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  1. add me to the list please. arriving round midday! thanks
  2. another image cant get a large image for sum reason??
  3. i think its 180 degrees fitted the wrong way. i wish i had some pics to show!
  4. my mate has a 2000 is200 sport and its fitted! thats why im curious!
  5. does any1 know which models are fitted with the passengers reverse dip mirror function? (when you select reverse, the n/s door mirror angles downwards to see the curb)
  6. i had a celica 190 in thunder grey! i loved it and the fact that it had a timing chain just for the fact that it didnt need servicing! never had a prob with it either.. now ive got a lexus.. so youre quite like me!! i suppose the chain can rattle after a while come to think about it! miss the power of the 190 and mpg is not as good but Every1 seems to like the lexus more... so its all good!
  7. some dealers only check and adjust the front toe even tho they have 4wheel alignment equipment. ensure the rear wheel alignment is correct as this can also cause the car to pull to one side.
  8. a sunstrip makes the car look like a boy racer type car. which i dont think a Lexus should be! where as the lips, skirt, grille are very Elegant. but its your car and your taste.. something subtle may look ok?
  9. its like i'm texting on this... sorry. i meant i haven't done any mods to the engine because it would cost alot of money to get some serious power. plus the car is quite heavy! i've got an MR2 Turbo for my speed needs. but its your call on what you do!! Hope this makes sense now.
  10. i cud do with sport mats! but i fink kazi got there first! are they black?
  11. NONE!!! to the engine.. dont like ripping the s**T outta d LEX! besides it dnt really go! plus power will be £££! dnt get me wrong! i fink moddings GREAT! But i leave that for my MR2 TURBO!! :D
  12. agree with most! put the L back on! can do with a front lip but DONT get a sunstrip! it'll ruin dat prestige look!
  13. VERY nice mate! am starting to wish i bought a black TT i looked at!
  14. very nice!!! lower it tho!!! and get an exhaust!
  15. has any1 experienced a rattling/grinding noise from engine/gearbox area while driving along at around 3k rpm noticeably in 2nd 3rd 4th gears. cant hear it on the motorway tho? it sounds like a heat shield, but the gearbox kina scares me! :duh:
  16. SPR Front upper strut brace multi peice set up, came off an IS200.. will probally fit an IS300 also. £100+p/p Preferred collection from tottenham(London) or Brentwood (Essex) as the item is quite large and may be expensive to post?
  17. Ganador wing mirrors for sale Very rare item, some scuffs but will be re-painted to match the colour of your IS. Not to sure on specifics but i do believe it is a Direct bolt on, has wires for electric movement and has a bending feature. £100+p/p collection welcome; from tottenham or brentwood.
  18. some scratches, but would be resprayed in the colour of your car. £20+p/p collection welcome; Tottenham(London) or Brentwood(Essex)
  19. SOLD B&M short shifter for sale (used but still works great) includes box, rubber gaitor, bolts, user manual, fitting instructions. Very sporty short shifts 20-30mins to fit (very easy) £90+p/p collection welcome, Tottenham in London or Brentwood Essex will get a picture up soon..
  20. what type is it?
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