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  1. A warm welcome to the club John and of course to Lexus ownership. I hope your car gives you many happy and enjoyable miles.
  2. Many thanks for the kind words Len Nick Abraham, my local Chips Away man arrived as promised (always a good sign) Very pleasant and easy to deal with, so I'm going ahead with the boot lid and bumper repairs. Total including vat is £384. Don't have a date as yet but will update the thread when progress has been made.
  3. Update: I have contacted my local Chips Away chap and he's coming round to look at the car and work involved this afternoon, so watch this space. Very true Len, a moments lapse in concentration or an inconsiderate driver and damage done. As far as I'm aware it's the original paint on the boot lid, in fairness I'm a keen detailer so I try my best to keep it looking as decent as possible.
  4. Many thanks indeed Len. You're right, being self inflicted does make it feel a whole lot worse, especially when you realise it could have been easily they say "every day is a school day"! I did contact Dent Master which is fairly local to me for a mobile repair, sent pictures and filled in the form. Unfortunately they wanted the car in the body shop for three days, in fairness I did ask them to also quote for a few light marks on the rear bumper as well. The total quote was £708.00. I'm fussy and my experience of leaving a car with body shops has not been great. I will investigate your suggestion of Chips Away and see what they come back with. Appreciate your input.
  5. Can any recommend a good, reliable dent/body repair company in the Thornbury/BS35 area? I was trying to get something down from the garage shelf above the GS and managed to pull down an old speaker onto the boot lid, to say I'm upset is an understatement. The damage is minor but has left two dings and the paint has been lost. I'm really fussy and would rather go with a recommended company. I would prefer local as I have mobility issues with my back.
  6. Cheers👍 Haven't watched the other videos yet but sounds like a few "items" could not be filed under fun as such. Hopefully the suspension and chassis work will reinstate the fun factor along with a rather large grin.
  7. Glad all the chaps are in good form, say hi when you next speak with them. Never had a 450h just an LS400 and IS300 Sportcross. "Interesting" hopefully equals fun😁
  8. Hi's been a while! Hope you and the family are keeping well. Not on the forum much these days but just stumbled across this thread whilst browsing, and an interesting one at that being a fellow GS430 owner for around six years now. Will follow your progress with interest, some interesting plans by the sound of it, wishing you all the best with the journey/build. Cracking Drive & Review video btw👍 Take care my old mate.
  9. Can anyone tell me the screw/bolt size used for fixing the undertray as I would like to replace them with stainless items. Thanks.
  10. I have used Lexus Bristol for around 7-8 years and they have always looked after me and carried out servicing and any work required very well. On one occasion they even delivered some parts I ordered by hand! Would I recommend them? Yes.
  11. Welcome Kevin Looks and sounds like you have found a really nice example, hope it gives you many miles of faithful service, enjoy.
  12. 😱 It looks bad enough in the pictures, I'd hate to think what it looks like in the flesh....... "Good from far, far from good".
  13. By way of an update. In the end I took a punt on a used pair from ebay, the seller was breaking his GS450h. Including P+P they cost me £35, they are now fitted and the bonnet longer drops onto my head! Appreciate everyone's input and help👍
  14. Thanks Colin, useful information, I'll keep that in mind if I use RockAuto👍
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