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  1. So, when my gorgeous LS430 went pear shaped, i threw the toys from the pram and bought a BMW X5, it wasn't MY idea. I'm now stuck with a bloody awful vehicle, still under "warranty" that has just had a "replacement" gearbox, under the terms of the warranty, with fsh and only 78,00 miles clocked, and we haven't yet owned it for 8 months only adding 2,000 miles, so it spent the last two months of that under repair. We just got it back this week, and it's monstrous, changing up and down, fluttering between 3rd and 4th. Absolute bloody nightmare. Other than, the rather obvious, drive it to a shady place, take a big box of swan vestas, does anyone have any helpful advice?
  2. Exactly as Steve says, not an April Fool, i wish it was. Coolant in the gearbox, consequence=one fried gearbox.
  3. I've really enjoyed the old LS, but a few recent garage bills have caused me to say farewell, gearbox has packed up, £4,000 to fix. So, I am considering a GS,£9,000-£11,000, to replace it. Thoughts, anyone?
  4. still doing it but very faintly. Became much less noticeable when tyres discs and pads replaced. Seems less obtrusive, could a damaged/worn wheel bearing do that?
  5. Passing lads, they're usually under 16, point at my LS430 and exclaim loudly to each other, Wow! & "that is the one that i want". I know my Dad would have loved the styling but......... i wanted a Ferrari Dino, but times change? I like the styling of the 460 much more than the 430 but then that may just be aspiration?
  6. 2001 reg, it's now got 139,000 miles clocked. I've had an object stuck in the tyre before, and this is similar but a much lower Thub, thub, thub sound which increases with road speed, but not engine revs. It isn't always present and doesn't appear to change with braking, road camber, or cornering. It definately originates at the front end. It's been to the garage, (not Lexus) and they've driven it miles, and found the same things as me. They did suggest the following in the chain of elimination. Change front tyres (very slight uneven wear on inner shoulders). Actioned, nearly new Dunlops swapped for Marangoni, still making the same noise. Replace front brake pads (they were getting a bit worn)- actioned Replace front discs (could be warped?) - actioned Um! There is a very slight reduction, but it's still there. It's hardly perceptible, but you all know just how quiet these cars are. The garage and the tyre fitters said it could be a wheelbearing but cannot be sure. My recollection of worn wheelbearings is much noisier than this. Anyway, all suggestions welcome.
  7. she turns it off (and sport suspension) and I........ I switch them back on. nuff said
  8. Thanks coolrides and shake. Almera 1.4 sounds like a good option. Looks like i could even get an Avensis under a grand. or even a Skoda Fabia (stop laughing) 8 years old with low miles for £995. I'm wondering whether to bother with a repair on the carina. Thanks for your assistance, i've added the nissan.
  9. Hmmmm! i have 91 Carina which has been bombproof for 8 years (japanese built) and was about to relinquish it to my son, he's been using it to learn to drive. the clutch has just developed a fault, possible master/slave cylinder leak, which shouldn't cost too much to fix, but it occurred to me that if it looks like being a costly repair. what should i be looking around for, to replace it? so, like so many others have probably asked many times before, what would you buy under £1000? they have a good chance of crunching it so nothing too flimsy, and nothing sporty, clearly insurance issues here. reliability would be the primary goal so no citroens etc. civic perhaps? and noooooo! i'm not letting him anywhere near my ls430, except as a passenger, not till he's passed his test anyway.
  10. yep, read the manual now. if ignition is off, you can safely jack it up. 345p manual is quite a read.
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