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  1. I`m 37 with all my hair. 6 foot tall...average build, not overweight. Am I to sell it on these grounds!! :P I wont that car!
  2. 99.9% sure the ABS will not be affected in any way. With all the different wheels I have had on my car the ABS has never failed. Cannot think of a sensor or mechanical reason for it to be.
  3. Bore is 60.1 with an 114.3 pcd. Offset with these cars cannot be deviated from the recommended 38 to 45. I have found, on my car at least, that a 40 offset is better when the tyre size is 235 or above. Tyre size/offset can be a balancing act to avoid the dreaded tramlining. The offset window narrowing as the tyre size increases. At the moment I have no issues at all with a 40 offset and 235 tyres.
  4. YO! YOU DISSIN' MA WHEEEELS BRO? I'LL HAVE TO SET MY HOMMIES ON YOU! its a 'G' thing word out respect man :zee: Hahahahahahaha!!!! Love it!
  5. GS300 nav wheels on my old lady! Still not too sure though. I`m gonna put the tyres up to 50/55 profile soon to fill those arches. BTW, these are 8J wheels, the max width the Mk1 can take without messing around! Runs so nice with these using Federal SS595 tyres. These are probably the 5th set I`ve had on it now. There is something not right with all of those tried. I just hate most of the original LS400 wheels, and it looked nuts with the dished GS300 sport ones!! Hopefully this could turn out to be a good thread with people posting pics of their experiments, as long as the usual opinionated members dont spoil it!!! OOOPS! That must have annoyed one or two of comes the flood....
  6. Fitted mine with 17" GS300 navagator wheels.....looks much better than the standard edition ones! The 235 tyre width has much improved handling and of course, the offset is correct for the car too! :D
  7. Hi again!... Did you check the disc run-out with a dti? Are the pads good quality? Is the sound really from the front not the back? I`ve spent hours looking for sounds on these cars, the most difficult from a prop bearing....took a while to find that one! They are so quiet, anything unusual annoys the hell out of you!! Hope you find it! Good luck.
  8. £72......for the old one to be refurbished? As much as I like original replacements, surley a modern replacement would be the better option. Mine failed in the same way around 1-year ago and an Infinity 8" unit (With impedance correction) was fitted....for under £50. Bass performance is so much better than the old one as the fs is much lower than the original paper coned one. Saying that, well done for keeping it original! ;)
  9. I have done many wheel bearings in my time and I would say that a press is the only way to go with a bearing of this size. I would avoid getting a hub from a breakers,you will probably be in the same position a few months down the road. Just take the hub assembly and bearing kit to a garage and ask if they would complete the job off the car. With the cost of these bearings, they are too expensive to mess up! (paid £65 each). I would suggest doing the both sides as around 1-month after doing the passenger side the drivers side failed! Good luck! Scott
  10. Due to the size of these bearings, drifting them out is very difficult and you will probably damage them. The only way to do this job properly is with the use of a hydraulic press and plenty of irons (and sockets!)to build a platform to support the hub. Access to a good quality vice is also a big bonus! An easy job if the above is at hand.
  11. Thanks all! Shocks done last weekend and the car feels so much better for it too......wish I done them a long time ago!! KYB`s and Continental sportcontact2 tyres. Great combo!!
  12. Hi, I`ve always used Bosch plugs, original oil filter, K+N air filter and the motor seems to like Castrol Magnatec oil.....The plugs are supposed to last 60K, but I`d change them sooner than that.
  13. Thanks for that!....I thought I was the only one doing that kind of stuff ! I love the arches to be jet-black as it makes the wheels look even better.
  14. I was quoted £90 each for shocks from a local car parts place.....seems to be a average price for them. I fancy the KYB ones as they have a good following in the states and are "tuned" for worn/older suspension. Still trying to find a place in the UK that sells them at a realistic price! (£135 each so far). Second hand shockers seem to be around the £40 mark but dont really want to go down that route!!
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