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  1. i was laughing big style on that one!
  2. I have added some settings to the cookies... please let me know if it kicks you out again seemed ook for me as i was logged straight back in again this morning.
  3. Im in the wrong occupation time I flattened some chickens with my car and earn a packet.
  4. well i have taken into consideration on peoples behaviour in regards to stars etc. So I have decided to launch "Chocky Chunks" instead. No one is special now... The more you post the more "Chocky Chunks" you get .. simple as that.
  5. test this poll out on the new forum
  6. well we will work on something nice for todays posts. The whole forum is on new software and a brand new server. I would like everyone to know that we could not have done all of this without the help of Emrul (GCHQAgent) who has worked on this forums for the last few days and compiled all of the data on his forums since gone 3 am yestarday and must have out over 20 hours of work. Emrul has worked extrememly hard to save the forum data and I wanted to acknowledge his fine work and how helpful Emrul was. I did work too
  7. this is coming up.. it is at the bottom right of the screen at the moment.. but in hesitation to get the boards up the good features are not yet enabled.
  8. Sorry guys for the forum up and down like a yoyo Seem to be suffering with the templaes crashing and just dying on us for no apparent reason. Things will be looking rather basic for a few days.
  9. from marks post it is a twin turbo
  10. Dr snuggles Danger mouse Super Ted Rosie and Jim (hated) bagpuss Hartley Hare loads to mention
  11. his keyboard skill are not upto scratch! :duh:
  12. The club wants to be the first to do an editorial on this...
  13. We would be interested in seeing that Nemesis. please give us a spec sheet of modifications as we would all be interested in taking a look at your project. Ie When did you start, what have you done so far, whats next and a wish list etc. Also what does Nemesis Performance Ltd do? Do you specialise in Lexus performance tuning? cheers
  14. Moderators get more stars If someone has problems with their rankings then please email me. everyone has the same as each other.