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  1. Happy Birthday chelski!

  2. hi,just noticed cheap o/s/f foglamp for gs mk2 on ebay just in case anybody needs one....too late for me as i paid over £80 for a replacement only last week!....currently at 15 quid.
  3. hi guys,has anybody ever replaced the rear chrome strip on the rear bumper of a mk-2 gs?some nice yobbo kindly removed it while i was parked on sat night and i now need a new one but dont fancy paying£58 for a new one from lexus as it is just a piece of chrome coloured plastic moulding with 3m tape on the back..has anyone replaced their chrome trim with after market stuff?if so was it good quality and where can i get some....thanks in advance
  4. hi guys,my air con stopped working a few months ago and after checking it seems their is no pressure in the system,does anybody know if this will actually stop the pump from working as when i switch the air con on the pump does not seem to be running as their is no change in engine revs or noise from the pump(ime hoping it will start working again when it is regassed)
  5. the hid kit on my gs was on it when i purchaced the car,one of the ballasts failed and i had no idea what make they were or where to get a replacement,after searching ebay i found a standard replacement ballast from hong kong(about £20 inclusive)...its not the same make but works fine so dont worry too much about cheap units as they can be replaced and are easy to fit
  6. hi,does anybody know where i might be able to get the plastic sump/engine guard that bolts up under the cars engine(not sure what the correct name for this part is) as mine is missing on my mk-2 gs300...i have looked on e-bay but no luck,..are their any dedicated lexus breakers or is anyone breaking a mk-2...thanks
  7. chelski

    gs300 se

    my new honey
  8. hi everyone,the interior light on my 1998 mk-2 gs300 only works when the drivers door is opened,the red light in the drivers door also works as do both footwell lights but all the other door lights do not and the interior light will not work when any of the other doors are opened,i thought it might be the door contact switches but it does not seem to have any...does anybody know where they are located or does anybody have any ideas on what else to check...thanks in advance
  9. hi wozza,i have had some great tuesday and saturday nights at the grasshopper and know it well,i will have a drive down next week to the meet...thanks
  10. hi .aztec'...i am loving the car..and thanks for the welcome
  11. hi stav...thanks for the welcome
  12. hi 'Lexus2D' newbee's have to stick together
  13. hi everyone,after several years owning mercedes i have just been seduced by a sexy black mk-2 gs300 se and so have joined the forum.this is my first lexus and so far i am very impressed by the comfort and awsome engine..anyway ,i just thought i would say hello...cheers andy
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