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  1. Hi there, rubber ones not sold yet
  2. Every 60000 miles I think it was. On the ls430 it's every 100000 miles or 10 years, which ever comes first
  3. Hi Does anyone know what the part number is for blueprint front discs for a 1999 Lexus ls400? Thanks in advance
  4. messi

    Lexus insurance a joke!

    I called Chris Knott and they were £80 cheaper than my broker but my broker couldn't match it because both Chris Knott and the broker im with use the same insurer Highway. I just don't get how one broker can get it cheaper than another broker but with the same insurer? Chris Knott wouldn't insure me as I'm with Highway anyway but with a different broker
  5. Check out this item number in eBay 132909401068 It's a genuine brake wear sensor for £10
  6. No it doesn't happen on the ls400, well not that I've heard of anyway. The ls400 is a superior car. You only get wear and tear on the ls400 like pads and discs and y section of the exhaust leaking etc
  7. Good idea. But I used to have an ls430, luckily the air suspension was replaced by a lexus main dealer, it was a nice car, nice cabin, but then, CD player stooped working, subwoofer stopped working, air con stopped working, it needed a vsv sensor too, I thought what else could go wrong and so I sold it. But besides that it was a nice car. It was the facelift model
  8. Sorry I'm not being aggressive, far from it, Its hard to get me aggressive. I'm a nice guy. But I will say I told you so and laugh at you when the suspension fails on your ls430. Then you can go back to Paul Frost and say the guys on the Lexus club were right. I know Paul Frost sells a lot of air suspension for the ls430, I wonder why, oh because nothing goes wrong with them and owners just want to replace them for the fun of it
  9. Come back to me when it happens to yours, and I'll just laugh at you. I'm not saying that they are bad cars, but apart from the engine, they ain't that reliable
  10. Have you got an ls430, if so, when and not if , when it happens to yours, then come back to me and say yes you were right and then I'll just say, I told you so. You know the huge mileage ones Paul Frost has seen, how do you know that they haven't had the air suspension replaced? Oh because Paul Frost said so.
  11. It's £700 a side. It's usually both rears that go first and yes it's very common issue.
  12. Go for the facelift, it's got 6 speed gearbox. I mean you'll still get all the issues with it for example air suspension problems, gearbox issue, air con problems, rust on both front doors, subwoofer blowing, CD player not working, vsv sensor fault, that's £58 for the sensor but it's £600 job as it takes 4 hrs to get to the part itself but apart from that they are nice cars. Personally I would have a mk4 ls400
  13. It is a common issue on the ls430 and ls460. It's happened to an ls460 that a friend of mine had too. Lexus birmingham are aware of the problem. But that isn't the only issue on the ls460, yes they have air suspension issues but also steering rack problems that trigger the vsc light on the dashboard and that's around £5000 to replace. I was thinking about the ls460 myself but chose to stick with my ls400