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  1. Happy Birthday m1pnk!

  2. well there quoting £1100 over the phone..... ill use my specialist for around £700
  3. so i got the p0660 fault code showing as well..... is it the £1k job i think its going to be..... thanks for any help.... pinky
  4. just a quick up-date...the hat is on the side of me head again......I am driving along with that "you should have brought one of these" grins on me lens fitted (fitting foc where they could have charged....thanks kevin from ABM.....i rate these guys.....and i dont often do things like that).....bumper back to shiny original....the sun is shining and i love you all....pinky
  5. i had similar probs when i first got her....flat after a couple of days no batt and she is flying
  6. i backed into an advertising sandwich board.....cracked the back lens (£116.00+vat).....couple of scratches on bumper (£100.00).....****** off that the parking sensor did not pic it up as i reversed....heavy rain did not help....come tues she will be back to her prestine best....these things happen....its not as though she has had an affair or something....but boy does it hurt at the time.....pinky
  7. i just purchased a boot liner off of ebay....brand new for £55.00......shes is all dressed and ready to go now
  8. well after a sleepless night.........£20 and thanks go to Albin Motors was just a couple of fuses.....its the sort of thing a garage could have you over the barrel with, but all is well and my thanks again go to kevin at abm.
  9. i just got back from 3 weeks in you can imagine the battery is as flat as a poor ls430 missed me as much as i missed her no a jump from a friend all morning not as charged as it should neighbor to give me a jump but for about 4 seconds he put possative and negative round the wrong lcd panel or ac working......and traction control warning on all the doubt a few fuses were blown in the tinkering.....of to the garage n the morning.....i do have a lexus specialist close by......fingers crossed this end
  10. some pics at last.... the first 4 are the sales pics.....the others are mine.
  11. while i was in the mood i just phoned lexus croydon for a price on a boot liner....£ck me...£160 odd pounds plus vat....she will have to wait till winter
  12. well it seems im not on my own then....finding a new button to play with is like your new girlfriend giving you pleasure with a s*x trick you did not know she had. its getting that bad that every time i pass a window i cant help taking a peek at her.....she does look good
  13. well i think im going to a new place for falling in love with a LS430 of i going potty ?
  14. i have got to say im just so impressed with my ls430 im starting to think how good the 600h is ???
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