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  1. Did you loose the radiator coolant as well? This is what puzzled me. Tony said said he had lost the fluid rather than the box taking in rad water. I've had two epicyclic auto boxes dump their fluid onto the road and lose drive, but never did it damage the box in any discernable way. Drag home - repair pipe (usually) - refill & drive. I'm still using one of the cars five years on, a W124. Damage was to the forward drive, reverse still worked perfectly.
  2. Did you loose the radiator coolant as well? As far as I'm aware, I didn't lose the radiator coolant.
  3. It was definitely corrosion, the metal pipe from the radiator was still attached to the rubber hose.
  4. ........ Being picky, the goal is really transmission oil temperature maintenance, so surrounding transmission oil pipes with rad temperature liquid is a good thing. It could be said that keeping the oil temperature low is not that good an idea. A UK winter, driving in below zero temperatures plus wind chill; but don't ask me what the alternative is for us hapless owners. Time to come clean Gents, this was my car.
  5. Didn't someone from here fit an aftermarket cooler recently? That would surely negate the problem.
  6. Can I confirm that capping off the rear A/C pipes affects JUST the fridge OR the fridge AND the rear vents?
  7. tonyflynn1

    Ls430 Height Sensors

    Why on earth has it censored Lightwater?
  8. tonyflynn1

    Ls430 Height Sensors

    Down the road from me in Ligh****er then!
  9. tonyflynn1

    Ls 430 Air Con

    Oops! two of these -
  10. tonyflynn1

    Ls 430 Air Con

    Or you piece them out using something like two of these for a total of around £60.
  11. tonyflynn1

    Ls 430 Air Con

    Keith, good luck with this, I'm very interested for one.
  12. tonyflynn1

    Feeling Hot Hot Hot !

    Bump again, Does anyone know the diameter of the rear ac pipes? Thanks.
  13. tonyflynn1

    Ls430 Suspension Woes

    Thanks Steve, I'm up for having a go at fixing the rear air con in fairness, the car owes me so little, it would be a shame not to. It's only a case of piecing out the damaged area and regassing I would have thought, using something like this -
  14. tonyflynn1

    Ls430 Suspension Woes

    A quick update. 7 months on and the car is still riding just fine, nose is a little high so I must get around to checking the front height sensor. Air conditioning has a leak somewhere above one of the rear wheels, pipe repair kit is next on the agenda.
  15. tonyflynn1

    I'm Developing A Creaky Rear End!

    A very viable alternative to WD40 is silicone lubricant, as used on underground plastic pipe joints. Around 6.99 from Wickes, repels moisture and also great in sticky electric window runners.