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  1. Hi, I need to fix the front cig lighter and also a bulb on the heated seat switch, anyone know how to do this? How do i remove the wood stuff to get to the cig lighter?
  2. Thanks guys, I've ordered one, should be here on Tuesday
  3. The one in my car is a lion, but it's gone weak now. Is the correct battery 030 70ah?
  4. Hi What battery would you guys recommend for a 1999 lexus ls400? Is it best to buy from the dealers? I've sorted out all the advisories on the mot from back in November, and now the battery is weak, I can tell because of the way it struggles to start up first thing in the morning, and few weeks ago was totally flat, but I managed to jump start it, and now from time I get the check vsc come up. Thanks in advance.
  5. Reset procedure: Put the key into the ignition Turn to the lights, don't start the car Leave it like that for 6 mins Then switch off, and then on and car should start
  6. I have a Dhp ls400, recently for the mot, I had to replace both front springs as one was broken, it still drove smooth and quiet, I couldn't even tell it was broken until it was mot time, so instead of just replacing one front spring, I think it was best to replace both, I bought kyb springs for £35 each, to be honest I can't tell the difference, it still drives very smooth. I'm abit anal so I got all the work done on the advisories, I was lucky with the rear upper arms, bought them from Paul on here.
  7. Well the previous owner has mesg me saying, he didn't even know the cambelt was done on it, he also said it doesn't have much history, he's not an old boy as lexuschap makes him out to be, he said the brakes are no good at all, it has alot of rust underneath, and it has a blow coming from the manifold, he said there's other stuff wrong with it, but this guy isn't telling anyone about it.
  8. He's selling another ls400 on ebay, here is a link to the original ad which was on market place Look how much profit lexuschap is making, obviously he got it cheaper than £1400
  9. Hi Last time I checked, the Y section costs around £300 from the main dealer, but if you go to a specialist, they will charge around £125 to cut the flanges and weld a stainless steel pipe instead
  10. Hi steve Thanks for the info. Regarding the spring, I have ordered a kyb spring, but I'm not sure how it broke, and the car still drives nice and smooth, no knocking noises either, just really nice and quiet. Ive got to do something about the surface rust underneath, mot guy said its not bad as in very bad, but it's there, but I'm not sure what to use to treat the rust so it doesn't get any worse
  11. Thanks guys, I thought I'd give it a go this morning, and I did it, it wasn't that difficult, took me about 20 or 30 mins, took the bolts off, tilted the headlight forward and it gave me access to the bulb
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