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  1. I have every sympathy with you there but just one little correction to what you say, if you pay by DEBIT card there isn't a £2.50 charge. You only pay that if you pay by CREDIT card. Dave
  2. I have two of these, one on my Lex and one on my wifes Yaris T-Sport, her's has TOYOTA on of corse. I bought them both from the same supplier on ebay. Mine I bought first and you have to undo the allen screws but by the time I got round to buying my wifes one they had developed a twist on off type. The twist on off type is easier to change the disc but I've found that the screw heads on the inside will never line up with the outside so you either have to have one or the other slightly ascue, which always anoyes me. For that reason I prefer mine, even if it is a bugger to change the disc. Dave
  3. Hi, I know this is an old post but I saw this some time ago and saved it in my favourites for when I eventually fit a set of rear reversing sensors. The question I have, and I'm not sure whether or not Cous3 (Keith) frequents these forums still, is whether the rear bumper needs to be removed to fit the reverse sensors. I've read through Keiths instructions several times and I can't see anywhere that says to remove the bumper. I have had a look on the car and I can't see that it is possible to fit the sensors and run the wiring behind without removing it!! I've also done a lot of searching on the forums and I cant find the answer to my question. I've just ordered a kit and will be looking at fitting soon so if anyone knows the answer, or if indeed Keith reads this, then can you advise. I know how to remove the bumper, found the how-to on here, but I don't want to go through that if I don't need to. Many thanks, Dave
  4. I am having the same problem on my iphone. It's a shame cause it was something to pass away the time when I was away fom my PC. As TegerFish say's it just shows up as plain text and a lot of the buttons are missing e.g. see new posts. It could be that the new site uses flashplayer and as we all know that dosen't work on the iphone!!! Dave.
  5. Hi, I posted something on this recently. I fitted a spoiler with LED brake light on my car and wanted to get rid of the rear brake light on the parcel shelf. What I did was just remove the bulb and holder and hide it under the parcel shelf. What a lot of people have done in the past when fitting a spoiler With brake light is remove the bulb in the parcel shelf light or disconnect the wires. Doing this causes the warning light on the dash to come on. As you said you have checked the parcel shelf brake light and it is working and you suspect that it is something to do with the LED light in the spoiler. What you can do is just temporarily disconnect the LED light and see if the warning light goes off. If you remove the trim panel on the inside of the boot lid, you will see that there is a connector in the wiring to the LED light. You can prise out the plastic clips holding the trim around the lower edge and fold the trim back enough to get at it. Just have a look around and I think it's fairly obvious which connector it is. If you have a problem come back and I have a photo I can post up showing the location. I don't think that it will be anything to do with the LED myself as when I fitted my Spoiler and LED light it didn't affect the warning light but I'm sorry I don't have any other ideas as to why it on. Dave
  6. Have you tried moving the adjuster control in the car and see if both headlights go up and down. If one dosen't it could be the motor on that headlight gone or a dodgy connection. Dave
  7. Thanks everyone for your help/comments. My daughter called round this afternoon and I had another go at getting the rear dust caps off but still couldn't budge them. I've sprayed them with some more WD40 and I'll get the car back again next week end and have another go. If I can't move them then I will have a go at cutting them off with my Dremmel. I have checked her pressures only a few months ago but I think the winter weather and all that salt that's been put on the roads has taken it's toll. I think it stands as a warning though to people who may be thinking of buying those nice looking metal dust caps with a Lexus logo off ebay. I think I will stick to plastic ones myself. Thanks Dave
  8. Thanks for the advise. Her car will be here again on Tuesday when she comes for dinner I'll have another look then and see if the WD40 has done anything and if not I'll get her to bring it round next week end and I'll have a go like you suggest; I've got a small Dremmel type tool I'll try with. I told her when she fitted them that were crap and only fitted by chavs Thanks, Davel
  9. Hi everyone, I've been working on my daughter's car today, not a Lexus but a Yaris T-Sport. I had to change the anti-roll bar drop links. Anyways I was giving it a good check over this afternoon just to make sure everything is OK and safe as I always like to do when I get a chance to look at her car. I notice one of her tyres looked a little flat so I decided to check the pressures and add some air if necessary. Now she has these metal, blue to match the coulour of her car, dust caps. I tried to unscrew the first dust cap only to find it was seized solid, tried the rest and they were all the same. I think because the valve stem is brass and the dust cap is steel they have corroded together. I applied some WD40 and tried undoing the caps by holding the valve stem with pliers and turning the dust cap with a spanner, fortunately the dust caps are hexagon. I finally managed to get the two front ones undone but the rears just wont budge. Has anyone ever had this problem and how did you overcome it. I thought about taken it to a tyre place to have them replace the valves but I think they would need to remove the tyres to put the new valve stem in from the inside. They would probably charge something like a tenner a wheel to remove the tyre, replace the valve, refit tyre and then re-balance. I've left them soaking in WD40 and hoping that they might budge after a day or so. Any thoughts?? Dave
  10. You'll find all the info you need here. It's a very long post and you'll need to read through very carefully but well worth the mod. I did mine back in November last year and used a pre-built timer/pulsing-relay unit from ebay. You can get one on ebay here and you can get a box to put it in here from the same guy. Happy reading. and thanks again to guys that did the original legwork on this mod. Dave
  11. You may have accidently disconnected the power lead to the ariel. The ariel has an amplifier wich needs a power supply to work. From what I can remember there is a lead than comes from the connector on the back of the head unit and connects to a small socket on a lead which runs along side the ariel lead. Dave
  12. You say your car is a 200 S. I take it that's an 'S' not a Sport. If that's the case then your car doesn't have the seperate amplifyer and an 8 speaker system. If the radio you have bought to fit in came from a Sport or an SE then you CAN'T fit it in your car. The output from the radio will be wrong to drive your speakers. I think this is why you only have an 18 pin connector. Dave
  13. As true blue says, you have to buy a tax disc and display it in your windscreen to drive on the motorways; this called a 'Vignette'. When I went to Switzerland in August 2008 I tried to get one at the border crossing but couldn't find anywhere to buy one so had to drive on. I tried a petrol station but couldn't get one and ended up having to detour into a small town and got one at the main post office. If you can buy one on line before you go as true blues says then I would recommend you do so. Headlight converters are things you stick on the front of your headlight lens to re-direct your lights to the other side (your driving on the wrong side of the road!!). You must use headlights when driving through tunnels. In fact I found that most people have there headlights on all the time, especially when driving on the mountain roads. As true blue says WATCH YOUR SPEED. The police are very very hot on speeding especially if your a foreigner.
  14. That looks like an excellent buy. I paid 100 for mine with the same postage. Dave
  15. I have a spare boot lid in silver. The only problem, it came from a sport with a spoiler fitted and I have removed the spoiler so the boot lid although in very good condition has a number of holes in ( see pictures). If yours is a sport then fine you could transfer your spoiler over to this one but otherwise you would need to fill the holes and re-spray. PM me if your interested. Dave
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