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  1. Well, my IS200SE finally goes to a new owner tomorrow morning, spent today cleaning her up. It's been a good 3 years and 62,000 miles, no real problems (apart from the dodgy LPG conversion). Things I'll miss about my IS: heated mirrors (new car doesn't have them) heated seats (ditto) excellent brakes (ditto) 6 cylinder growl/howl Things my new car has that the Lexus doesn't: 300bhp 4 wheel drive flat four burble ;) I probably won't be returning to the Lexus fold, not because it was a bad car, but because luxury motoring doesn't suit me, I prefer something with a raw edge to it. Be seeing you now...
  2. Many thanks to Chris Shipley, I now have a new rear light! Cheers Chris, very much appreciated.
  3. It's funny, my sister asked me if I missed the luxury and I said "What when I'm in a 4 wheel drift going round a roundabout I'm going to need heated seats?" :P Nearly 300 horses and amazing handling and that "raw" feel? It talks to me in a way that the Lex just never quite managed, I'm afraid.
  4. I've got a 93 Subaru Impreza WRX. Knocking on for about 290bhp. I used to think the Lexus handled well ;)
  5. I've been trying. Finally got an offer on it, the guy is supposed to be coming on Sunday with cash. Typical, huh?
  6. I went over to the real Dark Side: Scoobynet, due to the arrival of my '93 WRX ;)
  7. I've just reversed my car into a skip Anyone got a rear drivers side lense cover thingy for an IS200 (clear)? Or does anyone know where I can get one cheap?
  8. I never really got the TC to come on in a straight line, but I found it more of a hindrance when conering very fast, I ended up over correcting because the TC was trying to stop the skid as well.
  9. There was no "all of the above" option? :?:
  10. So, let me get this straight: you like the music and you're a Mac user? Step this way please sir... LOL, only kidding, welcome to Team Lexus ;)
  11. It's actually silver, not green :D I think I will come to JAE (not definite yet) but I want to hang with the Lexus group, don't make me hang around with the Scooby boys, they all think they're Rally Champions, LOL
  12. Higher petrol costs: yup, ready but actually not much worse than the Lexus Higher Insurance: damn, you ain't kidding, twice the price of Lexus insurance Higher parts costs: If I can ever find parts for my Jap import, LOL. You forgot crappy interior from hell, not even a bloody clock! Oh, and the important one: bigger grin on my face :P
  13. damn, can I change my vote? I said Tuesday, but everyone else said Monday and Monday is cool with me too ;)
  14. Well, lmost since the day this forum started, I've been talking about selling the Lexus and getting something with more grunt, well I've now done 1 out of 2! Meet my new baby, Wrexy: Now I really need to sell the IS, just to afford the insurance on the Scoob! I believe the official term for what I've done is a "Reverse Chris Shipley" LOL
  15. colour-blindness sucks. I wanna laugh at the green tyres too, but I can't see them :(