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  1. Rust On Rear Brake Disc

    Check your calipers. It could be that your pads aren't sliding in the caliper causing this strange pattern. When i first got my car i had pitted rear discs and discovered the rear brakes the pads were stuck solid in the caliper. I had to lever the pads out and chisel all the rust out to get the brakes working well again.
  2. Favourite Is200 Colour

    I'm slightly biased when I say Granite Sky, but she does look great in the sun when she's nice and clean. If you look really close there's blue and red and silver flakes in the paint. I also like Scarletti Red, the LE colour is lovely too.
  3. Remove Supercharger For Mot

    Not enough to fail your MOT. Don't worry Fredrico, there are lots of people with the TTE kit installed with the HKS FCD who have no problems passing their MOT's.
  4. 2000 Lexus Is200 Clutch

    Yep very straight forward, I replaced mine 2 weeks ago. Once your under the car everything is right in front of you and self explanatory. If you have access to a ramp then that is a huge plus. If you haven't got a 500mm extension for your sockets then definitely get one or at least borrow one, you need it to get to the top bell housing bolts. Make sure you release the wiring loom from the transmission fully, this is you speed sensor and reverse switch so you could knacker them if you drop the transmission with the loom still attached. Make sure to plug the end of the transmission with a rag etc. after you remove the prop shaft or oil will p*ss out of it. They're the things that might catch you out. Good luck with it.
  5. The Valve Of My Is200 Is Probably Broken

    Welcome to the club. What kind of noise is your car making? Banging, clanging, tapping? And how loud is it? If one of your valves were broken I'd expect the noise to be there all the time, not just when it was warm. Is your engine check light on? Because if it is, you should have the code read to see what's wrong.
  6. Kitten + Bath = Funny

    Cats are brilliant, my wife and I have 2 monster cats of our own.
  7. Is200 Sport (Snow Button)

    The Snow button works by reducing the amount the throttle valve opens across the accelerator pedal movement range as oppose to normal driving mode. It's supposed to reduce how easy the wheels spin on low friction surfaces by effectively retarding the throttle. In reality however, the things that are most likely to keep you moving in snow and ice are : more weight in the boot (last year i loaded my boot with 50KG of free weights, it helped a lot) and turning traction off, because on low friction surfaces it's a real hindrance rather than a help. I think there's been quite a few threads regarding using Snow mode on the motorway to increase MPG. Edit : Ah, beat me to an explanation, Clossie.
  8. Option 1: If the pins in the connector are the same you could depin the old connector and put them in the new connector. That's the neatest way I can think of but might be difficult getting the pins out. Option 2: Cut the wires and either solder or inline splice the new connector on. A bit messier and the repair will need to be well protected from the elements because they'll be in a harsh environment down there. You shouldn't even need to disconnect the battery, as long as the fog lights are off they'll be no voltage hanging around on the wires.
  9. Is it the exhaust cooling down?
  10. Clicking Noise From Throttle Body

    I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a bit of play in the system. Mine's exactly the same.
  11. Headlight Washer

    Or increase the alcohol concentration of your washer fluid.
  12. Clicking Noise From Throttle Body

    It sounds like normal operation to me. The amount the throttle valve opens at any one time is controlled by the ECU. This is a general outline of how it works, because it incorporates TRC and Snow mode too. Your input, via the throttle cable, moves the outer pulley which generates a signal in the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor. This signal is sent to the ECU which works out how far to open the throttle. Then using the Throttle Position Sensor as it's reference, the Throttle Control Motor moves and trims the throttle valve to it's required position. The throttle valve itself is connected to the inner pulley. This is why the inner pulley appears to lag the outer pulley, because of the calculations and trimming signals generated by the ECU. Hope this helps
  13. Secret Car Gadget Bond Stylee

    Is the Apache not operated by the Army Air Corp.? (I am ex RAF, retired) Very true, they fly in and out of my base quite regularly though. I've been on the airfield when a couple of the death machines taxied past.
  14. Secret Car Gadget Bond Stylee

    The gatling gun from an apache helicopter would be pretty cool. The way it looks wherever the pilot is looking is not only very cool but very creepy and sinister. (I have first hand experience, I'm in the RAF)
  15. Hi all, Does anyone know where the very useful eaton rebuild thread has gone? I can't seem to find a full version, only a fragmented one. I'd really like to know how to replace the roller bearings in the back of the case below the intake as one of mine has started to break down. It looks like they just push out but I really don't want to be subjecting my charger to any heavy persuasion without a definitive answer. Can anyone help?