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  1. cool, thanks. Would they suit a silver car? don't suppose anyone has pic's of a silver IS200 with the newer headlights?
  2. Hi all, I hope this isn't considered a dumb question on here, but, I need a new headlight for my W reg IS200, and have wondered about replacing both for a pair of a newer model. Will the newer lights fit straight in? what are your opinions on this? good idea? worth spending the extra for a pair instead of just getting one to match the other good light on my car? thanks in advance Ste
  3. sounds like what happened to mine recently, I took it to a car audio shop firstly and they plugged a test aerial into the back, confirming that the fault was inside the stereo, left it with them for further testing, report was that the tuner module was dead. quote to repair was something silly (£160 IIRC). So I did some ebaying, bought another unit (ERR3 fault), pulled it apart, found the tuner module, swapped it with mine (few soldered joints, nothing major), reassembled mine and radio worked. unfortunately Ive disturbed something to do with the CD unit and got ERR 3 on mine now :( dammit!
  4. did you have a look to see if there are any CCTV cameras around that may have caught it?
  5. thanks for the advice chaps, I really don't think the tuner module is linked to the CD unit, but I guess I could try refitting my old one, see if err3 goes away then? Geoffers, this slider pot you mention? guessing thats going to be attatched to/near the CD shelves? in which case, I didn't go near it. On the older head units (bottom CD slot) the CD part of the unit is separated from the tape/tuner section by a metal plate. I wonder if having it on the desk semi-assembled and turning it upside down, having it on its side etc has allowed something to move in the CD unit? Its going to have to wait till next saturday to be looked at again now, cheeky g1ts at work have given me work to! haha Ste
  6. Okay, so, a while ago the am/fm radio module packed in on my IS200 sport standard stereo. I bought an 'err3' unit off of ebay (mines the older, lower CD slot version, this was the newer upper CD slot type). I pulled the 'err3' unit apart at work (overtime baby :D), found the tuner module, which had the same part numbers on as the one in mine. Bingo. I pulled mine apart (easier than the newer one as the CD unit doesn't need disturbing, just unplugging). Winner! New tuner module fit, stereo back together. I'm doing well today :D. Took it out to the car, plugged it in, success! Radio works :D. CD player doesn't. DAM DAM DAM DAM DAM!!! shows 'err3' oh sh..... so, now I know how to diassemble and reassemble the dreaded lexus stereos, It would appear I also know how to break the CD units. What to try next........more ebay hunting maybe.......... at least I can listen to Chris Moyles in the mornings again! haha!
  7. Well, its bad news today about this! I checked all the aerial connections to no avail - on the stereo and at the aerial itself. So, I then visited my local car audio shop, who kindly plugged a test aerial into the unit. still no FM signal, so I left the unit with them for testing, got the phonecall today, the tuner units dead, which equates to £145 plus VAT to fix. DOH DOH DOH! I can't really afford that! One alternate solution Ive thought of is to try and get hold of someones err3(?) head unit (CD jam) and steal the tuner unit from it? I work in electronics so Im pretty familiar with a soldering iron and small assemblies like car stereos. Question is, would anyone have a head unit with a bust CD unit lying around? anyone?. Ive not rung them back yet to give to go ahead, or not as the case may be, but when I do I may enquire as to wether its the parts or the labour that are costly. But I think for £145 I'll put up with just CD's for a while! Ste
  8. thanks chaps, I'll have a looksee at the weekend, no its not got sat nav so that makes it easier. Having just read another post I may try to route in the power lead for my garmin behind the dash :D
  9. thanks. that then leads me onto my next question. How do you get the stereo out? is there a guide on here somewhere? if so, would someone be kind enough to post a link please? Thanks Ste
  10. help! my stereo's packed in and Im after some advice. its not the usual CD player fault, its the radio! it seems like the aerials come detatched somewhere as Im just getting white noise with a faint reception of whatever station its tuned to. Has anyone had similar? is there a connection somewhere thats known to be dodgy? I want to avoid ripping the stereo out if its likely to be a problem at the aerial end! Any help will be much appreciated. (its a 2000 IS200 sport by the way) Thanks Ste
  11. sounds like im lucky to have bought a 2000 model! phew! dam this goverment! robbing b :tsktsk: s! wheres all this money they keep taking from us (when we earn money, when we spend it, AND when we inherit it!) going anyway?!!! thieving scum! :megaangry:
  12. I saw one a few weeks ago on 'the bay' that apparrently had a 2 litre, 16v engine!!! that MUST me rare! haha! did he decide it would run better without the other 8?
  13. Ive not had my 2000 IS200 long, but I've had a good look at the tyres and I'm deffinately getting excessive wear on the inside edge of the fronts. They look like new on the outside, and are bald on the inside now, it has recently had the geometry set by a lexus dealer. Good luck with this, i'll be keeping a close eye on this thread :D Ste
  14. cheers guys, job for the weekend then...
  15. Hi all, I was just wondering if there is a pollen filter on the IS200 (2000 model)? please dont call me dumb for asking! ive not had mine very long! sometimes when the blowers come on it smells a bit musty, could this be the filter needs replacing (if there is one, if there is, where is it?) or does it suggest my air con needs servicing? cheers for any help! Ste
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