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  1. Lexus 430Sc Club Meeting

    Its been a while, but might be worth a little gathering. :) My SC is finally out of the shop and the end is near... after working on it for many years... I think I will be the only SC520... but more on that later. ;)
  2. Newbie Coilover Help!

    Hello Guys, I have been informed about this so I thought I just put a word in. Because I am not an official trader on the LOC, not too sure what I can provide to the members. If anyone want to contact to me, please feel free to E-mail me. My E-mail can be found on the MeisterR website. I am always happy to help regarding any technical questions rather it is about MeisterR products or not. So if anyone are stuck or need a little help, please feel free to contact me and I'll help out to the best of my ability. We are also finishing up our project SC430... Been LONG TIME in the making so just good to finally see it done. And of course, it is also on MeisterR coilovers. Much better handling than stock and probably more comfortable (the standard suspension roll and pitch A LOT on the SC430).
  3. Help Needed In Rochester Kent

    Oh... awesome... I'll let you guys know... We are getting ready for this weekend... Finger cross that he do well, as MeisterR sponsored car will finish 2nd in the Super Pro Class for sure now and a possible podium finish in the Pro Class also.
  4. Help Needed In Rochester Kent

    Were they, thought they were here all day. Probably getting the car ready as he is currently leading The British Drift Championship and the last round is this weekend in Sunderland. :) We will find out once we start the engine, and this thing has been too long in the making. Most of the bits were from Lextreme, and god it took a long time as a lot of the people building the engine in America had gone out of business. Then we hit every single road block you can ever think of... and we even hit some that you couldn't have thought of. But if you are around, that would be awesome. We are just missing that plug and the car should start.
  5. Help Needed In Rochester Kent

    Hello Guys, Help still needed so if anyone got some time, please come on by. :)
  6. Help Needed In Rochester Kent

    Hello Everyone, I need some help from a fellow SC430 owners here. :) We are rebuilding an SC430 and have accidentally pull the wires out of a plug around the gearbox sump area (as far as I know). My mechanic said he need an SC430 on the ramp for about an hour just to look at the plug so he know which wires go where. This is for an 02 plate SC430 (so anything pre 06 should be fine). While the car is in the air, my mechanic said he is happy to give a free oil change with a new filter for the trouble. The car is located at: MnM Engineering Wykeham street, Strood Kent ME2 3AA If any owners are near by the area, it would be a great help. Thanks.
  7. Meisterr Coilovers £429 Offer!

    Just to let everyone know, I still have that 1 set sitting on the shelf... Who want to get themselves a nice christmas present. :)
  8. Meisterr Coilovers £429 Offer!

    Just to let everyone know, IS250 Coilovers are all gone, and I got 1 set of IS200 coilovers left. So who wants a bargain? :)
  9. Meisterr Coilovers £429 Offer!

    Still have 2 set in stock if anyone is interested in a bargain. :)
  10. Meisterr Coilovers £429 Offer!

    Hi Jerrick, are you able to supply anything for the 95-97 LS400? And how is the SC coming along? Andy Not the old version, but if you need something for the LS400, I can probably get you a set of Europa Coilovers (the new design) Let me know what you need and I'll sort you out, no problem at all. As for the SC... :( Finally finally got the head shimmed... I think I was talking about shimming the head since March and it is only just finished. In the middle of putting the new MeisterR brakes on, along with putting the engine in. Lots of fabrication to do after that... The tail light you send is still in the box. :D But don't worry... one day I will get it done... I'll put up a build thread once we can see the light by the end of the tunnel... because right now we are still digging 6 feet underground.
  11. Meisterr Coilovers £429 Offer!

    Alright guys, just an update... A few set of IS200 had gone so I only got 2 set left. I also got 2 set of IS250 in stock for those owners who want to get a better stance on their IS250. :) If anyone is interested, please feel free to let me know.
  12. Lowering Springs Is200 60mm?

    Since this was brought up I thought I add a bit more info. If you are looking at lowering springs, try to stay away from anything that lowers more than 35mm. If you are making your standard suspension lose more than 35mm of damper stroke travel, the result will be a leaking damper fairly quickly. It also mean you can be hitting your bump stop making the ride juddery and not comfortable. If it comes down to lowering springs brand... Eibach is the best to go for. And if you want to go lower than that, go for a quality "dual perch" coilovers as this type of coilovers allows adjustment to ride hight without losing damper stroke travel.
  13. Meisterr Coilovers £429 Offer!

    The offer extend to all the D.C.S. Zeta I have left in stock You can see what I have left here: For Lexus, I only have IS200 and IS250 in stock. I do have coilovers in stock for GS, SC, and Soarer, but they are the Europa Coilovers and is completely different from the one on clearance.
  14. Hello everyone, Some of you may have heard of MeisterR and other may not. If you haven't then I am sure you will see a car with our stickers at a show or meet soon. :) I have contacted the management to give a great offer to the LOC members. We are clearing out some of the older D.C.S. Zeta Coilovers and would like to extend a special offer to members of LOC. We have a few set of coilovers left in stock for the IS200 and the IS250. The clearance price for the coilovers is only £429 ! and we will include free Delivery to members of the LOC!!! The coilovers are brand new in the box, but will only come with 14 days warranty as it is a clearance item. Here are some pictures of the D.C.S. Zeta Coilovers and when it was installed in my previous Altezza. Here are some basic specification on the D.C.S. Zeta Coilovers: *Alloy Top Mount with Pillowball Bearing *Linear Rate Springs *15 stage adjustable Mono-Tube Dampers *Dual Perch Design For more info, just go to here: The ride height can be set even lower, but it was set at this level for practicality. How to Pay, Price? Due to this being a clearance offer, Paypal would be the easiest form of payment method but I can sort out other ways also. Simply drop me a PM or an E-mail to if you have any questions. The price is £429 and LOC members will receive free shipping to UK Mainland Address. All coilovers are "while stock last" and will be send out next day delivery upon full payment. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.
  15. Glacier Frost Mica

    Code could be the same but the name is different. I am most likely going to repaint my car Starfire Pearl (077), but it is call Artic Pearl in the UK I think, but both colour have the same code.