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  1. Thanks for that Steve. I'll mesg you to let you know the days I'm free to see if we can sort something out.
  2. That's a good idea. But how do i take the lighter out?
  3. Hi Can anyone fix the cig lighter in my ls400 if I drive and meet up some where on a weekend please. I'm useless at these things. It's the front cig lighter, I don't smoke but it would be nice to have it working so I can charge my phone. Someone on here said it's that small wire thingy at the rear of the lighter that needs soldering. Hope someone can help
  4. Agree it's not lexuslegend
  5. Well maybe he caused the problem, and checked the fuel cap to see if the seal was intact and then erased the fault, but when you drove out a few miles it came back up again. I've never known an mot where the mechanic takes the fuel cap off. Sounds fishy to me
  6. Why would a mechanic remove the fuel cap for an mot? Never heard of that one before.
  7. Why don't you use a proper drying towel? Leather chamois do leave streaks but a proper drying towel won't. You can get them online. I use dodo juice drying towel.
  8. Let us know the outcome. He's been sued before so I hope you take him to the cleaners this time.
  9. Hi i saw the ad on eBay, you could instantly tell from the pic that car looked battered . It just didn't look right. You should have come on here before you bought it for our advice.
  10. I liked your Gs300. I thought it looked really nice
  11. The person did mine used to work for a company called profess In Wales some where. He did an old x reg ls400 for me too a few years ago. He's done a good job. It's a stag 330 or 350 lpg system. It's a newer version, I can't remember the exact number it is though
  12. I drive my car 5 days a week to work and back, and every other weekend to Manchester to see brother in law etc so that justifies having lpg. I'm not sure why some people are put off by lpg, you save hell of a lot of money if fuel prices.
  13. That does look nice. They look brand new in that colour when washed and polished. I'm off to a petting farm in stoke today with my little one. She loves it too saying "it's really comfy in here dad"
  14. I had an x reg ls400 a few years ago and I had that lpg converted by them and they are very good.