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  1. Happy Birthday jac114!

  2. I am fine mate, pop on here on the odd occasion to see whos still around and to catch up on whats going on, still missing my lex, have lost all interest in the keep tempting myself to get anothe lex, just a little disapointed still at how easily the other one wrecked, anyway back on subject, @ LEGENDSWRAITH, have you got yours saved on disc as i have my product key still just cant download the file anymore as its been taken off!!! arghh always my luck.. lol cheers craig
  3. well i am glad somebody got it to download @ 3 about 3 gig in size my download kept failing at the end.. really annoying !!! but will try again soon anyway nice to see you all on here craig
  4. Thats so funny.. Not sure which was more funny the in depth pep talk and number crunching or the fact that leeroy just went for it.. I play online games a lot but not as bad as that where you actually get down to working out your % of Craig
  5. Well hello all.. Just thought I would stick my head in.. lol Nice to see tonys lex still here and keiths Yes mine were from a toyota corolla bought at jae.. and they looked very much like the ones in the link.. I also am pretty sure the new avensis ones fit..
  6. I am using 1.0.6 explorer sucks.. I downloaded firefox ages ago after one of the members on here recomended it.. I will never go back to that microsoft s**t Craig
  7. Yes because the faster you are downloading the more processing power you need.. And that also use;s memory... Its like pass water though a 4" pipe into a 2" pipe ..(It will still go though but will take longer due to restrictions in size) Craig
  8. Well what can I say..... I have been away for a fair while now enjoying life as a rover owner yeah right.. anyway thought I would visit all my mates in here and the first thread I come across is this s**t .. I thought this all packed up mths and mths ago... I suppose its just a forum thing.. and comes to a head every once in a while.. anyway its nice to see a healthy Craig
  9. I stripped down my wheels to the bare alloy on my mk1 and used 2 coats white primer 3 coats graphite grey alloy wheel spray then 3 coats clear coat.. it was quite a while ago and theres a topic in here about it.. and the if you find it you will no what i mean about the craig
  10. Yeah happy birthday mate.. 2nd Nos bottle for you... all the best Craig
  11. well I am supporting them.. bit late now i guess.... there will eb even more bargains to be had now.. should of held off and got a nice new 75 model
  12. Well I have the best of both worlds .. a ps2 and a xbox.. i only kept the ps2 coz gt4 was comming out in a years time and i am glad i did keep it.. fantastic game.. and I truely do hope forza is as good.. if its better i will be amazed but i will not discount it before playing it.. anyway I was told at thw weekend that it is 22nd april and have a copy resevered.. :@) Craig
  13. what did i miss about the computer driving???
  14. I can also say with confidence that this has got to be the best club I have ever been in.. and know first hand on how generous and helpful L.O.C Members are.. so much so that I am still here and I dont have the Lex anymore but I dont wish to lose contact with those people I have met through here and still wish to help when I can, I can say that the MG-ROVER org is not as freindly.. But not that bad though Craig
  15. Yes i need to bee in a I love the rumbles all against all but not that now a 4 been hooked on it..just dont know how it only takes somebody 3 shots to kill me with the same gun i have when i am blasting at them and nothing is You will see me on theer under boinicmad
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