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  1. Bye Bye RX300. Welcome GS 450h. My new baby, GS450h, will arrive in June.
  2. Are you absolute sure ? I though about buying GS450h. But if this is true, I will rather wait for the GS460.
  3. It seems to have new navi, new mark levinson, and new transmission. RX 350 – European Premiere On sale throughout Europe in April 2006, the Lexus RX 350 further refines driving pleasure through the class-leading performance of a new 3.5 litre V6 petrol powerplant. Equipped with an ultra-smooth, 5-speed automatic transmission, this outstanding powertrain offers increased power and torque of 203 kW/276 DIN hp at 6,200 rpm and 342 Nm at 4,700rpm whilst reducing fuel consumption by some 8% over the previous RX 300. Enhanced Noise Vibration and Harshness measures result in even further reduction in noise levels at all vehicle speeds, whilst the new luxury SUV also features a new Mark Levinson Premium audio system, as well as a new, highdefinition and fast response Lexus Navigation System.
  4. RX350 will be available Europe in March. RX300 is obsolute, you cannot even order one anymore. RX350 has 276HP and 0-100km/h time is 7.8s so it is somewhat faster than RX400h. RX350 should have 6-speed transmission and the new generation navi like in IS250. RX350 may have the keyless entry as well. RX400h will probably be updated soon with 3.5L engine (-> RX450h ?) and get new navi and keyless entry.
  5. 276HP, 0-100km/h 7.8s
  6. I hope that the Lexus will provide the fix for the problem for all European RX300's not just for GB. I am living in Finland and have had the same problem from the very beginning, I bought the car in June 2004.
  7. All new Lexuses as well as Toyota Avensis and Corolla can read CD-Text, that's why the "Text" button is there for.
  8. I sometimes move the car a little in the parking lot or so, I don't need to wear the belt when doing it and I don't need the annoying beep to remind me about it. I still remember to belt on when I am driving without the BEEP BEEP BEEP. Well, I though I just share the info since some people obviously don't like the beeping too much.
  9. I just discovered how to disable the annoying seatbelt not on "beep beep beep BEEP BEEP BEEP". I thought I could share the info with you guys. 1) Turn the Power ON 2) Set trip meter to "ODO" 3) (you may need to Power OFF at this point) 4) Turn the Power ON 5) Hold down the ODO/Trip button for 10 seconds 6) While keeping the ODO/Trip button down, put the driver seatbelt on. 7) You will see b_on / b_off choice in the ODO meter, make your choice with the ODO/Trip button It works in RX300 (I've done it) and Toyota Avensis.
  10. I've got Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta 4, size 235/60/18, original 5-spoke 18" Lexus RX wheels. Works great here in Finland! We already have ice & snow.
  11. 255/45/19 matches the original tire size 235/55/18 better. 8" is fine for 245 and 255.
  12. 255/45/19 matches the original tire size 235/55/18.
  13. TTE 19x8" wheels have offset 33 and they recommend tire size 255/45. I was thinking getting a set of those for my RX. It seems like Pirelli is the only tyre manufacturer that has the exactly correct tyre size (255/45/19).
  14. I want to give this list to other RX300 users. I was experiencing some difficulties when sourcing new Winter tires for my RX300. These tyre sizes should be ok: Original 17x6.5" wheels: 225/60R17 (default in Europe) 225/65R17 (default in North-America) 235/65R17 (Lexus recommended winter tire size in North-America) Original 18x7" wheels: 235/55R18 (default in Europe and North-America) 235/60R18 (My winter setup, using Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta SUV. This size should be ok for summer tires also, but it depends of the tire tolerance, since it's getting near to the spring saddle in the rear, there is about 5-7mm space above the tire with my Winter tires. The tolerance of a tire is +/- 10mm) TTE 19x8" wheels (or any 19x8" wheel with offset 33): 255/45R19 (TTE recommended tire size) You should be able to put 20" also, but I don't know the wheel width nor offset nor tire size.