supplying dealer had done.

Had to go with numberplate stickers :(

What should I do? I'm mostly worried about the rust's out of any sort of warranty etc so need this fixing out of my own wallet!

( I realise the car is 8 years old but the fact is, the suppliying dealer has no clue how to fix number plates on a brand new car. Regardless of the current age of the car )



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I can't quite tell exactly what's happened there? Has the number plate been screwed into the body of the car where it shouldn't?

If so it looks as tho it's bubbling with rust already! I'd speak to the dealer where you got the car from about this.

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Pretty much, I stupidly thought of taking a picture after I began putting the number plate stickers on hence the left one is covered up, still bubbling.

It looks like they just took a drill to it. The bolt is stuck in there along with the washer.

It hasn't helped that when tightinging they decided to go on full power and torque it to 800ft ! The reason I believe it was overly torqued and not corroded in was the number plate, the impression on the back spreading out wards showed that the pressure that was on the number plate from screw was too much!

Observe piccy.-

Its an 8 year old car, Lexus won't want to have anything to do with it.

This is a warning for people buying brand new cars, check the nnumberplate fittings! This has gone unnoticed on my car for a while..

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Well looks like it needs drilling out, cleaning up real good, filling, sanding then painting.

Body shop says he can either do the whole boot lid or the local area hidden behind the number plate...

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Lexus Leicester called me and said they never drill holes.

They come pre-drilled...

So then would that not be a solid claim against the 12 year corrosion warranty?

If it came from the factory like that and is now rusting 8 years on then bang to rights surely?

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