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  1. Welcome Kevin Looks and sounds like you have found a really nice example, hope it gives you many miles of faithful service, enjoy.
  2. 😱 It looks bad enough in the pictures, I'd hate to think what it looks like in the flesh....... "Good from far, far from good".
  3. By way of an update. In the end I took a punt on a used pair from ebay, the seller was breaking his GS450h. Including P+P they cost me £35, they are now fitted and the bonnet longer drops onto my head! Appreciate everyone's input and help👍
  4. Thanks Colin, useful information, I'll keep that in mind if I use RockAuto👍
  5. Welcome on board Ian.👍
  6. Probably more chance of finding a Unicorn, but one can live in hope.........................🙏 Wanted: Bonnet for Gen3 GS ideally paint code 9AB (Dark Purple Pearl) Must be in very good condition with no corrosion along the front, leading edge. Or, if anyone knows of one. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Steve. I have emailed SGS who replied quickly which is a good sign, slightly concerned if they send repaired/re-gassed struts and they are faulty (as your 1st set) I will have a second lot of P+P but not ruled them out as they seem to have good feedback. Looked on RockAuto as well and a pair of Sachs Struts shipped will be around £30ish (could be more if it customs get involved). Both options far more affordable than OEM. Thanks everyone👍
  8. Cheers John, good arguments for aftermarket👍 This was my thinking, aside from mark-up I'm struggling to justify OEM on this occasion, will investigate RockAuto. Thanks for the link, will look into these.......any drama's with fitment or fitting? Cheers Rich👍 Again, will look into SGS, thanks for your input.
  9. My GS430 bonnet struts are getting a little tired.........OEM or aftermarket, what are peoples experience? I nearly always replace items with genuine Lexus parts but having been quoted £135 per side I'm undecided.
  10. Very much appreciate your offer Steve but have no idea what the differences might be, I'm guessing they won't be at all similar, but would welcome someone with more knowledge to share their thoughts.
  11. Hi Jim and welcome to the club. Try Lexus Birmingham via ebay, I bought my mine from them and it was around £530 and had my mate who runs his own garage fit it for around £30. Lexus Bristol who I use to service my car quoted more but it was nowhere near £1300. The part consists of two back boxes plus the Y section. Best wishes in getting it sorted.
  12. Sorry for late reply. I was hoping to find a second hand one but will keep you in mind, thanks for post/help.
  13. I'm not really sure I do want to sell it, I love the car and the Lexus brand, but I am toying with the idea for a number of reasons, hence my query about it's possible value.