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  1. Moderators note: Only Gold Members are entiled to offer goods for sale
  2. May i ask where they are based I live right on the east Coast of Suffolk
  3. RESCUEMYCAR.COM Give the above a try - Rescue My Car . Com About £44 for Roadside / Home & Recovery I dont think you can beat it? We have 3 cars in our household & all oare covered by them - we have only needed to call them out once when my Daughters KA broke down. They came out within 40mins & decided they could not fix it due to the power steering pump exploding & a recovery truck turned up 1hr later & bourght the KA + my daughter & her 3 friends home. The cover is for the car only (i think only the AA & RAC cover the member) but every other provider covers the car. You are also limited to 3 call outs per 12months (i think you have got to be bloody unlucky to break down 4 times a year!!!!) Hope that helps
  4. Hi Guys. Had it fitted this morning. I received a phone call from the branch manager yesterday who asked me a few more indepth questions than the national call centre did - which i was quite pleased about as he sounded as though he knew his stuff. I.E - did i want a Asahi or Pilkinton (it made no odds to him as he was billing my insurance company,) was the mirror fitted to the galss or head lining, has it got a heated element at the bottom, & was it a is200SE or Sport (apparently the tint is different in the SE & Sport.) Anyway - dropped the car off this morning & out came this lad who looked at my cracked screen to check the one they had ordered in was correct!!!! - which it was thank goodness, as the crack was now 14inchs long I was then asked to see the manager who told me that it would take 3 hours to fit (NOT 2 AS NORMAL) as they would be putting in more sealer than normal & removing the inner window post covers (this sounded good news to me) So there we go - one new asahi sreen fitted complete with new outer seel, no damage to paintwork or interior & as long as it does not leak - i am very pleased In summery Autoglass Ipswich seem ok to me & well worth a trip for anyone who takes care of their pride & joy & does not some spotty YTS boy with a set of screwdrivers anywhere within a hundred yards of their LEX
  5. Hi Guys. Had a huge stone hit the corner of my is200 windscreen this morning - within 3 miles i had a 10 inch crack across the passengers side. Phoned my insurance company up when i got home this evening & they put me through to AutoGlass The lady at the call centre said they did not have any in stock but if it was a roadside emergency they could get one in 4hrs!!!!! As i could still use the car, she said it would better all round to have it fitted at the local depot rather than roadside anyway. She took my registration & then said she had booked the fitting at my local branch this satarday at 8am. What i want to know is there anything i need to look out for or be carefull off!!!!! I.E - will it be a genuine Lex screen or aftermarket!!, is my screen heated!!, is it tinted!! etc etc I just don't want to be fobbed off by some bloke telling me they are all exactly the same & it makes no difference, especially as i have to pay £60 excess. 52 Plate is200 SE Thanks Guys
  6. Yes. Sorry prince you are 100% correct. CAT D = light damage
  7. First of all - if you have any personal items, get down to the garage in question with proof of ownership & ask to get them out of the car - the following will explain why :- The garage will need to see how much the repair cost will add up to, which normally takes 48hrs to sort out - for instance if your car is worth 5K & the repairs come to 2K then they should repair it. But if the repairs come to over 2.5K then there is every chance they are going to write it off. If this happens your insurance company will write the car off & make you a market value offer. But before you even aggree to this offer ''DEMAND'' to see the engineers report of your car - because if there is no chassis damage it might be worth you buying the car back from you insurance company & accepting a smaller cash payment. This is where it turns into a bit of a mine field & if you need further details please IM me or if i get the time one day i will write it all down & prehaps someone might get the post pinned so others can see it. But in breif - if the car is written off, then it will no longer belong to you & the insurance company will take over the ownership (& THATS WHY ITS SO IMPORTANT TO GET ANY PERSONAL ITEMS OUT OF THE CAR STRAIGHT AWAY) If the car is written off, your insurance company will make you a cash offer for the car. NEVER ACCEPT THE FIRST OFFER because they will then make a better offer AND IF YOU ARE IN A POSITION TO WAIT EVEN LONGER turn the 2nd offer down as well. Your insurance company will then make a 3rd & final offer WHICH SOMETIMES CAN BE UP TO £500 MORE THAN THEIR 1ST OFFER However there is another option if the car is written off - & you really want to keep the car & have seen the engeineers report - you might want to consider getting it repaired yourself. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ITS GOING TO COST YOU FIRST. Because if you can get all the parts off ebay etc for say £500 & a local bodyshop tells you they can fit & paint them all for £500 you could be onto a winner. If this is the case, ask your insurace company how much it will cost to buy the car off them - if they say £1000 & they will also give you £3000 cash back towards the repairs etc, you could end up with your car back & a grand in your back pocket even after it has been repaired - but be aware that if you do this your car will have a cat C insurance repair written on the cars logbook Cat C = light damage / no chassis damage - so if you keep all the reecipts & ask the garage to take photos when they repair the car, you would have no problems selling the car ata later date. From the damage you have mentioned i am sure its a simple repair, but i just thought i would add the above in case the worst happens (BIRTY)
  8. Yes you have a choice. Your insurer will have at least 3 different firms in your area & normally sends you to the one nearest to your address (but it is becomming more common to send you to the one that has the least work load at the moment) so you can ask for another company to do the work. Many Insurance companys have golden handshake deals with garages (i.e. the garage gets a set amount from the insurer, which in laymans terms means if you have a scratch on your bumper the garage gets paid £500 or if you have multiple pannel damage the garage still only gets £500 + parts of course AND THE LATEST TREND (''GOD HELP US'') is the insurance company owns the bodyshop - different names but still owned by the insurance company. For instance - Nationwide Body repair centers are owned by a huge major insurance company Last but not least - you can insist on having the work carried out at a garage of your own choice - but you will have to get the quote yourself which must be no more expensive than the recomended repairer quoted + send this quote off yourself, wait for your insurance company to contact your own garage in writing with confirmation that the invoice will be paid & last but not least, you might loose the free loan car option & the repair work will only be guarenteed for 12 months instead of the normal 3 years.
  9. Lennylexus - you got it in one (tighter than a Gladiators Thong thats me) Wozza - Spot on (i want the one with the lid & i want it cheap) As for the dead cheap lex - no i think i paid bang on what it is worth if not a couple of hundred over the top (but it is a gooden)
  10. Just sent you a IM Lazboy (First Dibs on it if its the right price)
  11. Thanks for repling to my IM wildybeast Got the Pics you emailed me & here they are :-
  12. Nope linky still not working (but thanks for trying)
  13. Above linky not working eithor
  14. Linky above not working But it sounds a good idea - look forward to seeing the pics
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