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  1. you dont need a huge exhaust for big gains once the pipe from the manifold back is straight and about 2.5" for na 3" for turbo ud be fine the hks silent is a lovely one if you can find one.
  2. the lexus cars running in the btcc have beams engines running 290bhp from na. prolex have the list of parts needed to get to this power
  3. elexes


    sorry to break this to ya but by the looks of things your washer fluid container is also ****** :P glad your ok and it can all be repaired
  4. mines gone ive put a metal sheet in its place. next year im hoping to get a fule cell and move stuff into the boot. so i need it to act as a firewall
  5. are you leaving in the ski hatch ?
  6. this forum must be pritty quiet these days. have a look at all the wires around your head unit for ones that arent properly taped up. i had this problom with another car 2 wires werent taped up correctly and cause the problom
  7. as have i done a rr before i got any engine work done to the car and have one after. they werent done by the same people but i hope to go back to the origional dyno center to get the car retested
  8. note what seems to be a alien space ship in the background ... like i have to win i found et's car also ! i would vote Niraj but something tells me his car is now butchered
  9. Some times under gay circumstances, Dynos arnt setup right for the car type or engine type.. However the better one is .. Dynos are Not 100% accurate in telling you your HP.. Its all about calibration, some dynos over read.. other underread... :) been many an argument on dyno outputs on here........ Wouldnt call it an argument ;) More like a heated discussion! over this side of the water people have been up on court because of it
  10. id of liked to enter but my car is ...... o wat 31 days in this month .... ill be snapping tonight
  11. cda on the dunboyne - summerhill road. have to say they know my altezza inside out by now
  12. looks like it was a tuff one . hope you all had fun
  13. 330 ;) ye i know but i like my engine. tho im keeping my mind open for idea's. theres a few different engines thats cropped into my mind
  14. ya see i want more torque and bhp getting to the 400bhp 500 torque would be a dream ..... i know impossible but id love to get it that way as i dont see having loads of bhp that ill never use any good
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