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  1. Looks like reprogramming the keys worked in my case :p Car is running again
  2. A guy from Lexus came over with a scan tool but not a single fault code showed up so ended up having it towed to the workshop. Fuel pump is running fine and they are going through the whole fuel system, and after a while they asked for both keys so they are looking into the immobiliser/electronics. *money flies away with the wind*
  3. Yes everything is working as it should... Windscreen wipers, seats, radio and windows is all functioning as normal
  4. Hey guys. Two days ago my car didn't start for some reason so I plugged in a battery charger but its still the same problem. Did a couple of searches online and saw a couple of different post mentioning that the 250 had some problems with flooding in colder climates when moved shorter distances. The two days prior to the fail to start the car was moved 3 times in the driveway so I tried the unflooding (brake and throttle fully applied) but no luck there. My car was recalled because of a problem with injection gaskets or something (fire hazardous) just a month ago and I was wondering if it might have something to do with the problems I'm currently experiencing. Anyone who have experienced similar? Video of startup:
  5. Anybody Selling A Grom?

    I have one laying around here somewhere i think :) Bought a new head unit so I don't have much use for it. It's the one with iPod connection
  6. please don't buy it
  7. new alloys ordered!=)

  8. Cambelt/timingbelt

    Hi guys :D Does anyone know where i can buy a new genuine Timingbelt kit? :)
  9. Which Offset Do I Need?

    Okay they are open tomorrow as well. Almost impossible to notice the big text further down on the page -_-
  10. Which Offset Do I Need?

    Hi guys have been busy for a while (earning money) :) Ordered the alloys yesterday but guess it will take a couple of weeks before I'll have em here(Norway) but it really worth it. Guess i would have to pay like £ 1200 for the same set of alloys over here. Have to pay taxes tough... 25% of £ 700. Guess I'll give em a call on Monday or do they have open tomorrow?
  11. Which Offset Do I Need?

    Haven't lowered and not going to lower my car. Roads here simply doesen't have good enough quality
  12. Okay i don't have a clue about this and i realy tried to find out the offset i need but I'm stuck so was hoping you could help me. Was looking at a tread recommending and 43 offset was recommended for 8'' wide alloys. Will these alloys fit at all?
  13. Grats mate :) Took me 1 year after my crash to find a new IS 200. My life was horrific without :( Btw Seatbelts+good security is the reason that I'm alive and can go to work in a beautiful IS 200 everyday :) Wear seatbelt guys!