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  1. Oh, mine is on lpg. I fill up £38 and local driving I get 282 miles. It's an 80 litre tank in the spare wheel well
  2. I drive like miss daisy, even on a local run to work I get 25/27 mpg but in the winter it does go down slightly
  3. This is what I get at 60mph in my ls400
  4. Lexus recommend 5w30. I think the manual also recommends 5w30.
  5. I had this issue on a sc430, it's funny but happened once and then it never happened again for months, but when it did happen again, the fault code was for 1 of cylinders misfiring, when we checked it, it was the coil pack, it had a crack in it, replaced it, and all was well after that, the fault only occurred when the engine was warm
  6. Still for sale. Will take a decent offer
  7. I have a brand new boxed and unopened water pump for Lexus Sc430/Gs430 and ls430. I bought it for an sc430 but I didn't need it in the end and the sc430 was sold in May this year. £50. I can deliver if around the Midlands area.
  8. I really wanted to sell them all as complete. But I'll take £50 for the rubber mats
  9. Hi there I'm in birmingham
  10. I have 3 sets of mats in great condition for sale. 1 set of Genuine lexus rubber mats and 2 set of grey in mint condition genuine lexus mats. All 3 sets must go as I don't have a mk3 gs300 anymore. If your close by I can deliver. £120 for all 3 sets or will take nearest offer.
  11. Lexus birmingham had a fixed price for the belt replacement £295 and then add £100 with water pump. But I got mine done at my local garage as I've known them for years and years and I bought the parts and they charged me £180 to get them replaced
  12. Thanks for that Steve. I'll mesg you to let you know the days I'm free to see if we can sort something out.
  13. That's a good idea. But how do i take the lighter out?
  14. Hi Can anyone fix the cig lighter in my ls400 if I drive and meet up some where on a weekend please. I'm useless at these things. It's the front cig lighter, I don't smoke but it would be nice to have it working so I can charge my phone. Someone on here said it's that small wire thingy at the rear of the lighter that needs soldering. Hope someone can help