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  1. Brake Wear Warning - LS430

    China? Well each to their own but I would never put parts from China on my lexus.
  2. Need TPMS Wheel Sensors for IS300h

    If you have faulty sensors, the cheapest option would be to take them apart and just replace the batteries in them
  3. I think I know what it is. It's the vsv valve, common failure in the 430 engines but it won't affect anything really. But the part is around £52 from lexus dealers and it's about 4 hr job, when I had the ls430, lexus quotes me £400 odd to replace it. I'm not sure where the Lexus dealer you went to got a figure of £1500 from, clearly they are trying to rip you off, it's not Lexus woodford by any chance?
  4. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    I've had my one just over a year and now is had just over 185000. No issues with gearbox or engine. I did have that oil leak though but that was cam covers gasket. New radiator was fitted just before I bought it and I had the cambelt replaced last October. I had a receipt that the previous owner gave me, it was a Halfords receipt for a cambelt and water pump replacement. I did tell him then that they hadn't replaced it, being Halfords they are good at saying that they've done a job but hadnt and how right I was, I got it in time, it was shredding. I got cambelt and water pump from lexus. New rear shocks too and it's perfect. The roof rust is common on our earlier models. I had mine sorted and resprayed
  5. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    You should have replaced the sparkplugs and air filter too. I did a full service on mine when i first purchased it at 181000 miles. Got all parts from Lexus dealers
  6. Cam shaft seal is around £6 from
  7. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    I think they were Alpine sxe 6925s and they sound amazing. Way better than ML speakers. I can't believe lexus charge so much for the ML speakers and they are very cheaply made and are rubbish. The premium lexus sound is better
  8. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Yes I have..almost all lexus sc430 owners have replaced the speakers, no point fixing the cheapo crappy ML speakers as your going to have to dismantle the door cards again in couple months as they will break again. You can replace them with Alpine speakers, we don't have any issues with them and they sound better
  9. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    That's very common on earlier models, the mark levinson speakers are paper cone, cheap material, replace them with Alpine speakers
  10. I wouldn't use any oil leak products, just buy the gaskets and get them fitted
  11. I've had 2 mk3 gs300's one with 111000 miles and one with 150000 and had no major issues at all, only wear and tear issues like pads and discs and 1 rear calipers. They were very reliable cars, but then went through a mid life crisis and bought an sc430 but if I was in the market for a 4 door I would buy another gs300. But having said that I still think the mk2 gs300 is better built, the mk2 seems more heavy duty
  12. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    The sat nav doesn't work on mine either and that's due to the satnav dvd player which of course is in the boot, you can try dismantling it and cleaning the lens but like mine it still may not work. I haven't bothered to replace the DVD player as I don't think it's worth it as sat nav in all lexus cars I've had are rubbish and I tend to use Google maps on my phone anyway
  13. Hi I have the same ish issue with my sc430, well it gets nice and hot on drivers side, but luke warm air comes out the far the far passenger vent, but when I rev it, it gets hot, and this only started happening when I replaced a leaking coolant hose and bled the system. Maybe I bled it wrong or maybe the valve is sticking or maybe the heater core needs cleaning.
  14. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    Hi there that's great info The oil leak is cam cover gasket, £11 each from lexus Birmingham
  15. SC430 with 500 000 miles on the clock

    I'm sure this was on cars with no reserve on eBay. Looks nice and same colour interior as mine