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  1. Happy Birthday TomCooper!

  2. woa cheers for your help, i suppose with the market the way it is all cars have dropped in price alot. cheers
  3. nice, yea mines got a fair few more miles on it, not so bad i'm just gonan hang on to the car, leave it as it is, i'd loose more selling it.
  4. alot of help you guys are... been on autotrader and there aint another is200 sport nav with simular colour and milage. also if you check some other threads people are selling stuff via ebay links, dont see there posts being deleted, whats the big deal i just want an idea of price, im not putting my car up for sale because i dont know if i want to ell it, all depends on how much i can get for it. never known anything like it
  5. yea but that was with mods, im talkign about standard, and this is purely for insurance quotes, not to sell it in the slightest.
  6. its a lexus is200 sport navigator in granite sky, has 120k on the clock and its either an x reg or v reg, not to sure. its in good condition and will be totally standard. just want to get an idea for insurane purposes... not to sell it.
  7. lol cool, and i thought i was mad for spending £1k on my whole system!!!!
  8. hi, i haven't been following this post all the way through... but wouldn't you of been better off with 2 smaller turbos off of each side?
  9. 580.... what makes them taht expensive???? they made of gold or something :P
  10. yea i could do, but ive kinda ignored the warning light now lol.. im not sure what your doing with your wiring mate, its a prettty simple circuit, i just connected the red and black wire to the plus and negative of the rear light on the parcel shelf, keep it in parallel with rear buld and they will both work... you cant really get it wrong, if you get it back to front try it the other way around and it should work fine... (thats if the colours arn't clear) i dont know for what reason your trying to connect the wire to the fog light?
  11. all you need now is to drop it on some 18's :D then it'll look the nuts er.... ive got the same spoiler, ive wired it to the centre light on the parcel shelf... and i unplugged the buld from the centre light so i dont have 4 lights light up at the back and i get a brake warning light come up on my dash now. if you leave the rear light in it will be fine... does anyone know how to get rid of the warnign light from the dash?
  12. there not d2, ive got a set and there a cheap end brand or springs, and the purple on the d2 is different :P
  13. yea like in there 60's and 70's all poodleing around at 20mph below the speedlimit lol
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