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  1. I need to use a trailer board on my 2005 GS300 and would ask if anyone has fitted a wiring kit to one of these (or similar). If so, what kit did you use and how easy was it to wire in. Thanks
  2. Thanks Scudney. I will try to find out if the IS250 uses the same eye - if it does, what would you want for it?
  3. As an alternative, can anyone confirm if the Toyota range use the same towing eye, or if not the whole Toyota range which models do.
  4. Does anyone know what the thread size is on the towing hook - GS300 2005.
  5. I have not driven 500 miles yet - only about 300) but still the message 'low tire pressure' shows on the dash. I guess I will have to try and get hold of an adapter and techstream to see what I can find.
  6. I tried to reset the system using the button under the dash. As soon as I release the button (after 3 seconds) the initialising message appears for about 2 seconds then the message reverts to 'low tyre pressure', where it stays. I tried it a few times with the same results. Does this mean that one of the sensors is still faulty in some way or possibly that the one the garage fitted is not compatible with the car?
  7. The old sensor was discarded by the tyre depot when the new one was fitted so will be no where near the car. Am I correct in assuming that by "Pressure initialization" procedure you are referring to resetting the system using the button under the dash?
  8. I recently had a sensor on my GS replaced by a local tyre depot. They 'cloned' the new one from the one they replaced. When I picked it up the 'low tyre pressure' warning was there. I took it back and the changed it - but the warning still appeared so back it went. I left it with them all day and when I picked it up the error message had been resolved - I don't know how although they daid they had cured the problem on their diagnostic equipment.. Within 100 miles the 'Check system' message appeared with the low pressure symbol - so back it went. When I picked it up they said it was now showing the 'low pressure' message and they don't know why. I took the car away whilst they said they would investigate the problem with their sensor supplier Any thoughts/suggestions as to what I should do next?.
  9. Thanks @Texas That seems to have done the trick - almost.. Most of the roof functions seem to have returned - except the stopping half way when first opening. It goes all the way back. However the reset method in the manual wasn't what did it - that didn't work. What did work (it seems) was tilting the roof then holding the down button until the roof dropped, then wound fully back then wound fully forward and then tilted again before it stopped - at which point I released the down button and pressed it again to close the roof - then everything worked. I reset the windows and they are working as they should again, and I will check that everything else is OK later - although I have lost the average mpg since top up from the info panel. I'm not sure how accurate the Lexus mpg monitoring is - but I was trying to test from last fill up and compare it physically - guess that can wait until next fill up. Thanks again.
  10. I was thinking that might work - but wasn't sure if it was a sensible idea. I'll try it, is it just the windows and roof that might need resetting, or are there other things I need to consider.
  11. Thanks guys. I found the reset instructions - they were in the 'opening externally' section further on in the manual. It said to hold the 'UP' button until the roof opened and then partially closed again. Then to release the button and the roof should work - but it doesn't. When I press and hold the 'UP' button the roof opens and when fully open it makes a clicking noise but doesn't close partially. If I hold the 'Close' button and continue holding it after the roof is in the closed position it continues to tilt, then if I hold the 'Down' button, after it drops it continues on and opens. All very weird. If I try the other method suggested, I hold the 'Open' button until it fully opens, but if I keep the open button pressed it clicks but doesn't close. What makes me think it may not be related to a disconnected battery is that the windows function properly - and when I hold the lock button on the remote the windows open but the roof doesn't.
  12. I have only had it 3 weeks or so, and it has always acted this way. I don't know if it has had the battery disconnected at any time so cant comment on that. Does a check and reset need a dealer visit, or can I get some software to check/correct it if it needs it. I have a bluetooth OBD connector - would I need a usb one?