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  1. Yeah, thats why i`m a little concerned, the advert said that they were for an is200 but after looking at them and looking at the bck of mine there looks as if there are differencesand I`m just after a little help to see if my doubts are right.
  2. All, Need your help i bought a set of headlights of ebay last week, when I got them the back of the light looks different from my lights its almost as if the lights are off a IS300. Can anyone shed any light on this I`ve enclosed a photo of the rear of the light below hopefully this will help
  3. Detailing World is a good source of knowledge from a friendly bunch of people. Elite Car Snow Foam through Heavy Duty Lance V Sol All Purpose Cleaner Megs Wheel Brightner Megs Window Cleaner Dodo Juice Gentle Grey Clay With Dodo Juice Born Slippy Dodo Juice Lime Prime (prep`s the paint for polish) Duargloss 111 Sealant Sonax Wax (trying this out at the moment first coat with the Duragloss looks really good) used to use Dodo Juice Purple Haze
  4. What sort of offset would be ok with out rolling the archs?
  5. I`ll be there as well on the Japcarscymru stand.
  6. If anyone else has another set for sale please let me know as I`m after some as well.
  7. When you say new Sport`s do you know from which year onward this applies too?
  8. Guy`s, just had the rear pads changed on the car and the retaining clip is missing. Does anyone know the part number for this as the guy I spoke to at lexus in Cardiff said that there are three types and he didn`t know which one was for my car.. Car is a 51 plate IS200 any help and advice would be great.
  9. Read all of it mate, it gets better! Just read the full thread and you were right funny as hell.
  10. Just read the first couple of pages on that link and I`m crying with laughter, how can people be so thick??
  11. The MPG has gone upto 45 this time, Makes me laugh that if you read his feedback it`s 100% positive buying and selling
  12. Just a general question about how much extra people are paying since they have either turbo`d/Supercharged or completed an engine conversion on their Lexus.
  13. I`m getting a clicking/knocking noise when I`m turning at low speeds and under braking this along the same lines or a different problem??
  14. These were the details in the advert THIS CLUTCH KIT WILL FIT: LEXUS IS200, 2.0 PETROL (all models) 1999 onwards THIS BRAND NEW COMPLETE EXEDY CLUTCH KIT CONTAINS: Clutch pressure plate Organic clutch driven plate Clutch release bearing Exedy clutch kit number TYK2156
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