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  1. That looks very nice. I'd have that if I didn't have my ls400
  2. Oh it looks like old baz car, the best lexus ls400 in the world, every lexus he has is the best. It looks nice, worth a punt. I'm not fond of the colour, but it looks okay. He had that up for £3500 on car and classic, he always over prices his cars, but when there's no interest, he drops the price as he's desperate to sell it. Offer him £1000
  3. Yep that's him, I don't trust him anymore, you should see it when he gets a new sc430 in, his followers are all up his backside saying things like, "wow, your selling it cheap, looks very nice, that won't hang around long" etc etc, if he's selling it that cheap, why arent they buying it lol, I swear it happens all the time. He puts every other sc430 on the market down, but if he's selling then it's the best. I remember he was selling a blue sc430 once, and I actually said on the forum, isn't that the one you were slagging off because of the rust on the arches, he went mad and said, well I bought it to sell now, so stop telling everyone what I said, and deleted my comments and kicked me off the forum. I'm glad I'm not on his forum anymore He sold me a rust bucket once, I only found out about the rust when I drove it to my mates garage and put it on a ramp, and that was a day after I bought it of him, I told him, he said sold as seen, I should have taken him to small claims court, I'm sure I would have won the case, but I sorted all the rust issue out, and sold the car on.
  4. He'll probably buy it off you, give you a low ball offer and then sell it on for a profit. He's trader. Nothing wrong with that, but I'd thought I'd warn you beforehand He tried it with me, offered me £2000 for my sc430, glad I didn't sell it to him, as I got what I wanted for it, £4000
  5. saw this on YouTube today, check out the lexus ls400 limo and the soarer. I'm not fan of biggie or either Tupac, but that ls400 looked nice.
  6. Well got the timing belt, drive belt, water pump, oil and oil filter and sump washer and coolant replaced last week on my ls400. I got all parts from lexus main dealer, and the garage that I normally take my car to for services, charged me £250 for labour, which I thought was okay. But what I did find out was the ls430 waterpump is exactly the same as on the mk4 ls400, same part number too
  7. Looks like someone's told him and he's taken the chain driven bit out. 😂
  8. Hey its that nice ls400 for sale again, but this time it's chain driven 😂😂😂😂
  9. I had a 1999 toyota celsior, Ls400, that had factory air suspension
  10. Hi Where do you guys get the timing belt from for a mk4 ls400? I have heard blueprint timing belts are not that good. I could go to the main dealer, car has 101000 miles on it, but no receipt for timing belt replacement. I have a good indy garage who can replace it for me, but I'd rather get the part.
  11. Thanks for the help guys, going to ask Google now
  12. No, my mark x is silver, I wouldnt buy a car from that person in dudley. But next week I may be going up to Scotland to pick my old Dhp v reg ls400