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  1. U are right it is absoloutly disgracefull he should have been charged with manslaughter MINIMUM!! The legal system is Fu**ed up, innocent people get put away!! and the real criminals run around doing more crime. NaaN
  2. Sounds like something i would do...........doh!! U done well mate keeping cool!! I like the chavs wesbite cracks me up!! lol saying that ive got a similar style cap and a dark blue mckenzie hoodie ! lol :D :D
  3. Public Humiliation can be in the form of a front page article in the local paper, and papers in the surrounding areas. Surely that would be enough to get them to keep their heads down for a while NaaN
  4. I think 3 months is a good interval although they do suggest using it only twice a year, i can definilty recommend the 3 stage, ive used it for around 6 months now with absoloutly NO complaints :)
  5. in google search, was looking for a body kit and came across team lex NaaN
  6. i agree with having insurance even tho it is getting ridiculous in price, it cost me £3500 last year (20 year old at the time) to insure my lexus, since i dont own it anymore i have a small run around which suits me fine for around the town, economical too and the insurance is £1000 which is much more afforadable. I have the need to travel long distances sometimes and borrow one of my dads cars, both mercedes, high spec powerful machines, to have me fully insured would cost approx £5000 (SL500), but luckily my insurance policy covers me third party for any car as long as i have the owners consent. I had been tempted before to drive them but i always had it in the back of my mind "what if i get pulled", "what if i crash" A crash isnt necesserily going to be my fault, but at least this way i am fully legal. Even though the policy covers damage to third party ONLY, I feel safer knowing this. I think that putting the fines higher etc will not stop drivers driving without insurance, what they need to do is enforce penaltys upon people like this, for example, prison sentence, fine, confiscation of goods/belongings to cover the costs of the fine. At least this way if someone thinks about driving without insurance they will have the threat of losing the car (if they own it) or other things like items from the house they may own or whatever. I think the laws are too lenient, which is why people think "oh yeah insurance doesnt matter" Cos they can get away with a ridiculously small fine and some points, which as mentioned before is not going to make a difference due to them not having/getting insurance anyway !!!!!! Regards NaaN