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  1. well there's no dealer near me and i'm not paying halfrauds prices. happy with the new battery and the bosch brand.
  2. got it from mylocal andrew page depot. cost 57 quid in vat as im not actually a trade account.
  3. lol - just got a call from supplier - they ballsed up and sent wrong battery - I needed the S4 024 battery Mystery solved !
  4. Hope someone can help me sort out what's the issue with my new battery. The originals has died so I ordered a Bosch S4 to replace it - got given an S4 027. The problem is that the terminals seem to be the wrong way around on it - it when I put it in so that that the terminals are nearest to the bulkhead, the negative post terminal is nearer to the centre of the car - ie the termnal connection with the red cover on (usually a god indication it's positive !) and this the negative connection next to the wing would be being connectoed to the terminal post marked positive ! Have I been given the wrong battery ?
  5. I can recommend Motor Masters on the School Lane Ind estate in Walton Le Dale - they look after my IS200 for me. Also on the ind estate is WRC (Wheel Repair Company) who I use to do my wheel re-furbs.
  6. One of the few advantages of getting old is getting cheaper insurance, do me for about £240ish. An advantage with them is if you do the occaisional short trip of up to 3 days in Europe, you don't need to inform them that you're going, and you stay at fully comp rather than 3rd party. Nev hmm not sure how to take that :eerrrmm: - I am 'only' 32 (33 in August) - when I asked A-plan if they would match it, they said no chance and actually said it's probably an end of month deal, and advised me to buy it now !
  7. I had to re-insure my IS200 yesterday (well it's due on the 14th of May but I may as well get the bank account hit big in one swoop with the car tax of £210) 02 Reg IS200 Se, 13,000 miles (10k for business use) worth about £6k + no mods Clean licence and 8yrs protected no claims, access to another car, parked on a driveway in a PR5 postcode I managed to get a pant-wettingly good premium of £325 (inc legal cover) from Privilege yesterday by using GoCompare. Asked A-plan if they could shift & match it from their renewal quote of £455, which they couldn't.
  8. don;t suppose you have the mudguard from the front drivers side do you ?
  9. Somehow my driver side front mudlfap is flapping about - guess it's time for a new one, so looking for a drivers side one or will buy a pair of fronts if need be, thanks !
  10. very impressed with the HIDS-Direct kit - ordered friday arrived this morning. Took me about 40 minutes to fit - mainly due to the passenger side being an arse to get the loom wire to have enough length to connect to the ballast. Very happy in that the connectors were wired up the right way as well so that saved me fart arsing about with the pins. The only headache I had was gently cutting the tape of the loom to get the extra inches i needed ! Ballasts are stuck on with very heavy duty double sided pads - they're not going anywhere. Waiting till it gets dark now to go and see how good they look in real use !
  11. I've just gone for a 4.3k kit on Ebay from - seems to be a pretty decent looking kit and localish enough to throw it back at them if I have a problem with it. I guess I just have to persuade my missus (who has small hands) to fit the passenger side ballast !
  12. ***** Tom's done alright for himself - I remember meeting him through the celica club in 2003 and he was starting this up then - looks like it's really taken off !
  13. I have halfords brake paint in blue on my silver Celica. Really stands out - sort of like a Samco hose blue.
  14. I have my '99 Celica GT which is modded as my weekend fun beast. The IS it the mile muncher through the week.
  15. hmm I'm due new boots soon, so I might pop down there and see what they can do for me before getting expensive tyres - my steering wheel points slightly off centre when going straight so I hope this can be rectified as well. This really bugs me !!
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