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  1. Very much appreciate your offer Steve but have no idea what the differences might be, I'm guessing they won't be at all similar, but would welcome someone with more knowledge to share their thoughts.
  2. Hi Jim and welcome to the club. Try Lexus Birmingham via ebay, I bought my mine from them and it was around £530 and had my mate who runs his own garage fit it for around £30. Lexus Bristol who I use to service my car quoted more but it was nowhere near £1300. The part consists of two back boxes plus the Y section. Best wishes in getting it sorted.
  3. Sorry for late reply. I was hoping to find a second hand one but will keep you in mind, thanks for post/help.
  4. I'm not really sure I do want to sell it, I love the car and the Lexus brand, but I am toying with the idea for a number of reasons, hence my query about it's possible value.
  5. Congratulations on securing a GS, hope it gives you many miles of good service.
  6. What would be a rough value on my car: 2006 (cheaper tax) GS430. FSH. Recent major service by Lexus Bristol. Cambelt changed @69,000 (Lexus Bristol) Genuine Lexus rear section exhaust (back boxes and v pipe). Alloys refurbed. Excellent condition aside from a small amount of bubbling along the leading edge of bonnet and a few faint marks on rear bumper.
  7. Not Lexus related,.........but I'm hoping to carry out some sound deadening to my 2002 Toyota Celica T-Sport. I have used Dynamat in the past and it's very good but rather costly, can anyone recommend from experience, a good UK available less costly alternative. I'm looking for something that works and adheres well and lasts. Or am I really better off bitting the bullet and buying Dynamat?
  8. Interesting read/back story. Will keep an eye on the thread and wish you all the best for the coming months and years with your IS.
  9. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. I'm afraid I wouldn't let them anywhere near a car of mine, or my wife's, a mate's, a total stranger............
  10. Hi Jeff and welcome to the club. It seems you found yourself a really nice RX there, cracking mileage for the year, looks lovely, well done. Hope it looks after you and gives many miles of trusty service. Enjoy.
  11. Congratulations on your new purchase, sounds like an interesting car and look forward to the pictures.
  12. Regarding the exhaust, check the insides of both back boxes, next to the heat shields as they tend to rot out there, £500+ from Lexus exlcuding fitting. As mentioned previously, check the leading edge of the bonnet as they can corrode. Calipers can seize so check the alloys are not overly hot after a test drive. Plenty Gen3 GS300's out there, try and go for one with good service history and my advice is be prepared to travel for the right car. Best wishes with your search.
  13. Hi Lee. If you want silent the best bet is OEM imho, stainless will generally be slighly louder. I replaced the rear boxes/v-section on my GS430 (same part as yours) from Lexus Birmingham (ebay) think it came in around £530 ish plus fitting at and independent. Like you I wanted near silent, stock sound after modified cars in the past, my old one lasted ten years so if this does the same I'll be happy.
  14. Depends on budget, you could get a bodyshop to look at it, repair and respray if do-able. Otherwise look for a second hand replacement, you could be lucky and find a colour matched bonnet.