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  1. Windy

    Lexus LS460

    Following on from my post i see there are plenty of scammers out there. I;ve had 2 emails now (not posted direct in here as replies), just sent as forum emails saying "my friend has one and here is their email address". Usually some random address, and the scammer has only been a member for a handful of hours. Do they really think we are thick as they are?? Then they try and tell you they are genuine. I then reply stating if the person who was selling the vehicle was genuine they would already be members, plus they wouldnt be hiding the fact they wanted to sell, they would want the most exposure. If "admin" reads this, please remove the 2 scammers who have been sending me emails, and possibly change the "user" policy so that if you join the group you are NOT allowed to try and sell / buy for a number of weeks. Scammers won't wait this long, plus if the person joining was genuine and they wanted a quick sale, they would have already put it on Autotrader / Ebay etc.
  2. Windy

    Lexus LS460

    Hi, looking for a low mileage (less than 60,000 miles) Lexus LS460 or SEL version, 2007 onwards, budget up to £20k for right car
  3. Windy

    Mk4 ls400

    Right...... just taking my number plate off this today, and it will have the original Private Plate of K100 MJO back on it next week. I thought DVLA might have put its original W number plate back on, but they indicate the last Private Number that used to be on this vehicle not claimed, so they have assigned that. If someone wants the original W then they can request from DVLA (i still have those plates anyway). Looking on AutoTrader there are few examples of low mileage ones, some questionable in my eyes. Mine has just clocked up 120k and has been looked after really well, All invoices for as far back as i can see. MOT's as MALC said are shocking !!! Worst failure over the years a headlight builb lol. My only issues are 2 of the doors at the bottom need new panel clips behind them as the 2-tone panels slighlty bow out. They are only plastic panels anyway as you all know, so a case of obtaining new clips and taking the panels off / re-seating them. A few marks here and there, but the car is nearly 20 years old. All alloy wheels fully refurbished, including the spare, and Michelin CrossClimate tyres (best tyres i have ever had on a Lexus). I am not asking huge money for it, I will take £3,500, in light that a few small jobs need doing with new owner. Regards John
  4. Windy

    Mk4 ls400

    Yeah, would of failed this time had i not got s spare wiper blade in the boot 😁
  5. Windy

    Mk4 ls400

    Good luck with that, unfortunately i never liked that shape, they got it right again on the LS460
  6. Windy

    Mk4 ls400

    Hi, depending upon price offers, not really sure at this moment in time, i may be selling my Lexus LS400 very soon. Year 2000, BLACK, less than 120k on the clock. Sorry, just noticed this was an old post from 2018, it defintely came up as May 2019 hence i clicked on it. Anyway, still probably going to sell, just this post is too old to be replying to.
  7. Hi Standard method for this is as follows (mine did it last year and RAC told me how it works). Turn ignition key on and leave in that poistion for at least 6 minutes Turn off ignition LOCK and UNLOCK car Start car John
  8. Start of 2012 !!! A Happy New Year to you all... And at last i have got to the bottom of my wheel wobble. Took the front wheels off today to check all the bushes, wishbones properly. Then just by chance as i was checking the calipers and noticed one of my discs seemed to have some play on it. It turns out that one of the grub screws holding the disc on has sheered off, so it is only being held on by one. All now makes total sense!!! Something for me to fix tomorrow , once i find a 2mm dril bit to get the remainder out !!! John
  9. Thanks Maurice I think i will stay well away from removing anything from the dashboard.
  10. Yes i have, thanks. This is more of a serious jump about the screen, not the issue that the ARROW is simply not aligned to the road it should be on. I sort of "agree" with SCUDNEY that is sounds like the GPS locator is loose and wobbling around. I just need to know where that is located, if not simply next to the black box in the boot. Thanks John
  11. Yes, they did. it just seems strange that it tends to settle down over a few miles driving. the uneven farm track, definitely unbalances something.
  12. Yep, i am only 10% convinced it is the CD, but without an old one i cannot quickly eliminate that. Where is the GPS Locator? Is it just contained within the BOX inside the boot that holds the CD or somewhere else? John
  13. Lexus UK say the SC430 is being replaced by the IS250C And with starting prices at just under £40,000 it not far from the SC anyway, getting up to £50,000 with the extras. The Detroit motor looks very nice, so it would be nice if it came over here. I cannot believe Lexus are "assuming" the 250 is the replacement!! John
  14. Hello I have a 2000 Lexus LS400, and ever since i have had it that SatNav has an error. The actual SatNav works in all its glory, but the POINTER / ARROW jumps all over the screen and does not stay on the route / road chosen. It may be a case of a damaged CD (although it looks ok). I suppose I could replace it, but I did not want to spend £140+ on a new one if it then turns out NOT to be problem. Are there any specialists who can sort if it is more than just the CD? I suppose i need to get another CD (anyone got an old one they could send me), and i can then eliminate this from the issue. Thanks John
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