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  1. Happy Birthday NicoLoco - IS 200 Turbo!

  2. Hi guys! Well. I hereby nominate the phrase "running fine" for "the overstatement of the year-award" I am not interested in a discussion, so I'm not gonna say anything else. Wanna say hi to all friends in here at the same time!
  3. Thanks, Yemgi! Will definately give him a shout. Haven't seen any pics of his install except for the boot.
  4. Hi friends and (h)foes! Here's a tricky one. Any of you got a 3-way component set fitted in your IS 200? I have a 2002 IS 200 and need some help in terms of how to fit my speakers. I have a Focal 165 K3P set in need of fitting. The speakers are rather deep when mounted. Anyways... Anybody got any pics of other peoples installs? I am well aware of the fact that fiberglass will be the possibly only way to go.
  5. Hi, mate! You asking about my car? :) Have some problems with it, not running as it is supposed to. Have arragned for the car to be looked at by professionals this time! :) Want this coilover-set, however I can imagine shipping as a liability! :) Anybody in here going to Norway this summer? :D
  6. Hi. I do feel that I can't travel 1900 km's just to find out that papers aren't in order. Please understand my concern. Thank you for posting the invoice. Please send to: "My name" Lars Thorings veg 22 9006 Tromso - norway I don't think anybody likes being called names, I do want to add that I post facts and not fiction, I can support my facts, and the law supports my claims, as you probably know.
  7. I am still considering option 1 and 2, I am just waiting for the requested documentation, as it is a very important part of my descision. My overall budget was 9k, yes. I have had ICE for approx 2k sent to you, Dave. Please send me an invoice. I do feel harrassed now beeing called a liar, however I am not going to go that route, and I hope that we can leave namecalling out of this story.
  8. I asked for: Turbo Conversion CO2 ICE I have Turbo conversion Exhaust Fuel Line upgrade (?) Clocks Tinted windows gauges. turbo timer boost controller
  9. haha, That is not all that has been done though. The prolex website stated 5k for the conversion, however after I had delivered the car I was informed that price was wrong (?), other bits have been fitted aswell. I have been told that the fuelline upgrade (which I was told I needed, and was not told of cost) was a complete waste, and i have had little to say on what has been done. This has become quite a situation...
  10. ______________________________________________________________ I have now posted recent replies here. I am astonished that my questions remain unanswered.. :( Wish I could get some answers... This is hard for me guys... Norway is far from England, and I just want to have everything in order for me to travel again. I do understand if I seem hard to satisfy, however there have been made no tries to satisfy me before, and I feel I am recieveing the same treatment now.
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: dave ellen [mailto:*************] Sent: 19. desember 2006 12:49 To: Nicolai Sørensen Subject: Re: This ordeal. Nico, I have made my offer(s) to you. Let me know which one you want to take up. I've looked at the comments made by you and needless to say do not agree with any of them. I too have emails, from you, which support my refuting many of your comments in particular the budget. Option 1 meets all your conditions in my view. The sooner you let me know when you are dropping the car off at Stanstead the sooner we can move on. I have also made the situaltion clear regarding documentation which will be provided to you when you get to Stanstead. If you want to go for option 2 then send the binnacle over and we will look at it and return it within 24 hours. Dave On 12/19/06, Nicolai Sørensen <> wrote: Also; am I fault in these errors? Or do you take responsibility for the errors? From: dave ellen [mailto:*************] Sent: 19. desember 2006 15:28 To: Nicolai Sørensen Subject: Re: This ordeal. Nico, Choose option 1 or 2 please. I disagree with everything you say. You know the facts but seem to incapable of remembering them. One example you said the car had done 1000kms to me a few days ago it is now 2500kms. The car did not even cover the 1000km you allege as the binnacle was removed within 10 days of the car being dropped off and not refitted until shortly before you collected the car. Mileage is recorded in the speedo which is in the binnacle. How can you possibly make that statement and expect it to have any credibility ? You also mention the heated seat. We did not touch the seat in ant way whatsover. You bought the car in the summer had you ever tried them ? could be there is a faulty Lexus component. Anyway as I said above and have said repeatedly before choose what option you want and I will take the approriate discussed previously. On 12/19/06, Nicolai Sørensen <> wrote: I had driven 63200 km’s when I dropped the car off. Does this mean that you have added mileage to my car without the clocks in place? Would think you had informed me about that before you did it. Mileage was above 66000 when I picked up the car, please find out where my KM’s have gone. I was kind enough to say that 1000 km was more than you could possibly account for, if that is not what you understood than I apologize my way of putting myself. As mentioned earlier I would like to see requested documentation before I eventually drop the car off with you guys. Is that unreasonable? The heated seats were tested upon purchase. Nico, I have explained about the speedo reading. Read what I say again. Your original speedo reading must have been mistaken. On documentation. I have told you what will happen, several times my position will not change. Let me know when you propose to come over (3 dates required as we are getting booked up after christmas) and I'll get everything in place Dave
  12. IN aksing the following i ensure my own safety: - Valid proof of traders insurance covering my car when it is in your posession. - Copy of drivers licence belonging to everyone that will drive my car when it is in your posession. I should have asked for it before. Would like to refer to this thread for clarification. Hi, I am sorry for not making it clear enough. This is the mail I sent yesterday. Still awaiting reply, though.