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  1. 1992? but that was a mk4, so it can't have been 1992 model also Lexus have never done that colour
  2. A new vsv sensor. The part itself is about £60 from lexus dealer but replacing it costs just over £300 as its deep down in the engine. There is a way of bypassing it, but I'm not sure how you do it. It won't affect a thing, you can still drive your car, but you'll have engine management light on
  3. Check out the mileage on the mot history, it's all over the place For some reason the reg isn't working now, but when I checked it a couple of days ago, the mileage was all over the place.
  4. The car needs to go, any reasonable offers considered, or if you want a swap with a 4 door lexus, please let me know, but not an is220d 😁
  5. What? Lexuschap actually took the car back and gave you a full refund?
  6. Don't do anymore work on the car, report him to trading standards and get your money back. That lexuschap, bloke is big time crook.
  7. I I had 99 V reg ls400, that had a towbar on it . The towbar had the lexus logo on it too.
  8. You should have taken your car to a proper garage to diagnose the fault in the first place, not kwik fit or Halfrauds as I like to call them
  9. Hi I think I'm the 7th owner, will check, but you can tell its been owned lexus enthusiasts like me, infact I bought it off a lexus enthusiast. Its got up to date service history, I had the oil and filter replaced 3 weeks ago now, cambelt, waterpump and radiator replaced 9000 miles ago at lexus main dealer Liverpool, they have sent me an email with all the services it's had, I've got the service book and book pack too, there was a fault with the amp when I bought it, but I've replaced the amp from a 2004 sc430, I got lucky because they are hard to find in this country, I would take more photos, but this weather is terrible and its not giving up, but I'll try. There are no known faults, like I said I bought it from lexus enthusiast, I myself have been driving lexus cars for over 10 years so if anything does go wrong, it's straight in the garage getting repaired. It did have some surface rust underneath, but that's all been treated now, it wasnt bad, but I'm like that, I just wanted it done, reason for the rust, our lovely salted roads. Reason for sale, my brother has had a stroke, and I'm helping him get to appointments etc, but using my sisters honda as its more spacious and of course a 4 door, so I haven't really driven my sc430 much. I think I bought it in October, I just hate to see it parked up most of the time, I only drive it about twice a week
  10. Still for sale. It needs to go, so I'm open to offers
  11. It could be a weak battery or maybe alternator issue
  12. i am trying to upload more images, but for some reason it won't let me do, it comes up with a mesg - 200
  13. Here for sale is my lovely sc430. I haven't had it long, but there is a genuine reason for sale and I just haven't had to time to really drive it. Its in 139000 miles, cambelt, waterpump and radiator were replaced around 8000 miles ago at lexus main dealer, mot until March 2020. I had the oil and filter changed around 2 weeks with parts I bought from Toyota, it has stainless steel exhaust that isn't loud as in boy racer loud, it just has a nice tone to it. That car itself is in very good condition, one slight little mark on the passenger door but apart from that it's in very good condition. £3800 I'm open to sensible offers. For some reason it doesn't allow me to upload more than one picture