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  1. Instead of a new radiator, you can get one of these:
  2. messi

    Sc430 amp

    Hi I've already joined lexus World couple of years ago. I've got an amp now, bought it for £50 and all is working now although I may want to replace the rear sub
  3. Hi there I had this issue on an sc430 I had in the past, I replaced all the parts you have, and still had the issue, it turned out to be the variable valve timing solinoid, they are located at the front of the engine, the drivers side one controls the left side, you could either clean it or replace it, I replaced it and all was good. There's a video on you tube showing where it is and how to replace, it's very easy. I bought the part from rockauto, make sure you take the battery terminal off before replacing the sensor Remember bank 1 is the passenger side and back 2 is drivers side
  4. What they do is remove the sensor from the wheel, it just pulls out, once out, slide one bit upwards and there's the battery, replace the battery and slide it back down and put the sensor back in the wheel. Obviously garages will tell you they can't do it etc just to make some money.
  5. I'm not sure why they charge £90 just to put a battery into a tpms. It's only a watch battery that you can pick up in Halford for about £2, unless lexus batteries are made out of gold
  6. Yes that car has been for sale for like over 2 years and yes he is a dealer
  7. Try replacing the relay for the air con first. I remember on the ls400 they thought it was a big job to get the air con working, all it was was an o ring leaking which cost me 90p for a set and air con relay which is label mgt in the engine bay
  8. messi

    Sc430 amp

    If I was to replace the amp with another, what one could I use? And where will be able to get the connectors from to plug from the amp to the plugs in the car?
  9. messi

    Sc430 amp

    The part number on mine is 86280-0w070
  10. I remember earlier this year, I went to lexus birmingham for brake pads and discs for the ls430 I had, I got talking with the service guys while I waited, they said the reason lexus is reliable is because of the ls400 and the CT. He said the other models are reliable but not as the ls400 and CT. Funny thing is, lexus Coventry told me the exact same thing last year. They also said the gs450h is a quick car yes, but wair until the hybrid batteries fail and an oil pump or something like that. Ls430 they said just to go for coilovers and replace the radiator, so looks like lexus know about the issues with the ls430 but having said that, it is s nice car. The cabin feels nice
  11. messi

    Sc430 amp

    Hi I wonder if anyone can help, I'm sending my amp to a specialist in Edinburgh to repair, it's from a 2001 sc430, but my question is, is the 2001 ls430 amp the same as a 2001 sc430
  12. Nope? I'm going to drive for a while