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  1. To me it looks like he's bought the ls460 from that dodgy dealer in Dudley
  2. P1325 is a coil pack. 1 of them will need replacing as it could be cracked or something a causing misfire. The other code p1651 is the good old vsv valve. The part itself is around £52 from Lexus dealers but about £300 Labour as it's right deep in the engine. You can still drive the car as it won't cause any noticble problems but regarding p1325, that's coil pack So it will need replacing. I would also replace the sparkplugs too. It's common on the ls430/Gs430/sc430. Oh just remembered, there is a way of bypassing the vsv issue but I can't remember how
  3. That's very common on the is200/is300 and I'm afraid your going to need an aftermarket CD player unless you find someone to repair it
  4. Hold on, if the AA man has caused this, why not get them to pay for the repairs
  5. Brentacre will insure it and they are very good on price
  6. I used to have a 2.2 4 wheel steer prelude. It was some thing called a motegi in black with a bodykit and leather interior. It was a nice car.
  7. It sold for 6k on eBay recently, the person who was selling it originally wanted 9k for around 2 years, but then put it up on eBay on a no reserve auction and now this dealer who bought thinks he will get 12k for it lol
  8. The ls430 does suffer from rust issues on the both front doors as in the photo, not sure why this happens though, but it does.
  9. Bank 1 is the passenger side o2 sensor
  10. Hi I'm selling my Lexus ls430. I haven't had it long but I miss the Ls400 hence why I'm selling it. It's a 2004 facelift model. Black in colour, 114000 miles, mot until June 2020, cambelt replaced at 87000 miles, it was last serviced just before I got it in has custom made orange leather mats, vip table in front and tv screens that I don't know how to work. The previous owner ordered gold lexus badges but instead Toyota Celsior badges arrived, I must say they do suit the car. The car drives very nice indeed, everything works apart from the front cigarette lighter, I don't smoke so I don't need it. It has bluetooth for phone and music. She cleans up very very nice. Bad points, couple of marks here and there, typical rust on the front doors but they not very noticble until you get very close. £5000 ono
  11. messi

    Mk4 ls400

    I might be selling my ls430