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  1. I cant wait for the new GS to come out.. But I thought they would have done away with the slow azz 3.0 and atleast went with a 3.3 or 3.5...
  2. What's up Richie?? I haven't heared from you in awhile... How's things??
  3. Yeah, I remember that grim that stayed stuck on my face when I put my intake on.. And also I couldn't stop mashing the pedal either.. I mean for days I was stomping it because I didn't want to stop hearing the roar.... :D
  4. Thanks guys.. I've been trying real hard to have one of the nicest cars around and in the process I had to listen to my wife b!tch and moan about parts always coming to the house and me always spending time in the driveway fixing and installing parts.. Man but in the end it all pays off.. Thanks again guys... :D Oh one more thing, the wax I use is from ZAINO BROTHERS... Do a search and you'll find it...