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  1. I have a set of H&R lowering springs for sale..
  2. I have some H&R lowering springs if your interested..
  3. Thanks for the replies, yep, was thinking the same start adjusting the coilover at different height at each side to compansate to the uneven weight distribution of the car.. just wanted to make sure if it's ok to do that and also how the everyone else on here have done theirs..
  4. A question for those with coilovers, On my IS i have the BC Racing coilovers, have noticed that the ride height is not equal, drivers side front is slightly higher than the passenger front, and drivers side rear is lower than the passenger rear, (I noticed the same when i had the lowering springs on) The coilovers were set to equal gap before they were put on, the question is how do i get equal height?, do i adjust the coilover gap to different height settings or adjust the spring tension adjuster to set equal height? how have you guys equal your ride height? Coils were fitted by Charleswo
  5. imi


    Hi all I got a hit & run job on lex a month ago, luckily driver was caught couple of days ago after the accident, car has been written off, but have bought it back off the insurance to repair, it's all one sided damage, so the parts needed are: Passenger front wing Passnger front door Passenger rear door also a TRD Skirt passenger side.. am rining around scrapyards, but the TRD Skirt is going to be a dealer job.. as need a fitting kit with it!! any help towards this be appreciated, currently driving a Vectra (bit crap) wnat lex back on the road asap.. Imi
  6. BC are good, i got a set on mine too... Where have you sourced 18" BBS LMs from, i've been trying to source a set but no luck.. Ta
  7. Hi people, Need some help on what size spacers to get, the IS is lowered on coils, but the wheels look tucked in at the back, so i want to get them to fit in line with the rear arch, i will be rolling the arches anyway and lowering the car a bit more. My current setup is Inovit ST6 alloys 18x7.5, with 40 offset all round (me thinks) so what size spacers should i get?? I have seen some H&R-Hubcentric spacers 20mm though, (had a word with Simon at Charlesworth motors he says 15mm would be better) what would i need?? 20mm or 15mm at the rear? and 10mm at the front?? help appreciated I h
  8. :tsktsk: :tsktsk: :tsktsk: As the title says, i have lost the one and only key i had for the IS200... Any idea what can be done?? I am currently trying to source another set of locks ECU and keys from a scrapyard, have also spoken to some locksmiths. Option they gave was to get another key from the Dealers and they would re flash the ECU and programme the new key + transponder to work. but some locksmiths say thats its a dealer job only and the dealers are quoting £1500 :shutit: :shutit:
  9. John, The IS was on HKS coilovers at the time, and wheels are KHAN RS-S 18" i don't think these are available anymore.
  10. here's what it was like when i sold it.. will have to change my sig
  11. hahahahahahaaha :zee: Thats my old car.. i sold that 3 to 4 year ago.. i had a feeling it was in Scotland, last time i saw a pic of it was on Still going strong.. Posty PM'd you, ignore it.
  12. Mine was giving me an Error #1 for a while, but then i changed a CD it came up with Error #3, so i removed the Head unit, opened it up took out the 6 CDs in there, cleaned up the cd lens, put it back together and fitted back in.. (30 mins all togther) been working fine for the past 6 weeks... Give it a ago, its pretty easy to do..
  13. Hi Jason, my set has arrived, not opened them as they at mates house. much appreciated for sorting them out, hope your well tho. thanks
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