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  1. hi all my headlights are flashing to the beat of me tunes,so wot do we reckon split charge ? power cap ? or a new alternator? cheers all
  2. or thiers they may have a link or a post
  3. wot do you reckon for the IS sealed or ported,im runing two 12in JL sealed on a mono block kenwood wanna of the 1200w jobs but i still need more bass it pops open the petrol flap if i crank it lol right up,ive removed the ski hatch but dose'nt seem to make much diff? any ideas
  4. my bass keeps pop'in open the petrol cap anyone got any ideas how to stop this besides turn it down
  5. have you tried but watch out for shipping charges
  6. same as you mate i reckon that if you use the other two wires it should sort it out,im cheatin and using my own amp that way i should have control over the full range
  7. does anyone no the shade of silver the wheels are on a standard IS? or the best colour touch up to use
  8. yep got the new ones but their 4 wires and i no only to use two but witch two is their two for high and two for low or dont it matter wot ones i use
  9. hi all how do i get the rear speakers out of my IS200 does the grills pop off or does the shelf have to come out either way could some explain how to do it cheers
  10. help please im going insane trying to find a iso adaptor harness so i can fit my head unit but cant find one,if no one else makes them how does everyone else do it i really dont want to cut the loom cheers
  11. try adjusting the fade to the front more worked for me ?
  12. voodoohill dont forget mate that your get stung £23 by uk customs as well,what seems cheap at the time turns out not be it cost me £95 in the end to have mine
  13. no the autotoys one is ment to come from the second plug on the head unit as pre-out
  14. i asked them and they wouldnt refund any of it,do you mean by re-wire that run new cables to the speakers allround ? on the other hand sextons say they cut the loom and re-wire wots their in a hour they reckon that they have done a few already, who would think cars this new putting an after market head unit would be such a nightmare