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  1. Saying Farewell...

    Well, my IS200SE finally goes to a new owner tomorrow morning, spent today cleaning her up. It's been a good 3 years and 62,000 miles, no real problems (apart from the dodgy LPG conversion). Things I'll miss about my IS: heated mirrors (new car doesn't have them) heated seats (ditto) excellent brakes (ditto) 6 cylinder growl/howl Things my new car has that the Lexus doesn't: 300bhp 4 wheel drive flat four burble ;) I probably won't be returning to the Lexus fold, not because it was a bad car, but because luxury motoring doesn't suit me, I prefer something with a raw edge to it. Be seeing you now...
  2. Aww, nuts!

    Many thanks to Chris Shipley, I now have a new rear light! Cheers Chris, very much appreciated.
  3. missing member(s)

    It's funny, my sister asked me if I missed the luxury and I said "What when I'm in a 4 wheel drift going round a roundabout I'm going to need heated seats?" :P Nearly 300 horses and amazing handling and that "raw" feel? It talks to me in a way that the Lex just never quite managed, I'm afraid.
  4. Aww, nuts!

    I've got a 93 Subaru Impreza WRX. Knocking on for about 290bhp. I used to think the Lexus handled well ;)
  5. Aww, nuts!

    I've been trying. Finally got an offer on it, the guy is supposed to be coming on Sunday with cash. Typical, huh?
  6. missing member(s)

    I went over to the real Dark Side: Scoobynet, due to the arrival of my '93 WRX ;)
  7. Aww, nuts!

    I've just reversed my car into a skip Anyone got a rear drivers side lense cover thingy for an IS200 (clear)? Or does anyone know where I can get one cheap?
  8. I never really got the TC to come on in a straight line, but I found it more of a hindrance when conering very fast, I ended up over correcting because the TC was trying to stop the skid as well.
  9. Big Brother Contestant Polls

    There was no "all of the above" option? :?:
  10. Whats the music in the new tv ad?

    So, let me get this straight: you like the music and you're a Mac user? Step this way please sir... LOL, only kidding, welcome to Team Lexus ;)
  11. Leaving the Lexus fold

    It's actually silver, not green :D I think I will come to JAE (not definite yet) but I want to hang with the Lexus group, don't make me hang around with the Scooby boys, they all think they're Rally Champions, LOL
  12. Leaving the Lexus fold

    Higher petrol costs: yup, ready but actually not much worse than the Lexus Higher Insurance: damn, you ain't kidding, twice the price of Lexus insurance Higher parts costs: If I can ever find parts for my Jap import, LOL. You forgot crappy interior from hell, not even a bloody clock! Oh, and the important one: bigger grin on my face :P
  13. What night should be chat night

    damn, can I change my vote? I said Tuesday, but everyone else said Monday and Monday is cool with me too ;)
  14. Leaving the Lexus fold

    Well, lmost since the day this forum started, I've been talking about selling the Lexus and getting something with more grunt, well I've now done 1 out of 2! Meet my new baby, Wrexy: Now I really need to sell the IS, just to afford the insurance on the Scoob! I believe the official term for what I've done is a "Reverse Chris Shipley" LOL
  15. green tyre brigade

    colour-blindness sucks. I wanna laugh at the green tyres too, but I can't see them :(