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    I have one for sale if you are interested. ThE_WiLeY
  2. Hi, the guys name is Nic, he's a trader on the MKIV Supra forum, who is located in Hong Kong, he's been around a while, and is a well respected person on there. A few of the Aristo owners on here, who have come from Supras, I'm sure will recommend him aswell. He can supply OEM through to pretty much anything, like fascia plates to coilovers. His email is Mention the LOC and he'll look after us. No need to be a Gold Member. How did you get on fitting yours as I got one from Nic too, I have had the standard radio out but could not find anywhere to clip the facia surround to, also my single din cd player would not line up with the mounting holes.
  3. the_wiley


    Cheers for that, got a brand new Aristo Rad from the local Oxford Toyota Dealer today for £300 suprised they had one as I only ordered it yesterday. ThE_WiLeY
  4. the_wiley


    Chips, It is the radiator as you say. I tried araldite but it is still leaking from behind the araldite. Where can I get a rad from ? Is it the same as the Supra ? Cheers ThE_WiLeY
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    Had it checked. The radiator has a hairline crack along the top. Been advised to use Araldite Rapid Red so am going to try later.
  6. the_wiley


    My Aristo TT has just started making a squeeling sound that gets louder when I rev the car. I noticed it just as I got home from work. I only do 6 miles from work to home & did not thrash it. I also noticed a bit of steam coming from out the sides of the bonnet so I lifted the bonnet and saw splash marks on the inside of the bonnet near the battery & noticed a smell of radiator fluid. I looked down near where all the pulleys are between the rad & engine & the sound seemed louder towards the battery. I called a friend who is a mechanic & he said it sounds like the bearings have gone on the water pump. I also noticed the radiator overflow tank looked a bit low. The steaming has stopped now but not the noise. Also the temperature guage is in the middle where it normally is. The car has done 85k. If it is the pump, where can I get one ? also how much ? also how big a job is it to do ? How long can I drive it like this as it is my only car ?
  7. Thanks for the info. Just one more question what oil should I be putting in ?
  8. Sorry for asking a dumb question but where can I getan oil filter for my MK1 Aristo 2JZGTE
  9. My 95 Aristo TT only come with one key. The main dealer wanted £140 for one but he told me where to get one for £10 - a local locksmith who scanned my key into a computer control cutting machine then he put a blank into the machine which produced a replica of mine. Only thing is the new key will not unlock the doors nor does mine have a transponder immobiliser in the key fob, but that don't matter cos I had a Cat 1 remote alarm immobiliser fitted to the car anyway.
  10. I have had the Aristo MK1 for nearly 2 months now & am itching to change the Radio as the CD player jumps a lot, also the sound quality is not too cracking. Will the headunit out of a MK2 be compatible with the amp or not ? Also has anyone changed the speakers ? if so what size are they. Also has anyone changed the 12" sub in the rear shelf as I think mine has perished as I managed to put my finger through the flexi part around the outside. Thanks ThE_WiLeY
  11. My Mk1 Aristo TT has an air purifier ? Maybe it is just the MK1 that has it ?
  12. Does anyone know of a cure for my speedo as the dials light up fine from cold but once I have had the car running for 10 minutes they flicker then eventually go black hence I cannot see what speed I am doing. Surely it must just be a bulb or LED that needs replacing ?
  13. I am impressed with the amount of information on here & how helpful people are. ThE_WiLeY
  14. I have been on here over a month now & not said hello in the right area yet. I have posted questions already. I am new to all this forum stuff so please be patient with me. Anyway here are some pics of my car.