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  1. Kiriyama

    Heat Shield

    Thanks all, that's everything I needed to know :)
  2. Kiriyama

    Heat Shield

    I stuck my head under my IS200 to investigate a rattle and found that the heat shield(?) above the rear exhaust box was barely hanging on. Without dropping the exhaust down, I couldn't get to the bolts to remove them and fit repair washers so it was easier to pull it off for now. Trouble is, I make a lot of long journeys on a regular basis and I'm not sure what effect the missing shield will have. With the fuel filler cap being on the passenger side, I'm ASSUMING the petrol tank is also on that side and therefore not directly above the exhaust so it's not to stop the fuel tank from getting too hot.... right?? If it simply stops heat from radiating into the boot then I'm not too bothered. Hope someone can put my mind at ease so I don't drive up the M6 expecting my car to explode at any moment! PS - the rattle is still there! :@
  3. Kiriyama

    Snow Button And Mpg

    I started using this on my way to work (dual carriageway) and it did make the car more economical but then an ignition coil blew. May be just coincidence but then again, you're not really supposed to do 80mph in the snow are you?
  4. It got worse. I had a go at scrubbing the the paint off with some turps and a brush yesterday and it didn't do much. I saw how much it stood out today and decided that I needed to get rid of it so I got the pressure washer out and gave it a blast.... removing a layer of tarmac all around the stain! Not only that but the stain is as bright as ever! Looking up and down the street, the pathway is pretty much unblemished so my old man will not be pleased! I called the council to see what could be done but, true to form they didn't answer and I had to leave a message.
  5. Painted mine today. Hardly original but I went for red on my blue IS200 Sport. Took me pretty much all day (and 6 cups of tea) to apply 3 coats of Hammerite and I've still got the chrome decals to put on! I was sat in direct sunlight all day so I'm slightly burnt and was sweating my taters off but the paint dried really quickly so that helped, though I had to keep stirring the pot and dropping the brushes back into turps when not using them. Everything went brilliantly until right near the end when someone shouted to ask me a question. As I turned to answer I kicked my tin of paint over and the path outside my house now looks like the aftermath of a gangland shoot-out! :duh:
  6. Kiriyama

    Info On Zorts.

    I believe so yes but I'm sure someone will come along with a definitive answer very shortly (now the Holland v Italy match has finished). Welcome to LOC :winky:
  7. Kiriyama

    Spot The Difference

    I'm aiming for a darker finish anyway, anthracite possibly.
  8. Kiriyama

    Wheel Vibration

    Glad you got it sorted, mate :)
  9. Kiriyama

    Spot The Difference

    Did you have the wheels done for you or do them yourself? If you did them yourself, any tips? I'm going to have a go at mine when I've got a bit more time and money. They're standard at the mo and pretty battered but I want to go for an anthracite kind of shade.
  10. Yellow on black looks great to me. Not sure if it would look quite as good without the black wheels though.
  11. Kiriyama

    Tyre Sawps

    They will as long as the tyres are new, they won't fit used tyres. Pricing is around £40 / tyre though (including balancing and new valves).
  12. lol yeah, strangely addictive isn't it?
  13. Kiriyama

    Hid Conversion Kit

    I have ordered a similar one ebay item no 170224456974 £37.99 to your door. I know at least one other member has bought this one. Will find out what its like when it arrives next week hopefully. It seemed like a cheap HID conversion to me. That would be me. I've had these in for about 3 months now and they look great. Very simple to install and as I went for the 6000k ones, they are almost pure white in colour and make my oem main beams look very yellow in comparison. I've never had a more expensive set to compare them with but to me at least, they are excellent lights and I'm happy to recommend them. I really do think the price of such kits has just come down to that level now.
  14. Kiriyama

    Removing Locking Nuts

    unless you are in meir Hahaha, I try not to venture there too often. There's even a tunnel nowadays so you can sneak underneath the place when you drive through!