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  1. LS460 Engine code P0017 pending

    It's the crankshaft sensor, not camshaft but I'm not sure if these 2 are the same thing but it is the crankshaft sensor
  2. My advice would be to take it somewhere else. But don't take it to Halfords unless they allow you to watch it being done, don't trust Halfords, they are about as useful as a rubber ladder
  3. £113? What a rip off. Got mine done for £30 and that's 4 wheel alignment
  4. They have to remove the cats? They did mine without removing the cats. I think they are trying to make money of you
  5. It is a common fault on the ls400, when I had an ls400 I had the same issue, got it sorted for £20 though
  6. Bulbs

    Thanks for that. It's the passenger side headlight bulb. How do I take it out, there's a big thing around it I think that may need twisting off first but it's not turning
  7. Subwoofer issue

    I agree. In a few months time your going to probably have to repair it again, just replace it with a better subwoofer, in my opinion Mark Levinson speakers are not that good anyway, get a Denon or an Alpine
  8. Bulbs

    Hi anyone know where I can get headlight bulbs from without paying lexus prices please? I think they are the Phillips d2 something something Thanks in advance
  9. That's been for sale a long time
  10. 400&r=3 Check this ls400 out guys, looks nice, I don't know about the price, but looks good
  11. Subwoofer issue

    If i was you, I would just replace it with a good quality aftermarket sub. You can fix the old one, but it will tear again, then you've got to go through the same routine of getting the sub out etc etc. Me personally, I think the mark levinson sound system isn't that good anyway, I prefer the premium sound system, but each to their own. Replace it for a Denon sub or Alpine, at least it will last much much longer
  12. Brake Wear Warning - LS430

    China? Well each to their own but I would never put parts from China on my lexus.
  13. Need TPMS Wheel Sensors for IS300h

    If you have faulty sensors, the cheapest option would be to take them apart and just replace the batteries in them