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  1. Hello, i tried to use search but i couldn't find what i was looking for so i decided to ask. I had this problem that my rear tyres worn out from inner part. So last weekend i replaced all shock absobers and booked in to local 3D-laser wheel aligment/tracking garage. After tracking and changing rear tyres was done that technican came to me and said that he couldn't adjust rear camber to specific values and said that camber settings are already its max position for rear axle. I have TTE lowering springs and tuned kyb excel-g shocks (GTS) on my car. I have never heard that anyone have had problem with rear axle. Does anyone have any solution or tips what to do next, do i have some suspension components broken or something (cant hear any rattle noises)? If it helps here is the report of aligment: Measured | Specification | Adjusted ---------------- Min.-Max. ----------- FRONT: caster: Left 7˚36' | 5˚16'- 6˚16' | 7˚36' Right 7˚24' | 5˚16'- 6˚16' | 7˚24' camber: Left -0˚30' | -0˚51'- 0˚09' | -0˚30' Right -0˚30' | -0˚51'- 0˚09' | -0˚30' toe: Left 0˚03' | -0˚03'- 0˚09' | 0˚06' Right 0˚15' | -0˚03'- 0˚09' | 0˚00' Combined 0˚18' | -0˚06'- 0˚18' | 0˚06' REAR: camber: Left -1˚18' | -0˚53'- 0˚07' | -1˚24' Right -1˚06' | -0˚53'- 0˚07' | -1˚06' toe: Left 0˚00' | 0˚00'- 0˚12' | 0˚00' Right 0˚09' | 0˚00'- 0˚12' | 0˚09' Combined 0˚09' | 0˚00'- 0˚24' | 0˚09' I'm sorry if my english isn't so good, i hope you understand what i mean. -Tommi
  2. Hid Help

    I bought that cheap kit from ebay cpl weeks ago, i noticed same problem with that wiring thing. First i though that kit wasn't working, but then i just though that what a heck lets try it other way :). Also i seem to have little problem with light pattern, it isn't same shaped as it was with halogen bulbs. Maybe i have to figure out if i need to modify bulb a little so the light source would be in same place as it was with normal bulbs. Both those little covers inside headlight are still placed correctly. Does anyone else have this problem or did i do something wrong? Tommi
  3. Led Front Indicator Bulbs

    How about these led bulbs? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...48945%26fvi%3D1
  4. High Fuel Consumption

    I have had avg. about 29-33mpg depending how much i drive on highway and how much in city. Best ever mpg that i had was 36.5 and that was same day when i bought my car about 4 months ago. I had 1000km drive from city where i bought it to city where i live, but that trip didnt have that many hills. My car is '00 manual. Sorry about my bad english, i havent trained my skills for a while :D