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  1. I just got service parts from Toyota Coventry for my lexus ls400, got all service parts for £46.00 and 6 litres of oil free
  2. messi

    new 2002 SC430 owner... several questions

    Oh and it's a cambelt, not a chain
  3. messi

    new 2002 SC430 owner... several questions

    Regarding the AC, in the engine bay there is a fuse box, in that fuse box is a relay that should be marked mg clt or something like that, replace the relay and it should start to work. I had this issue on an sc430 I had and also on an ls400 that I have. Replacing the relay sorted it
  4. How did you manage to receive a txt and call your wife if you didn't have your phone with you? I'm confused
  5. Hi Matt Well someone has fitted one of those old Nokia 6610 cradle things with a speaker attached to the sun visor so you could be on to something there. Incidentally today I tried the air con and nothing, it wouldn't engage and the air con light was flashing, so I had it topped up and still flashing, they checked for leaks, and there were no leaks. The air pump looks new so I'm going to check the fuse or relay. But where is the relay for air con? I've checked the engine bay and nothing in there that says air con o it, unless it's got something else written on it
  6. Thanks Connor. I'm rubbish at this kind of stuff. I'll try and do it myself if I can, unless someone on here can do it for me 🙂
  7. Thanks guys, my daughter was saying today she misses the sc but that this car has more room in it. I bought the car from a private owner who had it for 6 years, he only sold it to me because he was suffering from cancer and is retiring from driving. He had an ls430 too, he selling that but I told him I prefer the ls400. I payed £2000 for it. He wanted £2700 But I knocked him down and yes the lighter is the only issue
  8. I'll put some up later when I get a chance. Thanks for that Steve
  9. Hi guys I have bought a lovely 2000 v reg Lexus ls400 in green with DHP wheels. It looks lovely and drives beautiful and only has 92000 miles on clock. Only 1 issue though, I tried charging my phone but the cigarette lighter is not working, the ones on the rear doors work though, what could be the issue? Is there a separate fuse for the one in the front?
  10. Yeah I've spoken to him, looks a nice car, he's leaving on Tuesday and has decided to sorn it and wants to keep it
  11. Hi guys As the title says, prefer a mk4 though.
  12. messi

    Mk4 ls400

    Yeah I've seen but that's abit out of my price range
  13. messi

    Mk4 ls400

    Hi I'm looking for a nice ls400, mk4 and with lpg if possible. It's hard finding a decent one.